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Google's Android One Initiative Launches In India With Three $100 Phones

daboochmeister Wonder if they'll use ART out of the box? (50 comments)

To compensate for the low specs. Though, to be honest, 1GB RAM and any of the recent quad MetiaTek 1.3GHz processors, it won't be too bad - as long as the other components don't bottleneck it.

2 days ago

The Man Behind Munich's Migration of 15,000 PCs From Windows To Linux

daboochmeister A study PROJECTED that MS would be cheaper (264 comments)

Agree completely with your comment that the decision wasn't based on cost - because they were deciding based on a study. The projections in that study indicated staying with Microsoft would be cheaper. But also important to note that that's not how it played out in the end - in addition to the expected benefits of re-investing in the local economy and establishing autonomous control, they also saved money.

about 4 months ago

Shuttleworth Wants To Get Rid of Proprietary Firmware

daboochmeister Charles Stross? Is that you? (147 comments)

Your description of the GPLv666 with a "Demonic Possession" section sounds very worthy of a Charles Stross novel, in every respect. Kudos!

about 5 months ago

Bug In the GnuTLS Library Leaves Many OSs and Apps At Risk

daboochmeister Ubuntu explicitly favors GnuTLS (231 comments)

Understood about Debian, but the children have wandered. From the Ubuntu wiki:

Using GnuTLS avoids the licensing issues that can arise from employing the more common OpenSSL package. For this reason, certain packages such as OpenLDAP are compiled with support for GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL in recent releases of Ubuntu.

In fact, on one of my Ubuntu 13.10 systems I ran ldd on /usr/bin/* and /bin/*, and found many many binaries that link in GnuTLS.

about 6 months ago

Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will

daboochmeister Future directions for evolution of the GPL? (480 comments)

What changes do you see becoming important or necessary in the GPL, if any? What future evolution of the GPL do you anticipate occurring, beyond v3?

about 7 months ago

Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

daboochmeister Could this be MS's attempt to co-opt Android? (105 comments)

There's nothing to prevent Microsoft from continuing this effort, and in fact offering this AOSP-based operating system to other OEMs, for their use. They can even sweeten the deal by negotiating in that no fee for (purported) patent violations will be included. That would be an interesting strategy - they could still focus on WP for mid-to-high end devices, while attempting to ride Android's app popularity into the developing markets. And if they added the ability to run Android apps into WP, then there'd be increased incentive for app makers to port their apps into their own walled-garden market. Hmm ...

about 7 months ago

Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

daboochmeister This means Nokia CAN'T make a "real" Android phone (105 comments)

Just an observation, with the introduction of AOSP-based phones that don't license the Google Mobile Services, Nokia is now no longer able to license GMS, e.g., if they wanted to make a Android-trademarked phone. That is, without ceasing production of these devices.

about 7 months ago

Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

daboochmeister Your comment would be relevant ... (105 comments)

... if the linked-to article actually said that anyone paid Google. It doesn't - there's no licensing fee for the Google Mobile Services (GMS), it's all just testing, submitting devices, and coordinating with Google.

This is Google's way of maintaining a more cohesive ecosystem, ensuring that any Android device will have a shot at running any Android app (as well as ensuring enough momentum to fund their [huge] investment in the cloud services involved)..

The real answer is they wanted to support the Microsoft ecosystem, not Google's. Good luck with that - you ain't as big as Amazon, Nokia.

about 7 months ago

Nokia Announces Nokia X Android Smartphone

daboochmeister I wouldn't have believed it - even uglier than WP (105 comments)

If someone had suggested they could release an interface even more playskool, offputting and uglier than WP's tiles, I would have told them they were simply crazy. Alas, I was wrong.

about 7 months ago

Windows 8 Metro: The Good Kind of Market Segmentation?

daboochmeister Hard to believe the same person said this ... (389 comments)

Buried in the Reddit thread, pwnies says

Use the best tool for the job. My personal setup is Windows for desktops (I think windows handles multiple monitors better than osx does), OSX for laptops (Apple's hardware is just so much better for portables), and linux for servers. I'm currently typing this on my Macbook Air. Definitely agree with you about dev tools on windows though. If you aren't bought into the .net stack, it's a bitch. For any web dev I'd recommend OSX or Linux. I'm a huge vim guy, so using windows and just ssh'ing into my linux boxes works great for me. (here).

