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Google's Nest Buys Home Monitoring Camera Company Dropcam

cunina Re: I have closed my Gmail and Hotmail accounts (82 comments)

I share your sentiments entirely, but the problem with "free" email services is that even if you don't use it, everyone else does. Most of your emails are being read on the recipients' end regardless of how you get your own mail.

about 7 months ago

China Shoots Down Another Satellite

cunina Re:Will the debris be a problem? (221 comments)

Actually, the launch you're referring to was after the destruction of the Chinese weather satellite, and nearly all of the debris from the launch de-orbited soon after. Get your facts straight.

more than 4 years ago

Mass Effect To Invade the Big Screen

cunina But... but I wanted the female Shepard. (142 comments)

Every playthrough I've done on Mass Effect 1 and 2 was with a female character. Why? Two reasons: for one thing, Jennifer Hale is a fantastic voice actress, and her work on ME 1 & 2 was truly great. (The male voice actor, not so much - his performance seemed flat by comparison.) Second, I figured if I'm going to have to look at an ass for 50+ hours, it might as well be a nice one.

more than 3 years ago

Scroogle Has Been Blocked

cunina Re:Scroogle (281 comments)

They're willing to do things you're not willing to do.

Like violate this country's immigration laws, for example. Otherwise, I'll do whatever they're doing, for the right price. They're just willing to work more cheaply than I. And the net effect of that is to import poverty and widen the income gap in this country. Does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling to know you're on the same side as ConAgra and Wal-Mart?

more than 4 years ago

Criminals Hide Payment-Card Skimmers In Gas Pumps

cunina Re:Alternate title (332 comments)

Why would being Mormon affect your opinion about a carbon tax?

more than 4 years ago

Mozilla Debates Whether To Trust Chinese CA

cunina Re:Well in that case (276 comments)

No, actually, you aren't saddened. You're delighted that he calls them "some mistakes," because it gives you yet another springboard from which to launch your smug, tired assault on the US government. "Look at me," you shout to the grown-ups while twirling about at their cocktail party, "I'm politically aware, I'm morally superior!" You carve out your obnoxious little social niche by dutifully informing the rest of us how evil we are, how "blind" we are, what hypocrites we are.
You know what? We already know. We're all blind, we're all evil, we're all hypocrites. Including you. The world is not a comic book. It is a big messy mural in progress, with scenes of horrifying savagery and outstanding beauty. Those of us without personality issues to nurse choose to roll up our sleeves and improve the world one brushstroke at a time, rather than sit back in a battered beanbag of self-satisfaction and fling feces at the easiest targets.

more than 4 years ago

Arrington's CrunchPad Dies

cunina Re:Seeing Arrington's rants... (175 comments)

One bit of wisdom I've learned over the years: never, ever, ever go 50-50 on a venture. Make it 50.1% - 49.9%. You are better off with 49.9% of a company than with exactly 50% (assuming one other partner).

more than 5 years ago

10% of US Energy Derived From Old Soviet Nukes

cunina Re:In Soviet Russia... (213 comments)

I avoid reading Pravda, mainly because I prefer to get my alien sightings and ultranationalist tripe from the colorful pages of Captain America. And it's far better written, too.

more than 5 years ago

Time to Get Good At Functional Programming?

cunina Re:Broken Algorithm BS (620 comments)

Without addressing your point directly, I will point out that there used to be hardware architectures specifically optimized for functional programming - Lisp machines, basically. They were mostly used in academia and military simulations, and they gave a very impressive improvement over traditional computers when doing FP. So programming style and hardware aren't independent concerns, regardless of Turing completeness.

more than 6 years ago


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