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System Admin's Unit of Production?

cyberbob2010 Wipro... (556 comments)

You can't. So prepare to teach Wipro how to do your job.

I work for a Fortune 15 pharmaceuticals company. You don't keep application management and support around for the good times.
You keep them around for the bad times and thats a growing pain all IT dept's are facing as we are all pushed under the magnifying glass. Gone are the days of "what? IT? throw money at it!!!" out of fear. Here are the days of "global IT services". If they can find a way to do it cheaper, they will and they will do it at the cost of quality.

Still, the company I work for is slowly beginning to realize the importance of having someone who speaks passable English available during a crisis situation and with any luck your company will realize that before shipping your job off to Bangalore.

more than 7 years ago


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