He must have multiple personality disorder. That comment makes so much sense ... and yet his actual Reddit post is so absent of logic ...

about 7 months ago

Windows 8 Metro: The Good Kind of Market Segmentation?

daboochmeister Casual and Power use cases on same desktop - easy (389 comments)

So, the argument is that there's no clean way to accommodate casual user and power user workflows on the same desktop? Wait, tell that to my cairo dock and GNOME Do running on the XFCE desktop that my wife also uses (and believe me, if ever there was a wider chasm between power and casual user within one marriage, it would have likely triggered the implosion of the universe).

I think the reality this totally-free-to-say-what-he-wants MS employee is not mentioning is that MS has company-strategic user-hostile motives for Metro ... namely, to claw their way into a 30% cut on apps. Mark these words - very soon, MS will introduce a way for desktop, non-Metro apps to be distributed via the app store, downloaded from a Metro interface. I wouldn't even be surprised if they offer a way to configure it as "mandatory", the only way to install desktop apps (for the protection of users, natch). Then the underlying purpose for the otherwise-ridiculous inclusion of Metro on Server 2012 will become clear.

about 7 months ago

Windows 8 Metro: The Good Kind of Market Segmentation?

daboochmeister 99% are NOT headless (389 comments)

I don't know what data centers you spend time in, but 99% of the Windows servers I encounter in data centers (maybe more) are explicitly NOT headless. And with the MS certification programs for admins emphasizing the "GUI way" of doing things way too much, there's no reason to expect that to change with Windows Server 2012 adoption.

In fact, if you accept Azure as the best reference profile for Windows servers, I'm not even sure there's a way to get a headless Windows server on Azure (try searching " headless" if you don't believe me).

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Rumored To Integrate Android Apps

daboochmeister Re:Android is already there (189 comments)

What Desler said ... and also, you should define what you mean by "not 'Android compatible' but 100% Android" ... if the average user heard "100% Android", they would likely assume that the Play Store and all of Google's proprietary apps are on-board; and the Nokia offering is certainly based solely on the AOSP, the open source core of Android, without the Google services. Witness how the average consumer doesn't associate the Kindle Fire with Android, per se. The Nokia (soon to be MicroKia) offering would be of the same ilk. (Unless MS chose to join the Open Handset Alliance, and commit to a true Android phone - uh, yeah, snowball, meety fiery inferno)

about 7 months ago

What Are the Weirdest Places You've Spotted Linux?

daboochmeister Kiosk PC in tiny coffeehouse at Canada Lake, NY (322 comments)

There's a small convenience store in the middle of Adirondack Park, by Canada Lake, NY, with a tiny coffee bar in a separate room. As recent as 1.5 years ago, the PC (there for residents/campers who don't have net access) was running gOS (here for more info). Was kind of clunky, but it was also a very very old PC (like, 256MB of RAM old).

There were a couple of things obviously wrong with it and I asked if they wanted me to fix it up, but they said no, some guy came by every month or two and did stuff to it.

about 7 months ago

Major Internet Censorship Bill Passes In Turkey

daboochmeister Maybe that's what's messed up (104 comments)

All my Google+ URLs are coming up 404 - and someone had identified as hosted by an ISP in Turkey. Hmm ... mighty dangerous to freedom, that shortened URL to the g+ gymnastics community I moderate ...

about 7 months ago

Pwn2own 2014 Set To Hunt Unicorns

daboochmeister What EMET is - and isn't (66 comments)

At the risk of introducing information into the discussion ... some of the other respondents have taken oblique cue shots off this info, but to get it out on the table ... EMET is a software package that enforces otherwise existing security protections on programs that may not have them in place. For example, DEP, ASLR, SEHOP (very Windows-specific mitigation), heapspray prevention, and in 4.1 they added certificate pinning, to detect mitm attacks. (looking up acronyms left as an exercise for the reader)

