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Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer

dafradu How Brazil handled it (401 comments)

In Brazil we had a new set of rules in this regard issued by ANATEL (like the FCC). They made it so your can cancel your service through the internet or choosing a menu item on the call center, no need to talk to a human.
They also have to call you back if you get cut off, you can request and get the recordings using the internet, special packages must apply to new and old costumers etc.

about 2 months ago

Cybercrooks May Have Stolen Billions Using Brazilian "Boletos"

dafradu Re: I don't get it. (69 comments)

I don't think i made myself clear in that case.
Why would you go to a store, get a boleto, go to the bank to pay it, get back to the store with the paid boleto and take your goods?
That means you have means to pay the good right there, be it cash or debit/credit. So you just pay it right there at the store.
The store could issue a boleto in the other case i described, where they let you pay a fraction of the total price each month for some % each month.

about 3 months ago

Cybercrooks May Have Stolen Billions Using Brazilian "Boletos"

dafradu Re: I don't get it. (69 comments)

Not exactly. You can go to a store and they will give you credit to buy something that costs X paying X/12 a month. They give you something like a boleto for each month and you take your good home. If you don't pay your boletos your credit is ruined, you'll only be able to do that once, no other store will give you credit because they always check with credit institutions like SERASA. Oh, and its a baaaaad idea to miss your payments, they charge ridiculous amounts for any day you miss. Your total due can double easily.

Boletos come in the mail so you can pay most of your bills here, we call those boletos too. Utilities, cable, internet, credit card, any kind of insurance etc. They all can send you boletos to pay online or at your bank. Its common for old people to take a bunch of them to the bank on payday and ask the teller to pay them all. Me? I do it all online. My phone can scan the barcode with its camera, so its really easy to pay the bills.

Boleto is a thing in Brazil because a lot of people get paid in cash. A lot of people don't have bank accounts or credit cards. "Informal workers" are still a big part of the working force in Brazil even in this days.

about 3 months ago

Google Kills Orkut To Focus On YouTube, Blogger and Google+

dafradu Re:But I thought it was already dead? (71 comments)

No! Brazilians don't use Orkut anymore, for a long time. Young kids probably never heard of it. They just say "I'll put that on face - i saw it in your face" etc. That or "whats", for WhatsApp. Yeah, i don't know why but they like to make things shorter.. kids, you know. Cheers from Brazil!

about 3 months ago

Microsoft Is Paying Brazilian Users In Skype Credit To Switch to Bing

dafradu No way! (90 comments)

No way i'm installing "Skype voucher.exe" on my PC. Can anyone tell me what the file REALLY do? Original download link:

about 4 months ago

Step Toward Liberating Electronic Devices From Their Power Cords

dafradu Re:How would this get rid of power cords? (130 comments)

Don't take it literally, the power cords would still be there but since supercapacitors charge in minutes, not hours, you wouldn't have to stay connected all the time to recharge, thus "liberating" you from the power cord.

about 4 months ago

Brazil Blocks Foreign Mobile Phones

dafradu Re:Bad translation is bad (97 comments)

This are the kind of phones this system will block:

Noname Iphone look-a-like that runs android
Knockoff Motorola Ferrari that runs some java based OS
Same with a SonyEricsson Walkman
An Galaxy S3 copy with a Nokia battery
There is also the Hiphones, Sqmy, Sonia, PolyStation and so many others...

about 6 months ago

Brazil Blocks Foreign Mobile Phones

dafradu Re:Bad translation is bad (97 comments)

Manufactures don't wait until phones hit the market to get their products approved, its done much earlier. Haven't you heard about the amazon controller that leaked from the very same Anatel?

Also, the most important information that the story doesn't say. The system will work together with international partners (FCC etc), so it doesn't matter where it was certified, it will work here. Source:

about 6 months ago

UK Police Seize 3D-Printed 'Gun Parts,' Which Are Actually Spare Printer Parts

dafradu War on 3D printing (279 comments)

There are a lot of people dying to start a "war on 3D printing", soon there will be more cases where 3d printing will be associated with all kinds of nasty things...

about a year ago

Brazil Announces Secure Email To Counter US Spying

dafradu Based on OpenSource (165 comments)

The system is already in use in about 20% of the government agencies and will be mandatory by the end of 2014. It is based on, and will save some millions on software licenses. Currently Brazil has a mix of IBM and Microsoft servers and president Rouseff herself uses Outlook to check her email . Not very smart to give out this information to the public, right? :) What i don't get is that they plan to offer this service to the public and it will be managed by the Postal Service! Am i the only one that sees no relation with the service provided by the postal service and email services?

about a year ago

Schneier Has Something Good To Say About Airport Security

dafradu Re:Same in Brazil. (226 comments)

Nothing new here.
Had the same experience in mexico a dozen years ago.
Red light or green light.
But back then, there was a guy standing on a switch could just flex his knee to make additional selections if you looks particularly shady.

We had (still have?) this in Brazil. But i think it was only in the customs area, not really for security screening.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Light-Footprint Antivirus For Windows XP?

dafradu Panda Cloud (294 comments)

Light, no annoying popups, messages or sounds, i only remember he is there when i manually scan a file.

MSE is similar.

about a year ago

Adobe To Australians: Fly To US For Cheaper Software

dafradu Bit** please (255 comments)

Australia Adobe store - Creative Suite 6 Master Collection - US$ 4,530.00
Brazil Adobe store - Creative Suite 6 Master Collection - US$ 5,055.00

Brazil, where a car made here is sold for R$ 56.210, and the same car, but with more optionals, is exported to Mexico (over 7000 Km away) and is sold there for R$ 25.800. Take that Australia!

about a year and a half ago

Brazilians Can Now Buy an "iPhone" Loaded With Android

dafradu Re:Over 100 percent import duty (263 comments)

Yes iPhones, its for personal use so the price doesn't matter. The same goes for watches, clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc. Some of those items have quantity limits, like max 3 watches per person, or max 3 shoes of a kind. If you can reasonably prove its for personal use its OK.

about a year and a half ago

Brazilians Can Now Buy an "iPhone" Loaded With Android

dafradu Re:Over 100 percent import duty (263 comments)

No, you can bring a lot of electronics under a 500 dollars quota, cellphones don't even go under that quota if they are for personal use, that is, you opened it and placed you BR simcard on it. If you bring stuff over your quota and don't declare taxes upon arrival you pay a 50% fine on whats over 500 dollars.

about a year and a half ago

Google's Amazon River Street View Project

dafradu Re:Is this fair? (45 comments)

There is no uncontacted tribe living close to a major tributary of the river. You'd have to hike for days, maybe weeks to find an indian in Brazil that has had little contact with the "white man".

about 3 years ago

Brazilian Court Bans P2P Software

dafradu Judge bans MS Windows (216 comments)

Thats the headline 95% of the /. audience wants to read.
What the hell, that could happen, the software runs on Windows!

about 5 years ago



HP Inkjet Patent Licensed For Home Dialysis

dafradu dafradu writes  |  more than 5 years ago

dafradu (868234) writes "Inkjet technology was previous seen on Slashdot been used to administer drugs.

Now Hewlett-Packard has agreed to license its patent on inkjet for use in a treatment system for people suffering kidney failure, according to HP's director of IP licensing, Charlie Chapman.

HP will allow Home Dialysis Plus, a new company still gathering funding, to use HP's "fluid management" technology used in inkjet printers.

HP uses it to create calculated mixtures of ink and water, which are then delivered through a printer to a piece of paper. Home Dialysis Plus will use it to mix tap water and concentrated dialysis solution at a level customized for patients that can be administered at home rather than at a treatment center.

More on:"


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