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Ask Slashdot: Developer Or Software Engineer? Can It Influence Your Work?

ctrahey Will it influence work? (333 comments)

Thanks for all the feedback so far; I'm quite happy about the quality of this discussion. Avoiding for now the perhaps unavoidable consideration of legality, I'm interested in hearing about the influence the title decision might have on how the talent actually performs their work. To what degree does the choice influence the technical culture? How do the roles contrast when both are present on a team in cultural and technical terms where you work? If I'm being frank about the question, it goes like this: Will a young developer start to think about their work more robustly if I tell them that that we are grooming them for Software Engineering vs. Software Development?

more than 2 years ago

IE Market Share Falls To Historic Low

ctrahey Re:Sure, if you go back far enough... (472 comments)

It's just a freaking html viewer.

And your javascript compiler & runtime. And your layout engine.

more than 4 years ago

10% Tax On Custom Software, $100M Tax Cut For Microsoft

ctrahey Re:or they could you know...spend less money? (305 comments)

first cut should always be to government offices furniture budgets, then look at the "perks" elected officials get and cut those

That's like saying that we can aide our energy problems by using less energy. Yeah, right.

more than 4 years ago

Major Snow Leopard Bug Said To Delete User Data

ctrahey Re:I don't want to feed the trolls but... (353 comments)

Since the Guest account obviously has access to the Admin account's home directory somehow, this does expose a deeper security flaw.

It's not *access* to the admin user directory. Perhaps the cause is that there is a bit setting somewhere that is marked when a guest logs in that says "Erase my Home DIrectory". If the bug happens only after a hard reboot back into the admin account, the system likely mistakes the setting as having been applied to the "current" account, and the setting persists the hard reboot (like in PRAM or something). This does not indicate that a guest has any access to anything he/she shouldn't.

more than 5 years ago

Open Source In Public K-12 Schools?

ctrahey Re:The Support and Training Issue (323 comments)

After all, they cannot teach their students that which they themselves do not know.

You don't work in K-12, do you?

more than 5 years ago

Two Big Tests For Personal Rapid Transportation

ctrahey Re:What is really wrong with trains? (299 comments)

Yes, but count tonnage per passenger and I think you'll find the cars are a lot worse for efficiency, so the accelerating and stopping per passenger is a lot worse for the personal vehicles.

So, we should look for something that weighs about as much as a bicycle?

These are convenient only for places they go, as well.

So, we should look for something as nimble as a pedestrian?

the only thing they have going for them is being electric instead of fuel

The only thing better would be if it used some energy source that was already in use all around, maybe it could even tap into the extra calories Americans consume everyday and help us keep healthy? And, as long as we're dreaming, it should cost $0.00 for infrastructure. Damn, if only such a solution was realistic. Anyway, I gotta go, I've been looking forward to my bike ride home all day. Maybe on my way I can try to solve this dilemma.

more than 5 years ago



Developer or Software Engineer? Can it influence your work?

ctrahey ctrahey writes  |  more than 2 years ago

ctrahey writes "Many of us disregard the impact of our titles on various aspects of our lives, both professional and otherwise. Perhaps it's appropriate to ask two questions about the difference between a couple titles familiar to the ./ community: Developer vs Software Engineer.
  1. What are the factors to consider in the appropriate use of the titles?
  2. (more interesting to me), what influence might the use of these titles have on the written code?

Have you observed a difference in attitudes, priorities, or outlooks in talent as a corollary to their titles?"
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