The good news - these mitigations can be applied from outside the apps involved (as of 4.1, no more app recompiling or special-versions needed). The somewhat bad news - there are compatibility issues, and many apps are not compatible with the whole list of protections (see the MS KB article for more info). I also wonder if there are performance impacts from doing so, as opposed to compiling in the mitigations that can be compiled in - but don't quote me on that, I'm not sure

More bad news - it won't work with certain app features, e.g. any code that accesses certain system services at too low a level, so for example DRM-using apps (so many videogames are off the table); and it only intended for desktop apps (so they "do not advise" you use it with system services or server apps).

We tested the 3.0 version, focusing solely on the mitigations that could be imposed from outside the code even in that version - and found that many apps had issues with most, and some with all, of the mitigations (and, a killer for us, it wouldn't work with virtualized apps). Maybe that's improved, not claiming to know.

All in all - it has value if you're deploying legacy apps over which you have no control to a broad array of desktops, and it doesn't break your apps. Frankly, I don't know why the emphasis on IE11 ... I think the only protection that wouldn't already be compiled in is the certificate pinning, but maybe that alone is enough - or it makes it doubly difficult to break out of IE11 if you have the compiled in e.g. ASLR as well as the imposed-sandbox ASLR ... not sure.

To be clear ... it's NOT comparable to mandatory access control - it's more mitigation-specific than that. And also, by way of information, the open source operating systems often enforce the same kinds of mitigations on the apps that they support from their repositories (e.g., the Canonical Ubuntu team compiles every app in their repo with all possible mitigations -- see the Ubuntu security features page for more info). That's one of the big advantages of open source - you don't have to try to impose really-meant-to-be-compiled-in security features from outside.

about 7 months ago

Samsung's First Tizen Smartphone Gets Leaked

daboochmeister It ALREADY looks better than WP (153 comments)

Heck, even just that screenshot looks better than WP, in that you can clearly have different size/shape tiles, and it doesn't have the stupid Fisher Price color scheme of WP. Add to that, the tile-based home screen will likely be optional, just like their similar launcher screen is on their current Android phones. Likely, they depicted it this way so there would be no question it wasn't yet another Android handset.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many (Electronics) Gates Is That Software Algorithm?

daboochmeister Re:Why don't they know? (365 comments)

Maybe the algorithm is proprietary, and dryriver's company doesn't want to release it to the manufacturer yet, even under NDA. Hard to estimate what you're not allowed to see. Just a thought.

about 8 months ago

PC Plus Packs Windows and Android Into Same Machine

daboochmeister Better discussion available at ComputerWorld (319 comments)

TFA itself links to a better FA at:

This original source article includes a discussion of the architecture involved - and the person they interviewed admits he hasn't seen it in action, and has no idea how it works. He suggests it could be one of three approaches - dual boot, an Android API within Windows (somewhat akin to Bluestacks), or a VM running within Windows. I would add a fourth - a hypervisor, permitting both OSes to run concurrently as VMs - though that seems unlikely, as it would require the OEMs to license Windows differently, as I understand it.

Interesting times. I agree with the commenters who say MS should be afraid of this - Google has taken its sweet time maturing Android into a desktop-supporting experience, but it's close, and "Android PCs" are already in the pipeline to take advantage of it. Any familiarization for the "unwashed masses" with what it feels like to simply run Android as your laptop/desktop OS has to be viewed by MS as, well, "crossing the streams" bad.

about 9 months ago



Windows users put at risk by patching treadmill

daboochmeister daboochmeister writes  |  more than 4 years ago

daboochmeister (914039) writes "The Register notes what many of us have pointed out for some time, that Windows users are left vulnerable simply because there's no effective, practical approach to ensuring that ALL of the software on a Windows PC is updated with security patches. If only there were a, umm, canonical approach to keeping all software updated, some of us would be apt to get excited!"
Link to Original Source


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