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Dell's New Alienware Case Goes to Extremes To Prevent Overheating

cyberchondriac Re:Trapezoidal shape? (143 comments)

What irked me is the totally useless video. Instead of exhibiting the case, using the benefit of multiple angles provided by a video cam, etc.. we just get a bunch of bullshit seizure inducing game screens and other pointless alien metaphor type stuff. The video could have been used to give us a much better grasp of the design than the picture or two on the webpage. They have definitely chosen flashy sensationalism over substance, and for that I cannot trust anything they claim.

2 days ago

Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

cyberchondriac Re:Those stupid Canadians! (213 comments)

They think maple syrup grows on trees!

No they don't. It grows IN trees not on them; that's why you need to install a tap.

This is a whoosh, but even more of a whoosh to whomever modded it informative.

3 days ago

Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

cyberchondriac Re:Send in the drones! (827 comments)

That'd work for me: mmm, taco flavored vodka.. or was that vodka flavored tequila ?

4 days ago

U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

cyberchondriac Re:I like... (611 comments)

I agree. In general, I don't have any issue with anyone recording anything in public. Cops or citizens, doesn't matter. Private, yes, public, no.
If people are doing whatever they're doing in public, there should be no expectation of "privacy" as such. The only difference with a camera is that you'll get the actual truth of what happened, instead of someone's flawed recollection. I'll trust a camera over someone's memory, judgement, bias or perception anyday.

Privacy advocates will probably heap on me at this point, so I will clarify: I don't think that gives someone the right to hawk over someone recording everything they do, that's just harassment. Then there will be arguments over what constitutes harassment, and that's fair. But if someone happens to have a camera out in a public park or street, and someone else walks by and does something stupid, that's on them. They did it, they own it, and they did it in public.
Even if there is still room for interpretation with a camera (due to say, limited angle, or lack of context) it's still better than relying on someone's recollection, especially if the camera is on all the time. Most video issues are due to lack of context, because the camera is only running during a part of the entire event. Human perception is a very fickle, unreliable thing, ask any decent magician, or watch that show, "Mind games". After watching that, I wouldn't take anyone's testimonial without a shaker of salt.

5 days ago

U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

cyberchondriac Re:I like... (611 comments)

You're wrong, AC, ("of course"). Apparently you don't actually know many republicans. Of the several I know, many are LEOs and would fully support this for exactly for the reasons stated in the article. If they lump their purchase under "anti-terrorism", then funding is no problem, as that still seems to be a bottomless wallet, for both wings.

5 days ago

Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

cyberchondriac Re:Nice Scope (187 comments)

Agreed. I bought an XT8 8" dobsonian from Orion about 15 years ago, best bang for the buck ever. Very inexpensive, good optics (reflector/newtonian based), simple to use. Refractor telescopes, OTOH, if they're any good, are quite expensive. The only downside to a dob is the size and weight, though you can certainly buy a smaller one. Orion ( even has a dob made expressly for kids. Also, the basic model such as I bought didn't have a motorized/computerized or even equatorial mount, though they are available for dobs nowadays.
That could be a cause for debate: better to have a scope that can show them the wonders of the night sky automatically, or make them learn to find them on their own? I guess that depends. For an adult who intends to get a bit serious, I think they should certainly learn to locate the objects themselves; for a kid though, it's tougher call..for some, it might be better to grab and keep their interest first by letting them navigate the sky more easily (automatically, really); for other kids, they probably would love the challenge of locating objects themselves. That was a lot of the fun for me. Of course, if you get into astrophotography, then a motorized equatorial mount is pretty much mandatory.

Lastly, don't overlook or underestimate a decent pair of binoculars and a tripod, for a novice. You can see a lot more than you'd think with just a good set of binocs, and it's easier on the eyes... or eye, as the case may be.

about a week ago

Western US Drought Has Made Earth's Crust Rise

cyberchondriac Re:Not just because of liquid water (90 comments)

Mexico has actually surpassed the US in obesity.. and they're on the same continent. We win! Oh, wait..

about a week ago

Finding an ISIS Training Camp Using Google Earth

cyberchondriac I'm looking now (134 comments)

All I see is a big smoking crater..

about two weeks ago

UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

cyberchondriac Re: Jurisdiction 101 (391 comments)

Extremist islamism hate the very idea that we can take a picture of mohammed and wipes our steaming fresh feaces off our sweaty ass cracks with the image.

