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Of the following online annoyances, I most despise ...

cskau One word: FLASH ! (507 comments)

I can't even begin to describe how much I hate flash ads! They are the one great annoyance for me. They got it all - sound, animation, pop-up-in-the-middle-and-fill-my-screen, etc.. The day the Internet finally switches to HTML videos I will nuke that flash plug-in.

about 5 years ago

Australian ISPs to disconnect botnet "zombies"

cskau A step in the right direction (4 comments)

Finally! Hopefully this will help increase the awareness of the problem among "mere mortals". As I see it this could benefit the average level of knowledge among non-techies to hopefully largely decrease the amount of security problems we suffer these days because people don't know any better. Here's hoping!

about 5 years ago

UK's Freeview HD To Go DRM

cskau "Free"view .. uhm, right.. (169 comments)

Somebody really need to licence the word "free" and require any user to actually comply with a set of simple "free" standards rules to be allowed use of the word! Seriously..

about 5 years ago

2010 AL30, Asteroid Or Space Junk, To Pay a Close Visit

cskau Re:Not an asteroid? (136 comments)

...(except in the case of a secret orbtial space station with climate laser weapons used for the supremacy of an evil overlord ready to conquier the world, but it seems unlikely such a thing would just fall out of its orbit)?

Maybe such a station is just the answer to the problem of asteroids? It would be 'Asteroids' in HD-3D ! I think I just got a great idea for a movie..

about 5 years ago


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