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Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

csnydermvpsoft Re:No (381 comments)

The smart watches I've seen aren't meant to be used independently - they're used in conjunction with a smartphone. I'm not sure I want one, but I can see the appeal of - you can read a text, see who's calling, and perform simple functions without pulling out your phone.

about two weeks ago

GM Names and Fires Engineers Involved In Faulty Ignition Switch

csnydermvpsoft Re:What "real cause"? (307 comments)

If you step on the brake it will overcome the accelerator every time no matter how hard you rev the engine.

I have a counterexample:

5-6 years ago, I was driving my wife's 1997 Ford Taurus when the accelerator pedal stuck to the floor. I pressed the break as hard as I could (both feet and as much of my 220 pound weight that I could put on it from a seated position), but we continued to accelerate. Thankfully, I was able to put the car in neutral before we crashed into anything. I coasted to the center turn lane, put on the e-brake, and sat there calming down, with the engine redlining until I shut it off.

I know with 100% certainty that I wasn't pressing the wrong pedal - the accelerator was still stuck to the floor after I got help from a cop to push the car into a parking lot. This was a mechanical issue (not many manufacturers were doing drive-by-wire throttle back in 1997); the engine had just been rebuilt, and the shop must have reinstalled the cable incorrectly - among other things they screwed up.

This car was fairly old (probably 130k miles at that point), but the brakes were well-maintained, and they were four-wheel disc.

You might be right for some - perhaps most - instances, but not 100%, as my experience proves.

about 2 months ago

Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

csnydermvpsoft Re:On the other hand (711 comments)

I just upgraded from a shitty Android 2.3 device to a Nexus 5 running 4.3. The difference was night and day. Android 4.x is really an impressive OS.

about 2 months ago

The Feature Phone Is Dead: Long Live the 'Basic Smartphone'

csnydermvpsoft Re:WTF Is A "Feature Phone"? (243 comments)

As for programming software for one - don't bother. There's so many variants that it's easier to aim for an Android or iOS.

Also, there's no money there. The people that own feature phones have them because they either can't afford a smartphone, or they don't want to learn how to use one. Neither market segment is particularly prone to purchasing apps, and they're not as valuable to advertisers.

about 3 months ago

Finally, Hi-Def Streaming Video of the ISS's View of Earth

csnydermvpsoft Re:Lol, wut? 13 years?? (97 comments)

Grammar Nazis should be fine with that sentence, as it is 100% correct - a few billion is definitely more than 13.

about 3 months ago

Comcast Offers To Shed 3.9 Million Subscribers To Ease Cable Deal

csnydermvpsoft Re:Worth of a cable subscriber (154 comments)

Sounds plausible to me. Keep in mind that many of those customers - especially in rural areas - have no other option for high-speed Internet, so the buyer is also receiving a near-monopoly.

about 2 months ago

Comcast Offers To Shed 3.9 Million Subscribers To Ease Cable Deal

csnydermvpsoft Re:Don't the subscribers get to choose? (154 comments)

I'm sure that the TOS offers a way for this to happen outside of the customers' control. Even if not, they could just say, "Sorry, Mr. Comcast Customer, we're not longer servicing your address. If you would like to continue receiving cable service, please sign up with SpinCo."

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: System Administrator Vs Change Advisory Board

csnydermvpsoft Re:Ask one question about patches (294 comments)

I'm sure that the "well, at least no lives were lost!" response will fly really well when a patch causes the company to lose $100,000 in worker productivity.

about 3 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

csnydermvpsoft Re:The Canadian Exodus.... (1633 comments)

Many states also don't allow felons to vote. That's much more basic (and non-controversial) than gun ownership.

about 3 months ago

The Best Way To Watch the "Blood Moon" Tonight

csnydermvpsoft Re:What time zone is the 10:20 PM? (146 comments)

I have enough education to know that there hundreds of "west coasts" in the world. I also live in West Michigan, so I could easily interpret "west cost" to mean the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

However, I also have the skill of inference. Given that this is being posted on a U.S.-centric forum and the reference is being made in the context of a time of day, I was able to reason out that in this case, "west cost" does in fact refer to the Pacific timezone.

about 3 months ago

The Connected Home's Battle of the Bulbs

csnydermvpsoft Re:There is a problem... (176 comments)

Let me guess: You're not a parent. The best parents are always the ones without children. After they have kids, they realize that their perfect ideas don't work on actual children.

