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EU Sending a Probe To the Sun

cybernatti amazing (160 comments)

so this will be many years will wait to do it huh... | [Make Money via Internet]( | Make Money via Internet

about 3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Nexus full specs revealed; Verizon

cybernatti hello there (1 comments)

im current want to buy an iphone but recenly, i noticed that the features of android is better than it | Make Money via Internet

about 3 years ago

Astronomers find three exoplanets in old Hubble im

cybernatti cool (1 comments)

the best news i want to hear is an announcement that people can leave outside the earth because it would be interesting to meet extra terrestials | Make Money via Internet

about 3 years ago

Did Apple pay tribute to Jobs during Tuesday's iPh

cybernatti hi (1 comments)

i recently noticed while im searching in google that the tribute is in the center bottom of the homepage | Make Money via Internet

about 3 years ago

Can relativity explain faster than light particles

cybernatti sorry (1 comments)

this is hard, i dont know about this but i will try to learn in this and i only know about speed of light | Make Money via Internet

about 3 years ago



The mystery of gaining traffic in social media

cybernatti cybernatti writes  |  about 3 years ago

cybernatti (2478322) writes "ome and many people said that the future of new traffic sources is a social media like facebook and twitter but they not actually saying the guide of how it works. Thinking of many times is where to place the links of yours? Of couse me too. The only and one and only idea of traffic sources in facebook and twitter is by placing the link in your profile or pages."
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