You would have even the moderates up in arms if you did that publicly. Remember the Danish cartoonist a few years back, normally quiet muslims in Asia went apeshit, and the death threats came rolling in.
I don't know that I can agree with you on this particular item regarding censorship: I would think the extremists would love everyone to see that video, to strike fear in their hearts. They're terrorists. They want those images out there. If they can't get their message out, they aren't exactly winning.
Don't misunderstand me: they do win when other normal civil liberties are curtailed, but just this specific video, I don't think so much. Sometimes the worst thing you can do to a bully is ignore him.

about two weeks ago

33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

cyberchondriac Re:The real crime here (463 comments)

I'll just mention that the headline for this summary is grossly misleading. He didn't get jail time for recording the movie with his camcorder in a theatre per se, that sounds like they caught him in the act of recording; no, he got jail time because all the things he did in the weeks and months following that, as mentioned above; sharing on p2p, outright selling hard copies; and then continuing to do so even after approached by the police with a warning. That's a special kind of arrogance.. or ignorance; they sound alike and go hand in hand.
I will say that the penalty seems incommensurately stiff to me; but this jackass put himself in that position.

about two weeks ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

cyberchondriac Re:Windows can be just as Fisher-Price (727 comments)

Luna? The taskbar was kinda goofy, but not the windows themsevles and icons throughout the rest of the interface.I think most people just had an issue with that taskbar..

about two weeks ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

cyberchondriac Re:It's not a kernel problem (727 comments)

I don't know.. I still think KDE and Gnome still look a bit "Fisher Price" compared to a commercial GUI like Windows or Mac, but they've improved.
But far more important are the applications, as you mentioned. For the average user, an office suite is usually all they need; but as an admin, I find a great many of my app tools to be Windows-centric in one way or another. Even many of the java/browser based apps or tools I use that are supposed to be platform independent seem to work much better on Windows than linux, like EMC's Unisphere.
Dell pushes everything Windows. Whenever I call tech support for this or that (not just Dell), they just assume I'm running Windows, even on servers (when I'm actually running SuSE), it's kinda annoying. Then there's Active Directory, and all it's GPOs, which interacts directly with the desktops as well as servers, so it's a homogenous inclusive system that many admins would be loath to break up. I don't see Windows desktop marketshare going down for a long time.

about two weeks ago

$125,000 Settlement Given To Man Arrested for Photographing NYPD

cyberchondriac Re:precedent (231 comments)

Not arguing with the general point here, but regards gitmo specifically, that's extremely unlikely to happen. There are roughly 300 million US citizens, and currently about 155 detainees in Gitmo, most of whom are foreigners.

That would represent a very, very tiny percentage to the point where it's almost negligible, statistically. Things ain't quite that bad.

about two weeks ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

cyberchondriac Re:Slaver sunflowers (521 comments)

That'd be kinda terrifying, actually. Especially if they grew in the wild, I don't have a General Products hull.

about two weeks ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

cyberchondriac Re:god dammit. (521 comments)

Tell that to the Magpies and Ravens. They're actually pretty darn smart.

about two weeks ago

German Intelligence Spying On Allies, Recorded Kerry, Clinton, and Kofi Annan

cyberchondriac Re:Bottom line... (170 comments)

That's exactly the point. The problem with anarchists is that there is no such as anarchy. Humans naturally create social circles and tribes. Removing "governments" or "nation-states" would only result in tribalism. Hatfields vs McCoys, etc.

Absolutely this, spot on. Where are my mod points?

about two weeks ago

German Intelligence Spying On Allies, Recorded Kerry, Clinton, and Kofi Annan

cyberchondriac Re:Bottom line... (170 comments)

It's been well known by everybody for decades that every state in the world spies on all the other statse, and that to a certain extent, every state spies on every one of its citizens too.

The real problem comes when a certain state is outed, and flat out lies about its domestic and international spying activities to the representants of its own people.

But you'd really expect a state to admit to their spying? It's just as well known that covert operations are covered by deniability and secret classifications. At least where Int'l spying is concerned, anyway.

about two weeks ago

Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo

cyberchondriac Re:Pretty obvious (115 comments)

Justice is constipated.

about two weeks ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

cyberchondriac Re:Forget the Purple Hearts (359 comments)

Like I said; "Some" of it, and "most". I never claimed all or 100% of Arabic science was derived from Greece. This suggests there are other parts, technically up to 49%, theoretically speaking, that did not.
But you are correct, "Arabic" numbers are in fact Indian.

about two weeks ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

cyberchondriac Re: Motive? (359 comments)

Exactly what I was wondering. Even worse if it's a terrorist group behind it with ties to Boka Haram or something along those lines. On the bright side (?) they don't likely have the tech to weaponize anything, and will wind up killing a lot of themselves instead.. or so one can hope. On the dark side, it's likely to make the epidemic much worse no matter what they do.

about two weeks ago



Verizon Internet to drop the alt. newsgroup

cyberchondriac cyberchondriac writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cyberchondriac (456626) writes "From
As part of last week's anti-child-porn agreement with New York's Attorney General, Time Warner Cable and Verizon agreed to take aim at newsgroups. While Time Warner Cable confirmed to me they've eliminated newsgroup access entirely, Verizon says they're simply limiting the newsgroups offered. According to the company's policy blog, starting June 24, the telco will "only offer groups in the Big 8 newsgroups hierarchies." While over 1,000 hierarchies exist, Verizon will only offer access to comp, humanities, misc, news, rec, sci, soc, talk, and of course the Verizon support groups. Verizon Business customers meanwhile will no longer have the ability to view newsgroup images.

