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Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

cyn1c77 Re:Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza - Debunked (808 comments)

Your post is very long.

Let me summarize the situation more succinctly and pragmatically:
It's might makes right. The Israelis have the upper hand militarily, yet the Palestinians keep poking them and asking for more.

As far as I can figure it, anyone in Gaza who hasn't been trying to get asylum elsewhere for the past 20 years must actually want to die. Israeli made its military prowess and willingness to fight to the death clear in 1967.

From a natural selection point of view, the only intelligent thing for the Palestinians to do at this point is to admit defeat and immigrate to another Muslim (or Christian) country. There are lots of other Muslim countries, but only one Jewish state, which has made it clear that they will go nuclear before they get pushed out of their own country or get slaughtered again.


Off the Florida Coast, Astronauts Train For Asteroid Mission

cyn1c77 Re:Send a robot (81 comments)

What is heartless about it? You enjoy watching human beings go into life threatening situations so you can get your rocks off?

Not all human beings have been turned into sheep yet.

Some people are actually still willing to risk their lives to advance science or just to do something cool.

2 days ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

cyn1c77 Re:Customer service? (882 comments)

That's all good reason for boarding them last - so they don't slow down those who can board quickly.

I promise the plane won't take off without you. What, are you in a hurry to cram yourself into an airline seat instead of enjoying the comfort of the airport lounge for another 10 minutes or so? Entitled much?


What are you smoking? Have you never been late for a connecting flight?

The plane actually WILL take of without you.

5 days ago

Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

cyn1c77 Re:Customer service? (882 comments)

That's all good reason for boarding them last - so they don't slow down those who can board quickly.

Any parent with kids knows that you develop the ability to do everything twice as fast as a normal person. You need to do this to survive.

There are two main issues that I see slowing down the boarding process on SWA:
1. People who cannot put their bags in the overhead bins efficiently. They either can't lift their bag rapidly (or at all) or the bag will not fit.
2. People who run out of overhead bin space and want to put their bag further down the aisle than where they will sit.

5 days ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

cyn1c77 To Brianna (962 comments)


Not all people in the world are respectful.

When you are in a command position or publicly declaring your opinion (online posting), you will make decisions/comments that other people disagree with.

The disrespectful ones will attempt to cut you down by making crude comments intended to hurt you as much as possible, especially if they can do it anonymously. Often, they will pursue what sets you apart from the average population because bullies innately know that most people are self-consciousness about standing out.

If you are a minority, they will come after your race. If you are a woman, they will come after your gender. If you are gay, they will come after your sexuality. If you have a family, they will threaten your children. If you are handicapped, they will come after your disability. If you are attractive, they will insult your beauty. If you are ugly, they will insult your beauty. If you are obese, they will insult your weight. If you are thin, they will insult your weight. If you are a man, they will insult your genitalia. If you are a woman, they will insult your genitalia.

This is the way that the world works. No amount of whining online will change it; it just lets them know that they have hit home. It is not fair. Life is not fair. However, effective individuals accept this harassment as the cost of being a manager or public figure. They learn to absorb it, ignore it or thrive on it. Then they continue to move forward towards their goals.

If you cannot learn to deal with the harassment associated with leadership or public positions, consider less visible paths forward in life.


about a week ago

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

cyn1c77 Re:a few hundred years earlier than that (1330 comments)

As a legal person, the corporation could be sued, rather than filing 100 law suits against each of the individual investors, none of which could pay the judgement.

It's gone too far. I am sick of seeing "investors" hide behind the corporation shield.

I want to go back to being able to sue each investor to the point of bankruptcy.

I don't think that it will stifle innovation, because greedy people always want to make money. But I do think that it will make them think twice about legal ramifications that they normally would flaunt under a corporation.

about three weeks ago

Shark! New Sonar Buoy Will Warn Beachgoers When Large Sharks Are Near

cyn1c77 Re:Terror in the minds (55 comments)

Yes, the terror is in the minds of many beach goers, but not in reality. By putting this in place they're validating that fear. Of course this doesn't surprise me as Australia is currently in the middle of a shark cull. Sometimes I forget that the US doesn't have a monopoly on acting on unsubstantiated (and often dis-proven) fears; it's part of the human condition.

That was typed like someone who has never been sliding off the side of their surfboard and noticed a shark directly on the other side of it. Or who has never had their surfboard "bumped" as the shark decides if it is worthy of eating.

Shark attacks are infrequent, but they leave lifelong crippling injuries. If we can get a buoy to give us a heads up, I would be all for it.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”

about a month ago

Facial Recognition Might Be Coming To Your Car

cyn1c77 Great, now they'll cut my head off... (131 comments)

...when they want to steal my car. Or just kidnap me and take me with them.

Really fantastic idea.

I wish they would just focus their technological efforts on hurrying up and getting me an inexpensive car that can drive itself. Then it won't run into things, no matter who is driving it.

about 1 month ago

Protesters Launch a 135-Foot Blimp Over the NSA's Utah Data Center

cyn1c77 Re:The US government (104 comments)

Are in reality a bunch of shameless cowards.

I agree, but they're not as shameless as I thought. My first reaction was: they are not going to have a pilot's license much longer. But when I took a look at the aeronautical charts for that area, I was surprised to find out that it's not a prohibited area to fly over.

In my humble opinion, this means that apparently the Government doesn't think this datacenter is such a big deal, otherwise it would have been a no-fly zone (like the plant a couple of miles to the left of the lake).

Another way to think about it is that:
1. They want it to remain obscure.
2. They think that the facility is impenetrable from all directions.

about a month ago

NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

cyn1c77 Re:Let them drink! (532 comments)

... the solution is to provide adequate education and if they still ignore that advice that is their choice! It isn't harming anybody else. I'm glad this sort of nanny-state rubbish has been defeated.

