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Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

cute_orc Bono is not in Africa. (608 comments)

So, Bono is back from Africa then.

3 days ago

Could Tech Have Stopped ISIS From Using Our Own Heavy Weapons Against Us?

cute_orc I trust 'war nerd' only. (448 comments)

When it comes to war and its strategy I trust the in depth reporting 'war nerd' only and he published a very nice article few years back 'Hi-Tech Toys vs Fanged Vermin' and the conclusion is that powerful high-tech weapons are not that much useful in urban warfare.

about two weeks ago

Study: Rats Regret Making the Wrong Decision

cute_orc Very comforting (94 comments)

It is really comforting that someone is out there to share my guilt.

about 3 months ago

Mental Illness Reduces Lifespan As Much as Smoking

cute_orc Still alive (192 comments)

I have OCD and Hypochondria and it is badly affecting my life. But slowly and steadily I am getting out of it. Never went for any medication. No one even knows about it except my family.

about 4 months ago

US Navy Develops World's Worst E-reader

cute_orc Cool name (249 comments)

At least they have got a cool name.

about 4 months ago

What It's Like To Be the Scientific Consultant For The Big Bang Theory

cute_orc I don't know if I am nerd (253 comments)

I don't know if I a nerd or just socially awkward, mentally disordered person.

about 5 months ago

Microsoft To Allow Code Contributions To F#

cute_orc pardon my ignorance (100 comments)

Please pardon my ignorance. Is it what I think it is? I mean "F*** Sharp" or something like that.

about 5 months ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

cute_orc New tablet generation designers (1191 comments)

I think new site is designed by designers who never saw desktop.

about a year ago

BBC Thinking of Canceling Sky At Night

cute_orc BBC's standard (171 comments)

May be the show is not politically correct enough as per the BBC's standards.

about a year ago

Russian Federal Guard Service "Upgrades" To Electric Typewriters

cute_orc Pigeons (163 comments)

I think it is right time to train pigeons.

about a year ago

Lead Developer of Yum Killed In Hit-and-run

cute_orc As usual (413 comments)

Good people always suffer from the hands careless lowlife jerks.

about a year ago

Lowest Mass Exoplanet Ever Directly Imaged. Probably.

cute_orc Lowest mass? (43 comments)

What do they mean by lowest mass? Mass of Jupiter is 317 times the mass of earth and the planet they found has a mass 3 to 4 times that of earth.

about a year ago

Samsung Testing 5G Phones With 1gbps Download Speed

cute_orc Battery backup. (128 comments)

With 2 hours of stunning battery backup!

about a year ago

Ubuntu Developing Its Own Package Format, Installer

cute_orc Bodhi Linux does it. (466 comments)

Bodhi Linux has one click software installation binaries. Irony is that it is based on Ubuntu.

about a year ago

The Body's "Fountain of Youth" Could Lie in the Brain

cute_orc Waiting for the tablets. (1 comments)

When are they going to release the tablets for it? If not at least they should tell me which part of brain needs to be twisted and how much? .

about a year ago

Our Solar System: Rare Species In Cosmic Zoo

cute_orc Read the entire article (197 comments)

“We don’t know exactly what to look for but our instruments are general and we can look for gases that don’t belong,” - Quote from the same article and same astrophysicist.

about a year ago

Google Glass Is the Future — and the Future Has Awful Battery Life

cute_orc Re:Google glasses (473 comments)

Contact Lenses version is coming soon.

about a year ago



If Bill Gates were black

cute_orc cute_orc writes  |  about three weeks ago

cute_orc (2911555) writes "John Hope Bryant fonder and chairman of HOPE wants to increase the number of black entrepreneurs across America. He writes that if Bill Gates was black there would have a lot fewer Ferguson, Missouri-type challenges. He even claims that frustrated young Palestinians throw rocks at Israelis because they have nothing else to do and compares it with what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. He also claims that drug dealers and illegal union founders are actually genius and they do so because of lack of business role models and environment."
Link to Original Source

Flesh-eating worms invades woman's ear.

cute_orc cute_orc writes  |  about a year ago

cute_orc (2911555) writes "A British tourist who went to Peru returned with weird symptoms like scratching sounds, unexplained discharge from one ear, headache and pain. It turned out that her ear was filled with flesh eating worms. Surgeons succeeded removing it."
Link to Original Source

Japanese artist makes better art in Execl than others can do with Photoshop

cute_orc cute_orc writes  |  about a year ago

cute_orc (2911555) writes "MS Excel is notorious for being a boring spreadsheet applications. But 73 years old Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi makes amazing art using autoshape tool of Excel. He makes free-form shapes spanning multiple cells and join them together in into a huge image. His artwork is really amazing and beautiful."
Link to Original Source

Space rock leaves a bullet hole in the ISS solar array

cute_orc cute_orc writes  |  about a year ago

cute_orc (2911555) writes "The International Space Station has been hit by small space rock. Chris Hadfield, an astronaut currently on the ISS described in his twitter feed as 'a small stone from the universe'. He also told that it was very fortunate that it didn't hit the hull."
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