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China Claims Score In Weather Manipulation

ctwxman Beijing as seen by a meteorologist (147 comments)

I am a meteorologist. I'm not going to dispute this particular Chinese claim, but I think it needs to be taken in context because the Chinese have not been above stretching the facts when it serves them.

The weather and air quality have been fairly close to the worrisome scenario painted months ago. I've been checking meteorological observations every day, finding the dew point at Beijing's airport in the mid and upper 70s on a regular basis and visibility of 1-2 miles common (It is currently under 1 mile, but there is rain falling).

Back in February I wrote on my blog of the potential Olympic weather: "So, when the deputy chief engineer of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau says, "Even if the rare extreme weather hits Beijing in August, people will not feel muggy. High humidity will not accompany the hot weather in August because their climax periods are different, " I'd hide the silverware and other valuables."

Current Beijing observations are here.

Dew points (the real number you should look at when you think humidity) have been consistently in the 70s--often the upper 70s. That's like walking around with a warm, damp cloth wrapped around your body. Much of yesterday had Beijing more humid than Miami.

I would feel better about what the Chinese say if dissenting voices were allowed to speak about the air!

There is an independent group from Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants in England who have been monitoring the air and issuing their own forecasts which have been much more pessimistic than the official government version. Now that forecast is gone! From Telegraph.co.uk: British scientists monitoring air quality in Beijing have been ordered to close down their website after their readings clashed with official statistics showing the city was meeting its pollution targets.

more than 6 years ago



New MacBook Pro Glossy Screen--Major Complaints

ctwxman ctwxman writes  |  more than 6 years ago

ctwxman writes "As a pro photographer the glossy screen only option will keep me at my current MBP for a long time. I know Steve replied that at the new light levels output by the LED screen are so bright that you won't see a reflection. I do critical work on location and a hardware calibrated screen requires a light level setting of about half the maximum brightest level and at that level the glossy screen is a reflective non-start for me."
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Google delisted me I am powerless.

ctwxman ctwxman writes  |  about 7 years ago

ctwxman writes "To confirm some suspicions, I did a Google search on my site. It would instantly tell me which of my pages were most popular. I was stunned. The list was long and mainly consisted of pages I hadn't entered! The pages were virtually 100% made of keywords and links. They were obviously computer generated without human intervention. I clicked on one. The address bar in my browser read www.geofffox.com/MT/archives... I went to my web server and looked for the files that made up this page. They weren't there. Though the address bar said geofffox.com, if you manually typed the web address you'd get a 404 error — page not found! Something was very fishy."
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ctwxman ctwxman writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ctwxman writes "WTNH.com reports, Julie Amero, a substitute teacher convicted after pornographic images appeared on a classroom computer, was granted a new trial today. Amero's lawyer says there is new evidence casting doubt on her conviction."
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ctwxman ctwxman writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ctwxman writes "Look around the web more than a few seconds and it's tough to avoid stumbling over porn (honest boss, I stumbled over it). It's that incredible availability and the ease with which porn can be created that's taken the steam out of steamy movies. From The New York Times: "And unlike consumers looking for music and other media, viewers of pornography do not seem to mind giving up brand-name producers and performers for anonymous ones, or a well-lighted movie set for a ratty couch at an amateur videographer's house." I believe the Times is saying, "content is kink!""
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ctwxman ctwxman writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ctwxman writes "I grew up on Devil Dogs. Alas, there's no Devil Dog book, but now there is one about Twinkies — nature's perfect food thanks to the miracle of modern science and advanced chemistry! "Why is it you can bake a cake at home with as few as six ingredients, but Twinkies require 39? And why do many of them seem to bear so little resemblance to actual food?" Pure goodness doesn't come easy. Steve Ettlinger is the author of "Twinkie, Deconstructed," the definitive Twinkie story... even without the official help of the keepers of the Twinkie secret. It's all summarized on MSNBC. Before clicking, make sure you have a glass of milk handy."

ctwxman ctwxman writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ctwxman writes "I am a meteorologist, forecasting at a TV station in Connecticut. My viewers often send me photos, but none as unusual as this from "Chris."

I went to visit my mom in Shelton last Thursday morning, early. There was a light snow on the ground. While there we talked about finding a heart to put on her front door for Valentine's day. I left and went to work. She called me a short while later to say she didn't need to find a heart for her door as my car had left her two hearts in the driveway. Following is a picture of what she saw as I backed out of the driveway.

I'm with you. My immediate though was "Photoshop." Then I called Chris. I'm sure Photoshop... even the concept of Photoshop... is foreign to her. This is quite real.
Chris ended up giving her mom the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

I have increased the contrast and sharpened the photo. That helps bring out the tire marks on the street. Other than that, this picture is as taken."

ctwxman ctwxman writes  |  more than 8 years ago

ctwxman writes "The New York Times says Beakman's World is back!
OK — maybe I'm a little old to be excited about the return of a kids show, but this is Beakman's World! My DVR is already set for next Saturday.
I came downstairs to tell my wife and daughter. Nothing. Blank stares.
Beakman's World was a science program feautring Paul Zaloom as Beakman. It ran on CBS in the 90s. It's back now in syndication.
Beakman is like Bill Nye on acid!
The show was more than Beakman. There was also Lester D. Rat, an obviously rattily rat suited Mark Ritts. It's tough to describe this character other than to say Lester was reminiscent of Dustin Hoffman's Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy — but funny.
There was also a succession of female sidekicks. The mold was cast early on with Allana Ubach as Josie. She could not have been more condescending toward Beakman... it really worked. The other two were OK, but I couldn't watch them without wondering what happened to Josie?
In Beakman's World, it was OK to be silly and smart. In fact, it was encouraged. How can you not love a show like that?"


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