Well, there goes some of the appeal of having Verizon for an ISP. Are they're throwing the baby out with the bathwater?"



Mod points

cyberchondriac cyberchondriac writes  |  more than 5 years ago I like getting mod points as much as the next guy, but when I do, why do I always always always get them on a Friday? I don't do /. on weekends. Aarrggh!
By the time I come back to work on Monday, I only have half a day left to use them. It's cruel I tell you. Cruel.


Another shoot down

cyberchondriac cyberchondriac writes  |  more than 8 years ago Again some loser modded me down as overrated, when the post was only at the default "1" to begin with ?
What the hell is that about ?
I mean, who even cares to surf at 1 and knock people down to zero ??
That's some sick kicks.
Okay, the post wasn't fantastic - how many posts at slashdot are ? So long as you don't flame, any post represents someone's opinion and is worthy of a damn lousy "1". I thought mine was kinda funny, actually.

So... I guess I have a watchful enemy out there.
A post assassin, who remains cloaked, unnamed, and has no accountability for his actions. One who is willing to attack random, innocent people.
Hmm.. reminds me of a terrorist !


Karma boost - w00t

cyberchondriac cyberchondriac writes  |  about 10 years ago I wonder when that happened -- I just noticed my karma is now rated as "good", rather than just "positive".
Did I really reach a new plateau, or, did /. just decide to change the scale or naming convention ?
I mean, gee, I feel so .. *sniff* .. so accepted by the brotherhood of geeks :-)

Okay, I know that just jinxed the whole thing now ..


Who the hell is Colin Bayer ?

cyberchondriac cyberchondriac writes  |  more than 10 years ago He showed up in my freaks list a year ago, but hardly ever posts.
Well hey, if you gotta go so far as to mark me as a foe, for whatever reason, then f you, right back at you. I don't even know who the hell you are or why you've decided to hate me. I wonder if he's the phantom jerk that seems to follow me around to try get any positive mods I might happen to accrue get knocked down by "overrated"s and bogus "redundant"s.
Of course, the problem with this delusional hypothesis is that he would have to have moderator rights all the time, extremely unlikely since he posts pretty scarcely... unless, maybe that's just an alias for one of the editors at /. who aren't too fond of me for some of my anti-left-wing political views. Or maybe I'm just getting paranoid in my cyncial old age. Unfortunately,however, my cynicism gets more justifiable everyday.
Hey, can I get modded down for Journal entries ?


Anonymous Coward overload !

cyberchondriac cyberchondriac writes  |  more than 10 years ago I'm beginning to wonder what point there is in moderating. The sheer amount of anonymous cowards now posting nothing but trash makes it worthless to mod somebody down, as they get a low score anyway, and the few good posts you run across and would like to mod up are usually already scored at 4 or above. I'd have to have no life whatsoever to spend the time looking for somebody with a low score who deserves a mod up. Somebody like me .. ;-)
Here's an example:
I just made a post defending, logically, not passionately or obnoxiously, Gate's Knighthood, based on what I felt MS had contributed to the world, the US economy, and the tech sector in general, by making computers a household item. I got modded down.
The last time I posted on something about MS, it involved security, and I had been humorously negative... and got modded down. You can't win. Zealots to the left, zealots to the right. Sometimes you can't get a break !

Seriously though, I think the /. editors should track the number of AC posts that each member makes: If they post as ACs above a certain number of times within a certain time period, their ability to post at all should be revoked for some period. They're more than likely trolling.
Also, new members should not be able to post as ACs until they've made a predefined number of normal posts. This might help to stem the flood just a little.


A double standard at slashdot ?

cyberchondriac cyberchondriac writes  |  about 11 years ago Something just occurred to me. Many, many weeks ago, I'd posted something that I thought would found as humerous, albeit something that took a pot-shot at Microsoft, as many slashdotters do. It even included the obligatory " :-) ", normally a sign to intelligent life that the post was to be taken lightly.
For whatever reason, a moderator knocked me down a point as flamebait, and went un-metamoderated. Okay, I can stand to lose a point, no big deal, even if tens or hundreds of other slashdotters often say worse and get modd'ed up as funny. I've decided I have too much of a life to live or die by what somebody forever unknown to me thinks of my point of view on a website.
But what I just realized, was the that the icon uses for Microsoft stories is itself derisive and derogatory.
How then, can the slashdot editors allow someone to mod a fellow slashdot denizen down for the very thing slashdot itself does on a daily basis ?
Things that make you go , "hmmmnn.."

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