Either that, or you've been blessed with an angel of a child. It happens, but it's far from guaranteed.

about 4 months ago

Hacking Charisma

csnydermvpsoft Re:Here's the key phrase (242 comments)

I'd turn that around: "Intelligence is realizing that nobody knows what the fuck they're talking about. Wisdom is realizing that you don't, either."

about 4 months ago

Watch Bill Nye and Ken Ham Clash Over Creationism Live

csnydermvpsoft Ham is going to drown Nye in FUD (593 comments)

This isn't going to be pretty. Just as the oil industry uses FUD to create false "uncertainties" about climate science, Ken Ham misrepresents evolutionary science to make it appear that there is a debate. There is no way for a logical person like Nye (who is a mechanical engineer by training, BTW) to effectively counteract Ham's bullshit.

The very fact that this debate is happening is already a win for Ham (and not just because of the millions of dollars that AIG is raking in): The amount of media coverage that this "debate" has received creates the impression that there is a debate to be had - when the basic science is very well-understood and unambiguous. Ham's work is FUD at its finest.

about 6 months ago

The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

csnydermvpsoft Re:I think you over estimate non-engineers (533 comments)

What's wrong with that code snippet? It fulfills the API contract perfectly. Is it the indentation and line-breaks?

(I'm kidding. Your post is going to give me nightmares tonight. Thanks a lot.)

about 6 months ago

Will Electric Cars and Solar Power Make Gasoline and Utilities Obsolete?

csnydermvpsoft Re:Energy density. (734 comments)

How often do you take cross-country trips? For me, it's at most once or twice per year - renting a vehicle for those times is no problem, especially if my daily driver is cheaper to operate. If you do take such trips frequently, then present EVs are not for you. However, you're among a small minority of the driving population.

By requiring your daily driver to be capable of any situation you can imagine - even if it occurs very infrequently - you're wasting a lot of resources, including your own money.

about 6 months ago

Coca-Cola Reserves a Massive Range of MAC Addresses

csnydermvpsoft Re:Not cans (371 comments)

Never going to happen. Do you really think that average people will be able to manage their own bitcoin wallets with adequate levels of security and reliability?

A bank-managed payment system (i.e. debit/credit cards) will be the ultimate winner.

about 7 months ago

Coca-Cola Reserves a Massive Range of MAC Addresses

csnydermvpsoft Re:Not cans (371 comments)

Because nobody in America wants 20 largish coins in their pants/wallet/purse.

Then carry a single twenty, two tens, or four fives. You should never have more than four singles at a time - if you do, it means that you neglected an opportunity to get closer to exact change.

I don't want 20 paper bills in my wallet either - it would barely fold.

about 7 months ago

60% of Americans Unaware of Looming Incandescent Bulb Phase Out

csnydermvpsoft Re:100Watt Bulb Heat is Useful on Farm (944 comments)

What the city slicker politicians and neo-econazies don't understand is that the 100W bulbs are useful.

You do realize that those "fascist, idiot, city slicker, neo-econazie politicians" you're referring to were in the Bush administration, don't you? (the ban was passed in 2007)

about 7 months ago

60% of Americans Unaware of Looming Incandescent Bulb Phase Out

csnydermvpsoft Re:Incompatibility (944 comments)

I installed similar switches in our previous house. We had no issues with CFLs. Perhaps some switches are better than others?

about 7 months ago


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