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Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic

d18c7db Just use filters (114 comments)

All popular lasers operate at very specific wavelengths. Can they not build a filter in the aircraft window to attenuate the 635nm, 532nm and 445nm wavelengths? Or is that is too expensive, how about the cheap and obvious way, require pilots to wear special laser filter goggles during takeoff/landing. Problem solved?

about a month ago

Google and Microsoft Plan Kill Switches On Smartphones

d18c7db Quick scan on eBay shows the kill switch is a joke (137 comments)

I'm talking Apple specific here but the number of iPhones openly advertised on eBay as "bad IMEI" is beyond a joke. That fact alone and that eBay does nothing to curb this practice tells you something right there. Combine that with the fact that these "bad IMEI" phones still command a very high price, almost as high as a "clean" phone shows that the market in stolen phones is still very much alive. Despite Apples' best efforts at implementing this kill switch, the second hand iPhone market has now become a gamble, because what you see is just the tip of the ice berg. Leaving aside the more "honest" sellers that openly advertise the phone as "bad IMEI", you have to consider the remaining sellers that son't explisitly state that. You buy a second hand iPhone and it may have a bad IMEI or be iCloud locked to the previous legal owner and you have no way of knowing that in advance. When Android and MS implement kill switches this current iPhone situation will only just expand to the other platforms. I don't see a reduction in thefts as long as stolen phones still command a hefty resale price, kill switch or not.

about 7 months ago

SourceForge Appeals To Readers For Help Nixing Bad Ad Actors

d18c7db Wait, what? (198 comments)

They are putting these ads on their site and they are getting the revenue from the ads and they want me to to tell them which ads are appropriate and which are not. For free! Screw you, I already have a paying job, I don't need to do your job for you as well.

about a year ago

Facebook Comment Prompts Arrests In Cyberbullying Suicide Case

d18c7db Re:This (734 comments)

They also bullied her offline. Perhaps we can take your suggestion to the next logical step and regulate life. Everyone goes to prison at birth and they only get out when they've demonstrated a certain level of maturity?

about a year ago

Underwater Sonar Linked To Whale Deaths

d18c7db Re:Cognitive Errors, Courtesy Exxon (187 comments)

Wow, interesting choice of words, "some rich, filthy Arab" has an entirely different meaning from "some filthy rich Arab" yet is close enough to slip under the radar. I bet when you talk you're actually calling them "those filthy A - rabs".

about a year ago

Zero Point Energy fund raising now has 121 contributors in 2 days!

d18c7db Perpetual motion... (2 comments)

...with a quantum flavor. Invented by reputable^H^H^H physicists^H^H^H "software and computer vision specialists". Sounds totally legit, sign me up. I also need to buy a bridge.

about a year ago

Hackaday For Sale, Editors Seek Crowd Funding To Buy It

d18c7db Ownership (62 comments)

So the way I see it, the campaign initiator is asking a whole bunch of supporters to buy this site for him at a cost of $540000, the contributors will not be part owners or have any say in the direction the site is run. They'll just get some trinkets in return, stickers, T shirts or some free advertising for a year.

about a year and a half ago

Faculty To Grad Students: Go Work 80-Hour Weeks!

d18c7db You've missed the point! (454 comments)

No one is telling anyone to go work 80-100 hrs/week, what they are really talking about is this: If person A _loves_ what they're doing so much so that they're willing to _voluntarily_ put in a lot of extra time into it (because they love it and can't get enough of it), whereas person B can't wait to finish with the task so they can get on with other (better) things in life, then the odds of person A succeeding in that field is astronomically (get it?) better than person B.

more than 2 years ago

BitTorrent Tries To Appease Users By Making Torrent Ads Optional

d18c7db Re:sure I'll pay creative works (215 comments)

And stop paying top actors $50M per movie, find some good fresh blood who will work for a reasonable fee.

more than 2 years ago

Hollywood Sets $10 Billion Box Office Record

d18c7db Litigation *is* the business model. (276 comments)

The continued litigation by the various **AA agencies has nothing to do with protecting their revenue stream from piracy or whatever other valid sounding official excuse they use. It is simply another revenue stream. As long as they generate some income through bullying and intimidation, by abusing the law, or other dubious extorsion practices, they will continue to do so as just another way of "doing business".

more than 5 years ago

Scientists Try To Make Robots More Human

d18c7db Re:Huh? (88 comments)

We're all robots, we're just presently the more advanced model, trying to degign and create an even more advanced model that will obsolete us. Clever eh?

more than 8 years ago



Dotcom drags NZ spook agency into court

d18c7db d18c7db writes  |  more than 2 years ago

d18c7db (1031260) writes "Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has won another court victory, today given the right to drag the secretive GCSB into the spotlight of a courtroom. Forcing the GCSB to be tied to the court action opens it up to court ordered ''discovery'' — meaning Dotcom's lawyers can go fishing for documents as they continue to fight extradition to the US to face copyright charges. But the GCSB claimed any disclosure of what [was] intercepted would prejudice New Zealand's national security interests "as it will tend to reveal intelligence gathering and sharing methods". Dotcom and his fellow Mega Upload accused asked Chief High Court Judge Helen Winkelmann for the right to have the GCSB become part of the proceedings, amend their statement of claim, and for additional discovery.
In a judgment issued today she gave that permission."

Link to Original Source

New Zealand legalizes illegal police surveillance.

d18c7db d18c7db writes  |  more than 3 years ago

d18c7db writes "The Government will introduce legislation to overrule a decision by the Supreme Court on the Urewera terror raids, which rendered nearly all police video surveillance footage unlawful.

The new law would be applied retrospectively, which meant no trials were likely to be aborted and offenders would have no ground to appeal their convictions."

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New Zealand's internet filter goes live

d18c7db d18c7db writes  |  more than 4 years ago

d18c7db (1031260) writes "The Department of Internal Affairs' (DIA) internet filter is now operational and is being used by internet providers (ISPs) Maxnet and Watchdog. Thomas Beagle, spokesperson for online freedom lobby Tech Liberty says he's "very disappointed that the filter is now running, it's a sad day for the New Zealand internet"."
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