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Kepler-186f: Most 'Earth-Like' Alien World Discovered

CheezburgerBrown . Re:Shh (233 comments)

Let's hope they do. If they can get here it means it's possible. if it's possible, I'd rather live under their tyrannical and technologically superior rule than the tyrannical and technologically inferior rule here.

Humans have proven one thing - they're completely incapable of managing anything important.

they're completely incapable of managing anything important. When they have to deal 1000 different political organizations to get anything done.

3 days ago

Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

CheezburgerBrown . Re:The Moon is a Harsh Mistress comes to reality.. (313 comments)

A moon base would be a lot easier to fix than the ISS. Wouldn't take so much planning for spacewalks and gear wouldn't go flying off into oblivion.

about a week ago

The Case For a Safer Smartphone

CheezburgerBrown . Re:Human beings are not born with smartphone attac (184 comments)

Arguably, we HAVE properly adapted to cars. and we HAVE adapted to cellphones. We HAVE NOT adapted to using cars and the current iteration of cellphone simultaneously.

Self driving cars are nowhere in the near future. Not cars that will be able to self drive over the terrain in the U.S. anyway. I'd trust a 16 year old on a cellphone over a self driving car and roads that look like a battlefield here in Massachusetts.

about a week ago

FAA Shuts Down Search-and-Rescue Drones

CheezburgerBrown . Re:Fuck the FAA (217 comments)

Don't be a sheep.

about a week ago

FAA Shuts Down Search-and-Rescue Drones

CheezburgerBrown . Fuck the FAA (217 comments)

Just keep doing it until someone physically stops you, then hope you have enough money to win in court.

about a week ago

Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater

CheezburgerBrown . Re:They do. (256 comments)

" At sea refueling is trivially easy, all you need is a ship that can carry a lot of fuel, a pump, and a hose. "

You've never taken part in an Unrep, have you?

about two weeks ago

A Bid To Take 3D Printing Mainstream

CheezburgerBrown . Hmm (143 comments)

I thought Makerbot already did this.

about two weeks ago

New Service Lets You Hitch a Ride With Private Planes For Cost of Tank of Gas

CheezburgerBrown . Hey Samsenpuz (269 comments)

How about a link to the fucking site instead of this shitty betaboston website.


about two weeks ago

Five-Year-Old Uncovers Xbox One Login Flaw

CheezburgerBrown . Re:$300? (196 comments)

You should resubmit it. Your story is better than the one about the Five year old and the Xbox one login

about two weeks ago

Will Cameras Replace Sideview Mirrors On Cars In 2018?

CheezburgerBrown . Re:nope! (496 comments)

This, except it would be nice to have the option to run only a camera system if one opted to ditch their traditional mirrors.

about three weeks ago

Should Patients Have the Option To Not Know Their DNA?

CheezburgerBrown . Re:No (157 comments)

I'm not a big proponent of socialism, but Healthcare is an area that I am open to any system that works. Especially if it includes fucking over the insurance industry.

about three weeks ago

NSA Confirms It Has Been Searching US Citizens' Data Without a Warrant

CheezburgerBrown . Re:Not surprising (274 comments)

Somebody mod this down

about three weeks ago

Security Evaluation of the Tesla Model S

CheezburgerBrown . Question (93 comments)

Is there a market for used or stolen Tesla cars or parts?

about three weeks ago

eBay Japan Passwords Revealed As Username+123456

CheezburgerBrown . Hey (80 comments)

That's the same password as my luggage!

about three weeks ago

Functional 3D-Printed Tape Measure

CheezburgerBrown . Re:too late for us (134 comments)

Whole structures, I doubt it, but having a machine available on site to churn out any small parts you need, absolutely.

about a month ago

New Information May Narrow Down Malaysian Jet's Path

CheezburgerBrown . Re:At least they didn't fly to Guam (227 comments)

Having lived on Guam, I can assure you that nothing better could possibly happen the the place.

about a month ago

Paris Bans Half of All Cars On the Road

CheezburgerBrown . My License plate (405 comments)

My plate is BZERK Is that an odd or an even?

about a month ago



Federal judge rules NSA data collection legal

CheezburgerBrown . CheezburgerBrown . writes  |  about 4 months ago

CheezburgerBrown . (3417019) writes "A federal judge in New York has ruled the National Security Agency's massive data collection program is legal, one week after another federal judge ruled the opposite.

The conflicting rulings increase the likelihood that the challenges could someday end up before the Supreme Court.

The ruling on Friday came from District Judge William H. Pauley III, in the case of the ACLU vs. James Clapper, the director of national intelligence. The judge agreed with the federal government's request to dismiss the court.

copy and pasted from fox news"

Link to Original Source


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