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US DOJ Say They Don't Need Warrants For E-Mail, Chats

dah_sab Re: Second Amendment (457 comments)

Let's not be too harsh on Americans. Most people are sheeple, no matter where they live. We'd have a lot more revolutions otherwise. Few people want to be the 1st to die on the front line, even if success in the long run were assured. May be one reason a giant army of the unemployed haven't risen up against a govt here that clearly doesn't care if they live or die.

about a year and a half ago

50% of HDTV Owners Don't Use HD

dah_sab Re:I believe it (677 comments)

Try watching Voom's Spanish league soccer games on DISH Network (or other satellite feed) - if you're a soccer fan you'll be blown away. Barcelona-Real Madrid a few weeks ago was stunningly cinematic - great pictures, great drama.

I downconvert games to 480i (stupid convoluted process,) then put them on DVD (upconverting to 480p) and friend are still blown away by the clarity and picture depth watching the DVD on a 4x3 TV.

more than 9 years ago


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