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Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Trust Bitcoin?

dan the person Re: As Frontalot says (631 comments)

Definition of 'Quantitative Easing'

An unconventional monetary policy in which a central bank purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to lower interest rates and increase the money supply. Quantitative easing increases the money supply by flooding financial institutions with capital in an effort to promote increased lending and liquidity.


about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Trust Bitcoin?

dan the person Re:As Frontalot says (631 comments)

how can we be sure that an exchange won't be hacked?

Exactly. We can be sure traditional banks won't be hacked because they are regulated by the government appointed banking regulator.

And if they had loose security that somehow the regulators missed and loose billions in wire-fraud? In most countries the government guarantees your funds to a certain extent. So the question becomes, do you trust your government? (or the government in charge of the foreign currency you are storing).

This is the trouble with bit-coin. All currencies are based on faith. Faith that they will hold value (that the government wont print money), faith that they will be accepted for exchange (again, government mandated for most currencies). With bit-coin, to whom do you place your faith?

about a year ago

How Safe Is Cycling?

dan the person Re:Not in London (947 comments)

What the hell are you talking about? 25% of morning peak road traffic in central london is cyclists, so there are allot of people that disagree with you.

Nothing particularly dangerous about London, in fact i would say it feels safer than many cities because there are so many cyclists on the road you really feel that motorists will anticipate you such as being on the inside of them when they turn left. Watch out passing heavy trucks on the inside, same as anywhere else.


about a year ago

California Becomes First State In Nation To Regulate Ride-Sharing

dan the person Re:The Third World was first (184 comments)

No it's when the US does something the third (and second) world pioneered. Third world didn't pioneer breathing. (though you could argue they pioneered human breathing if you believe we first evolved there. Of course back then it would have been the most highly developed and thus a first world continent).

This ride-sharing is very common in the former soviet bloc too, though it's of the rather more basic wave-your-arm up and down at all the passing cars type technology rather than using phones.

about a year ago

The London Stock Exchange Goes Down For Whole Day

dan the person Re:Using Microsoft for a 5-nines SLA? Is that a jo (792 comments)

yes. software connectivity.

this wasn't a hardware failure or site failure.

Regardless, the guys assertion that only unix can do clustering is retarded.

And a resiliant cluster doesn't protect you from software bugs. The same bugs exist in the same software installed on the other hosts.

more than 6 years ago



One Laptop Per Child and Intel "join forces

dan the person dan the person writes  |  more than 7 years ago

dan the person writes "This short on detail item from the bbc tells us the two groups have put their bickering behind them and joined forces to ensure"the maximum number of laptops will reach children". Does this mean AMD gets the boot, or is intel going to be promoting an AMD powered machine?"


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