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Java 7 Ships With Severe Bug

da5id I noticed a shipping bug too (180 comments)

Except I called it the "it's still fucking Java" bug. That bug report didn't go over too well :P

more than 3 years ago

Super Strong Metal Foam Discovered

da5id Re:How is it made? (367 comments)

TFA is a poor re-blog of the original article here, which has this video, where you actually hear how it is made: Hollow steel balls are pored into a from, (and presumably agitated to settle them in a uniform matrix), then aluminum is pored over them to fix them there. So yes, should scale up well.

more than 4 years ago

Buckminsterfullerene Strikes Again - Nanotube RAM

da5id Now all we need (262 comments)

Get some people working on power supplys and rod logic, and dimond age here we come.

more than 11 years ago


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