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Microsoft Researchers Use Light Beams To Charge Smartphones

dabadab Re:Can some one explain the efficiency claims? (65 comments)

The most easiest way to explain is that it is made up by the submitter: this claim is not present in the linked article.

What IS there is the following:
"Using a light beam to charge a smartphone could be as quick as many wired chargers, the researchers found, depending on the size of the PV panel."

It is certainly true, however, the best panels being rated at about 190 W/m2 max output you would need a PV panel about three time the size of an iPhone6 to charge it as fast as its wired charger does (or six times the size if you want to match a 2 amp charger's speed) - all of it presuming ideal conditions.

about a week ago

Microsoft Researchers Use Light Beams To Charge Smartphones

dabadab Re:Unanswered questions (65 comments)

Would infrared work just as well?

Yes, it would, it's right there in the fine article.

about a week ago

Just-Announced X.Org Security Flaws Affect Code Dating Back To 1987

dabadab Re:Wha?!?!!! (172 comments)

Windows 95 is long gone from modern Windows version.

Actually that's not true, as demonstrated by the MS14-064 (it's a bug that affects Win8 and also Win95).

As a sidenote, Win95 is not an ancestor of Windows8. Win8 is a member of the WinNT family, its lineage going back to the first version of Windows NT, which was curiously called Windows NT 3.1 (released in 1993).
The other line of Windowses (the one going from Windows 1.0 to Windows ME) ran in parallel and the two families sometimes shared some code but that's all, Win8 does not come from Win95.

about a month and a half ago

Wikipedia's "Complicated" Relationship With Net Neutrality

dabadab Re:Waiving data charges is fine with net neutralit (134 comments)

Either all packets are equal (which is frankly stupid given that people want QoS)

Do they?
I, for one, would rather have net neutrality than QoS.
And I guess most people do not want QoS, they want enough bandwith and low enough latency in general so QoS does not even come into play.

about a month ago

Germans Can Get Free Heating From the Cloud

dabadab Re:Great in the winter .. (148 comments)

Actually, all that solar energy makes German electricity rather pricey. You know, solar (and wind) is anything but cheap.

about 2 months ago

South Australia Hits 33% Renewal Energy Target 6 Years Early

dabadab Re:They need to get their shit together (169 comments)

Solar thermal power plants covering 2/3rd of Mojave Desert could supply the current electricity needs of the entire USA.

No, they could not. That power plant may produce as much energy in a year as the consumption in the USA but alas, that's not enough: it has to produce the energy when it is needed - either by actually producing it on-demand (not really pausible considering that you need elecricity also in the night) or to have some energy storage system (also not really pausible on such a scale).

about 4 months ago

NRC Analyst Calls To Close Diablo Canyon, CA's Last Remaining Nuclear Plant

dabadab Re:Batteries not inclu... err.... needed (216 comments)

Turns out storage is not much needed at 80% renewable energy supply

Turns out, this article is bollocks.
It was extensively discussed here on Slashdot.

about 5 months ago

Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

dabadab Re:Radicalization (868 comments)

So what do you think should Palestine's response to the constant checkpoints, blockading of their ports, airport and border crossings, as well as the occupation and continued confiscation of their land by Israel should be?

I ask you the same and if you would come to the conclusion that randomly firing rockets on Isreal and demanding the death of all Jews is the rational reaction that has a very good chance of bringing prosperity and happiness to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, I am very much interested in your reasoning.

about 6 months ago

French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

dabadab Re:Too true... (424 comments)

As I said, she most likely lost because she was not represented.

She may have presented herself, but for fuckssake, there was a judge there. You know, that guy who knows the laws and is supposed to apply them sensibly. Like not passing totally idiotic verdicts.

about 6 months ago

Is Google CEO's "Tiny Bubble Car" Yahoo CEO's "Little Bubble Car"?

dabadab Re:what's wrong with public transportation? (190 comments)

Conventional public transportation has lots of problems that all are well known and most of it comes down to the simple fact that mass transport needs masses and while some part of your route may coincide with enough other people (especially in rush hours of densely populated areas) but most probably not all of it.

