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Toyota Pedal Issue Highlights Move To Electronics

dalerb Re:Conflict of interest. (913 comments)

The recall was made voluntarily by Toyota. The U.S. Government is involved only in that Toyota had to submit its proposed fix to the NHTSA which has the authority reject the fix if they deem it insufficient to remedy the problem. Which they did not.

more than 4 years ago

Google Challenging Proposition 8

dalerb Re:I don't get it (1475 comments)

The court case is going over which type of amendment prop-8 was and thus was the method used to pass it valid.

Prop 8 was introduced as an amendment: it added language to the California state constitution. Amendments require only a simple majority vote to pass.

The other type of constitutional change is a revision: striking language or significantly changing the language in the state constitution. A revision requires a 2/3 majority vote to pass.

Because the California state constitution already has an equal protection clause (the clause which the California Supreme Court used to declare gay marriage legal), the addition of Prop 8 to the constitution would seem to place it at contradiction with itself.

What the opponents are arguing is that for Prop 8 to be valid it would have to be a revision: striking the language in the equal protection clause and adding the language that the banners of gay marriage want.

Convincing 2/3 of Californians to strike the equal protection clause from their constitution is a much more daunting task than getting 50% of them to say, ick, we don't like gay marriage. Ban it please.

about 6 years ago

Word 2007 Flaws Are Features, Not Bugs

dalerb Re:Let's just get this out of the way then... (411 comments)

Would any bright egg here care to explain what the hell a 'fuzzer' is? Yes I could google it, but so will 100,000 other slashdotters, so let's just post the answer here and be done with it.

So let me get this straight: slashdotters don't RTFA, instead they Google every word in the summary hoping they can figure it out that way?

more than 7 years ago


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