Oh really?

You've clearly never had to sit next to someone who is morbidly obese on an airplane!

I have been scarred for life. The armrest only protects a portion of your body!

I really don't understand how Bloomberg thought that such a plan would actually make it through it courts in America though. It seems like it would have been more sensible to tax the hell out of any sugary drink larger than 16 oz, like they do on alcohol and cigarettes. There is precedent AND social acceptance of such an approach. But then again, I am not a rich, controlling prick that likes to forcefeed everyone my personal agenda...

about a month ago
top, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses

cyn1c77 Re:Match doesn't understand "smart" (561 comments)

The primary distinguisher of the Ivy League schools isn't that they're rich or that they're exceptionally high quality (though generally they are.) They're a group of colleges that a century or so ago made an agreement with each other not to have athletic scholarships, so the students could play amateur sports against each other instead of having to compete with semi-professionals. Yes, occasionally a student at the Ivies is good enough to get into the NFL or NHL, but they've got to spend time being a student as well.

Having gone to an Ivy League school, I can tell you that they still give athletic scholarships to skilled student athletes (with skilled modifying latter noun!). They just call them "academic" scholarships.

Wink, wink.

Sports are big money, even for the Ivy Leagues.

about a month ago

A Physicist Says He Can Tornado-Proof the Midwest With 1,000-Foot Walls

cyn1c77 How long are they supposed to be? (501 comments)

I read TFA.

Height? Check!

Thickness? Check!

Length? FAIL!

This is why engineers generally build things and physicists don't. They forget those simple little details that end up being the most expensive issue!

about a month ago

Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

cyn1c77 Do you stop and talk with ants? (686 comments)

If a species was capable of interstellar travel:
1. Why would they stop and visit us? We can barely get into low earth orbit reliably.
2. Why would they even bother to colonize other planets? I'll bet with unlimited energy, their spaceships are pretty comfortable.

about a month and a half ago

Auditors Release Verified Repositories of TrueCrypt

cyn1c77 Re:Truecrypt authors-WARNING: TrueCrypt is not sec (146 comments)

I learned a long time ago that if you go on a date with a woman and she says "I'm crazy", BELIEVE HER. She IS crazy. Even if she's hot, she's probably telling the truth when she says she's crazy. I think the same principle may apply here.

Suddenly I am less interested in my privacy and more interested in your anecdotal story!

about 1 month ago

Study: Rats Regret Making the Wrong Decision

cyn1c77 Re:Duh (94 comments)

I'm not sure which emotions would go through my mind as the boa constrictor tightened its grip, but I'd imagine regret would be among them.

Gods, it's awesome being on the top of the food chain....

I hate to break it to you, but you're not at the top.

Go camping without a firearm in Africa, a South American jungle, or the Arctic to experience regret.

about 2 months ago

$57,000 Payout For Woman Charged With Wiretapping After Filming Cops

cyn1c77 Re:An interesting caveat (216 comments)

As long as a reasonable person in the same situation would not feel their safety was threatened by your filming, then you're good to go.

oh, and IANAL.

In my experience, you are never "good to go" if you do not immediately do what a cop tells you to do.

You may be within your rights ignoring them, but the cop is going to make you pay for it either way.

It can take a long time to get to see that judge and there is no guarantee that he will not side with the cop.

about 2 months ago

Plastic Trash Forming Into "Plastiglomerate" Rocks

cyn1c77 Re:Typical AAAS tripe (123 comments)

You sure you didn't cancel your membership to the AARP?

This was posted in the proceedings of the Geological Society of America, Not the American Academy for the Advance of Science (AAAS).

* For those of you fine Slashdotters not of the American persuasion, the AARP used to be called the American Association of Retired Persons, likely to differentiate itself from the AAA, the American Automobile Association. Now it appears to be just called AARP.

Spend more time fact checking and less time trying to prove people wrong:

The first link in the article blurb above is to a headline on the AAAS website, which publishes the journal Science.

about 2 months ago

Canada Poised To Buy 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 JSFs

cyn1c77 Re:Russia (417 comments)

If Russia wants a piece of northern Canada, they're taking it, 65 jets or no. The US presence there might keep them away, but otherwise Canada isn't winning any wars.

That's not really the point. Having advanced weaponry also allows Canada to have the ability project their force and affect peacekeeping missions or global security.

If they were worried about Russia invading, they would develop nuclear weapons. Fortunately, Canada is under the nuclear umbrella of the US and does not need to do this. Much like North Korea is under the nuclear umbrella of China.

about 2 months ago

The Disappearing Universe

cyn1c77 Whatever. (358 comments)

Seriously? I stopped reading the article when I got to the following text:

If something is receding from us right now at more than 299,792.458 km/s—faster than light speed—and it’s accelerating too, how could anything reach it? Even a photon, moving at the speed of light, wouldn’t be able to reach such a galaxy. Instead, anything beyond that point will do something that cosmologists call red out, which means they’re sufficiently redshifted that anything we do today could never, ever reach them, and only the light they emitted in the past will ever reach us. We are already causally disconnected from them.

This author obviously lacks the knowledge ladled out daily by the SyFy channel and internet on faster-than-light (FTL) drives and wormhole technology!

about 2 months ago

A Measure of Your Team's Health: How You Treat Your "Idiot"

cyn1c77 What if the idiot doesn't know he is an idiot? (255 comments)

What do you do when the idiot thinks that he is on par with the higher performing team members and rejects the menial jobs?

(I have this problem!)

about 2 months ago


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