The driverless cars actually could be the foundation of a new generation of public transport: you could think of these bubble-cars as the atoms of a peronalised public transport.

about 8 months ago

Questionable Patents From MakerBot

dabadab Re:Prior Art Disallows Patent Applications PERIOD. (56 comments)

Can we please stop spreading this stupidity?

The difference between first to invent and first to file has absolutely nothing to do with prior art. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

It only comes into play when two patent applications are filed for the same invention in roughly the same time because it is how it will be decided which one will be accepted.
(And, should I elaborate this even more, in this case there are no conflicting patent applications, it's about prior art and prior art has nothing to do with first to file.)

about 8 months ago

Band Releases Album As Linux Kernel Module

dabadab Re:GPL? (128 comments)

I'll go out on a limb and say that an album taints the kernel regardless of license.

Only if it's by Soft Cell.

about 9 months ago

Next-Gen Thunderbolt: Twice as Fast, But a Different Connector

dabadab Re:Not completely redundant (178 comments)

The thing is USB doesn't have DMA.

It DOES have DMA since USB3.

about 9 months ago

Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

dabadab Re:Communism is the only way forward (870 comments)

What about the impending failure of capitalism?

Yeah, what about it?
I have grown up in a socialist country and I was told that the capitalism will fail anytime (though it did not stop people from trying to escape there from our socialist utopia to the hell of capitalism, even though they could be (and many of them were) shot dead on the border). And here I am, thirty years later, and the doom of capitalism is still impending while "the only way forward"-communist has failed spectacularly.

So please, lecture me on how communism is the only way forward.

about 10 months ago

JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Named New CEO of Mozilla

dabadab Re:He's entitled to spend his money as he wishes.. (112 comments)

I'm amazed at how much negative feedback this is generating.

He is spending money to fuck with other people. And not in the literal sense. Frankly, if he would donate to a campaign to ban disabled parking spaces I would be a lot more understanding because there he could gain something. But supporting prop 8 is just pure jerkage.

Just because an individual may not support gay marriage does not mean they also hate gay people.

In my experience, yes, it does.
There may be some pseudo-rational mumbo-jumbo but it almost boils down to outright homophobia.

Personally I would prefer it if the state would just wash it's hand of the 'marriage' issue altogether. Introduce civil unions between people and award benefits and/or tax breaks accordingly.

So you propose that in the future marriage be called civil union, because...?

about 10 months ago

Getting Young Women Interested In Open Source

dabadab Re:Gender Balance (545 comments)

So how come there is no push to get women in high risk jobs, like oil wells, private security companies, mining, etc?

The question is: how would society gain anything from that?

Because it seems rather clear that getting women with the right talents to jobs where productivity largely depends on talent and can be quite high with the right people (of which there is a shortage) is a move that helps society.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: An Open Source PC Music Studio?

dabadab Re:Never gonna happen, because of how OSS works. (299 comments)

It's impossible to write plugins similar to VST

That's a very strange claim. It's not just possible to write plugins similar to VST (e.g. there is DSSI, which can also host VSTi plugins with the dssi-vst wrapper) but you can also build native Linux VSTs.

Granted, your reasoning is hard to follow, so I may have missed something and perhaps you mean something else entirely.

about a year ago

Should Self-Driving Cars Chauffeur Shopping 'Whales' For Free?

dabadab Re:Mod the parent up. (213 comments)

How did you come to the conclusion that the situation where noone is caring for you is equal with a situation where a whole tribe takes care of you?

1 year,2 days

Tech's Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School

dabadab Re:here we go again... (489 comments)

Who the fuck moderated this up?

Everyone who has ever seen a newborn could see that this is utter bullshit: newborns' vision is not really functioning and they do not make any conscious movement, that only comes months later.

1 year,13 days


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