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Study: Police Body-Cams Reduce Unacceptable Use of Force

d34thm0nk3y Re: Obviously (361 comments)

But what will be the reaction of the "activists" when these cameras capture indisputable footage of, say, somebody like Michael Brown launching an unprovoked physical attack against a police officer?

Who gives a flying fuck? You're all worked up over some blowhards on the internet. The Jury are the ones who will see the video and are the only ones anyone should care about.

4 days ago

NASA Gets 2% Boost To Science Budget

d34thm0nk3y Re:Anti-science Republicans (121 comments)

Um, you realize all those new Republicans haven't taken office yet, right?

about two weeks ago

HBO To Offer Online Streaming Without TV Subscription

d34thm0nk3y Re:Total Isolation? (139 comments)

I read an interview with the head of HBO recently where he specifically said they were not doing this. But they were thinking about it.

Is this actually corroborated somewhere?

about 2 months ago

Hackers Break Into HealthCare.gov

d34thm0nk3y Re:Yep. (150 comments)

The difference is people voluntarily give data to these companies where as you are forced to give information to Healthcare.gov. It would be the same as if the IRS was hacked.

Wow, a completely factually incorrect complaint about "Obamacare." Modded up as Insightful as well, how suprising.

There are absolutely no requirements to use any of the echanges in the ACA. The exchanges are provided as a convenience. You are perfectly free to get your healthcare through your employer if you want. Or, you can call up any private insurer on the planet directly and get insurance from them. The ACA only mandates that the insurance they offer meets some minimum standards.

about 4 months ago

Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

d34thm0nk3y Re:god dammit. (521 comments)

Yet, oddly enough, I see very few environmentalists stepping forward to volunteer to commit suicide first. I guess they think THE REST OF US need to go; but somehow they're too goddamned important.

They can't step forward because they are made out of straw. They are really easy to burn though.

about 4 months ago

Selectable Ethics For Robotic Cars and the Possibility of a Robot Car Bomb

d34thm0nk3y Re:Philosophy Settings (239 comments)

I, for one, cannot wait for the day when I can set my car's logic system to different ethical settings, sorted by philosopher.

I just tried the Plato setting and now I'm stuck in a cave. Thanks Joe!

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

d34thm0nk3y Re:Very subjective (382 comments)

Would a real-name policy even work at eliminating trolls? I mean, The Westborough Baptist folks are still out there trolling in the real world and everyone knows their real names.

about 4 months ago

California May Waive Environmental Rules For Tesla

d34thm0nk3y What Rules? (327 comments)

I was curious about what rules would be waived so actually read the article. This article says almost nothing. And the supposedly supporting link on 'waive the rules' doesn't go anywhere. About all I can tell is that they will let them do their Impact Assessment as they begin construction instead of ahead of time.

Seems like much ado about nothing unless anyone has some real info.

about 4 months ago

Robotic Suit Gives Shipyard Workers Super Strength

d34thm0nk3y Re:Only geeks... (125 comments)

You get to sweating a bit, and I doubt it's good for your back in the long run, but its certainly doable

(I used to work in a freight terminal - we would load 2 or 3 trucks with 20-30 Kg packages over a 2 hour period.. and none of us were 'buff' by any stretch of the imagination).

You are either lying or you were violating Federal workers safety regulations.

about 5 months ago

Robotic Suit Gives Shipyard Workers Super Strength

d34thm0nk3y Re:Only geeks... (125 comments)

would consider lifting 30Kg to be superhuman.

30 kg is 66 lbs. OSHA requires a second person to help (or to use mechanical assistance) for any weight over 50 lbs as it dramatically increases the risk of injury.

about 5 months ago

Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation'

d34thm0nk3y Re:no problem (342 comments)

My favorite example is Sherri Shepard not knowing that the Earth is round. This is (was?) a co-host of a very popular talk show.

Pretty funny to watch, actually.

about 5 months ago

Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From US Congress

d34thm0nk3y Re:Supervise Your Children (165 comments)

Name names, cowards!

It's N'Aktuilxy Ktra'kht.

Oh wait, you meant the name of the staffer.

about 5 months ago

Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

d34thm0nk3y Re:Double standards (533 comments)

Here's something that will deflate your entire argument: most conservatives don't claim to be open and inclusive - you set up that straw man and knocked the hell out of it.

Rand Paul, the conservative subject of this article is a man made from people parts.

Rand Paul: GOP must be more diverse, inclusive
'We have to show concern for those who aren't doing very well'

about 5 months ago

White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

d34thm0nk3y Curious silence (382 comments)

Where are all the Conservatives cheering on the Administration for respecting States Rights?

about 5 months ago

Ninety-Nine Percent of the Ocean's Plastic Is Missing

d34thm0nk3y Re:One non-disturbing theory (304 comments)

Yeah.. Think about what plastics are made from. We wouldn't want oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, or (god forbid) CARBON getting into our food chain. I mean, that's the stuff life is made of. Wait, what are we talking about?

Yeah, nothing unsafe has ever been made from those elements. Hint: You only need two from your list to make cyanide.

about 6 months ago

A New Use For Drones: Traffic Scouting

d34thm0nk3y Kill Beta! (144 comments)

Wow, did they actually disable the firehose because of the Beta protest? I can't seem to get to it.

Boycott on next week!

about a year ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

d34thm0nk3y We're not the audience! (2219 comments)

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

We are not the audience. We are the performers!

about a year ago

Why Robot Trucks Could Be Headed To Afghanistan (And Everywhere Else)

d34thm0nk3y Re:The Last One (Today)? (135 comments)

Yeah, I get ya. Mostly trying to get word of the boycott out. Tomorrow is Friday and I don't visit over the weekend generally. Boycott starts Monday.

You'll probably see more from me tomorrow. Then I'll be off for a week. Then we'll see what happens.

about a year ago

Why Robot Trucks Could Be Headed To Afghanistan (And Everywhere Else)

d34thm0nk3y The Beta, The (last one from me today) (135 comments)

Please post this to new articles if it hasn't been posted yet. (Copy-paste the html from here so links don't get mangled!)

On February 5, 2014, Slashdot announced through a javascript popup that they are starting to "move in to" the new Slashdot Beta design. Slashdot Beta is a trend-following attempt to give Slashdot a fresh look, an approach that has led to less space for text and an abandonment of the traditional Slashdot look. Much worse than that, Slashdot Beta fundamentally breaks the classic Slashdot discussion and moderation system.

If you haven't seen Slashdot Beta already, open this in a new tab. After seeing that, click here to return to classic Slashdot.

We should boycott stories and only discuss the abomination that is Slashdot Beta until Dice abandons the project.
We should boycott slashdot entirely during the week of Feb 10 to Feb 17 as part of the wider slashcott

Moderators - only spend mod points on comments that discuss Beta
Commentors - only discuss Beta
http://slashdot.org/recent - Vote up the Fuck Beta stories

Keep this up for a few days and we may finally get the PHBs attention.

-----=====##### LINKS #####=====-----

Discussion of Beta: http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&id=56395415
Discussion of where to go if Beta goes live: http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&type=submission&id=3321441
Alternative Slashdot: http://altslashdot.org (thanks Okian Warrior (537106))

about a year ago



d34thm0nk3y d34thm0nk3y writes  |  more than 7 years ago

d34thm0nk3y (653414) writes "I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for lying and obstructing the CIA leak investigation.

From the article:
Libby was convicted in March of perjury and obstruction of justice for lying to investigators about his conversations with reporters about CIA official Valerie Plame. Fitzgerald questioned Bush and Cheney in a probe that became a symbol of the administration's deepening problems."

Link to Original Source


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