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Sony Demands Press Destroy Leaked Documents

daniel23 Re: Looking for torrents (250 comments)

... with dated links, none of them worked for me.

about a month and a half ago

Consortium Roadmap Shows 100TB Hard Drives Possible By 2025

daniel23 Re:It wont be that long. (215 comments)

I remember when I upgraded from my Armstrad cpc 6128 to a 386sx machine which was my first box with a HDD. I choose the large one then with 40MB. Somewhen at the last third of the eighties. Those things were expensive then and I could have got a used car for the price of it

about 2 months ago

Regin Malware In EU Attack Linked To US and British Intelligence Agencies

daniel23 OFFTOPIC, Flamebait (131 comments)


about 2 months ago

Regin Malware In EU Attack Linked To US and British Intelligence Agencies

daniel23 Re:Most sophisticated malware? (131 comments)

Will this sophisticated malware work on anything other than Microsoft Windows

While I do not think you expected sincere answers to this question there is a reason to support the obligatory "of course not" answer. From the Kaspersky analysis ( https://securelist.com/blog/re... )

"The name Regin is apparently a reversed "In Reg", short for "In Registry", as the malware can store its modules in the registry. "

And since Linux has no registry...

- then again I would not ne surprised to learn that there is a variant of this tool runing on linux which just swaps in a different module to store its VFS at a place hard to detect on linux. Unused space behind the partitions or something...

So, no - no reason to feel safe. Your choice of OS may only protect you until they decide to actually aim at you.

about 2 months ago

WhatsApp To Offer End-to-End Encryption

daniel23 Re:FBI Director James Comey may not care. (93 comments)


And note the timing. This news (facebook, whisper systems) comes at the same time that EFF published the Let's Encrypt initative (EFF, Mozilla, Akamai, Cisco) .
I seem to remember there was an appeal to to make encryption the default coming from th3 w3c meeting a fortnight ago.
Is it a coincidence that this comes in time with an open letter by AOL, Apple, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter und Yahoo to the US senat to vote in favor of the USA Freedom Act (which it did not).

Apparently the big names feel the heat, it is bad for business when it is common knowledge globally that US companies are required by law to betray their customers' data.

And the way the US administration and politicos handled the topic after Edward Snowden showed us the proof of all the old suspicions did not help, it rather aggreviated the problem.

Nor did weasle worded dementi and press releases help. The global mistrust is massive and there is too much of critical expertise watching. And their attention just does not fade away. So the situation may have reached a point where some of the big players realize that feeding digital placebos is not enough to prevent further damage and they need reliable answers they can give their customers, You know, things that run less risk to be exposed by a presentation at Black Hat or CCC conferences some six months after introduction...

I'm not saying WhatsApp has reached this point and tries to do the right thing but I won't rule it out. It does look like a step in the right direction, raising the bar.
(I uninstalled WhatsApp after fb bought them and I use textsecure for my SMS on android)

about 2 months ago

Researchers Discover Ancient Massive Landslide

daniel23 Re:UOM conversion help, please (44 comments)

For European readers: it is about 5% of the area of Bavaria

about 2 months ago

Launching 2015: a New Certificate Authority To Encrypt the Entire Web

daniel23 Re:Only half of the problem (212 comments)

Slashdot doesn't support utf, it doesn't support ipv6. To config https would be inconsistent then.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Announces Windows 10

daniel23 MS OS X ? (644 comments)

win10? If they had humour the'd call it windows Ah

about 4 months ago

Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

daniel23 I say BS (106 comments)

antibiotics kill viruses which when dying release toxins? There are so many fundamental errors in this summary, I cannot believe the author of it has any competence to tell rubbish from wisdom.

about 5 months ago

Professor Steve Ballmer Will Teach At Two Universities This Year

daniel23 Leadership And The Physics of Furnishings (179 comments)

Discussing the motivational forces driving an active leadership role participants will train to mobilise and focus energies.
(Protective clothing recommended)

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Communication With Locked-in Syndrome Patient?

daniel23 Re:concentrate on what she needs (552 comments)

Seems like the first comment with good advice I see. And don't rush things, the brain is a complex structure with some capabilities to restructure and repair. Time, company, physiotherapy, nervous activity controls movement but movement of the limgbs induces nervous activity too and may help to regain what seems lost.
Let her see and feel and maybe even feed her baby.

about 8 months ago

How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370

daniel23 Re:How can they be certain no one survived? (491 comments)

In the circumpolar sea, close to antarctica, high waves, awfull weather, 16 days after the last confirmed communication between aircraft and satellites. The passengers dressed for tropical conditions, preparing for moderate conditions.
Successfully watering a jet is a very rare event, the most famous was done in NY on the Hudson. No real waves and the first ship to reach them arrived 4 min. later.
The most critical part of it is with the engines below the wings even the slightest imbalance of the plane may drive the plane into chaotic movement.
Let's assume the pilot managed to avoid this and everything else worked as perfect as it did on the Hudson. But how could the passengers survive > 2 weeks without drinking water?

about 10 months ago

Mass. Legislature Strikes Back: Upskirt Photos Now Officially a Misdemeanor

daniel23 no surprise (256 comments)

Thou shalt not make thee any graven image.

about a year ago

Frameworks 5: KDE Libraries Reworked Into Portable Qt Modules

daniel23 Re:What's the best distro for KDE? (68 comments)

SuSE used to have it as the default desktop and a far as I remember it run ok, but it has been a while for me since I left that distro after Novell bought them.
I tried it with Kubuntu (which was awfull), debian (which was frustrating, but mostly useable except KDEPim ) mint (which was better) and arch linux lately. KDE runs rather nice on arch, I don't feel like a 2nd class citizen any more like I did with the deb - based distros.

about a year ago

The Ig Nobels Are Tonight

daniel23 Re:Where are the nerds (41 comments)

I hate to bring the news but the unicode task has been completed ("not worth the effort for the foreigners") while he team is busy now with ssl ("not worth the effort since the nsa ...") and IPv6 ("not worth the effort, hex between colons hurts the eyes")

about a year ago

NSA Spying Hurts California's Business

daniel23 Re:tiny example (277 comments)

There is https://www.ixquick.com/ which hopefully is a safer choice privacy wise. No, I'm not sure it really is but yes, I'm sure now Google is not.
I've been a Google user and admirer since they entered the net, one of the first to switch to the white page from altavista.
In a strange way it hurts me to turn away from them.
Googledrive (or grive, since Google never delivered on the Linux client) was the first to go since the file hosting / sharing works easy with ownCloud and it didn't involve much reconfig to switch to it.
Moving my calendars and contacts from Google to owncloud was less easy and I spend the better part of the weekend with it until I was ready to stage the big calendar and contacts massacer today.

Just a symbolic action, I know, my data are saved and kept in the NSA dungeon. No soul in Mountain View, California will miss me. Just some mindshare they've lost. And like I did when I turned from altavista, I'll be talking about this among my friends, some may follow.

about a year and a half ago

Apple Said To Be Working On a 'Watch-Like Device'

daniel23 Re:Purpose of the watch is... (291 comments)

They either need some classified source of info for this or they're going to bur the srenn as it shows -1 all the time

about 2 years ago

Hard Drive Revenue About To Take a Double-Digit Dip

daniel23 Re:Less demand (269 comments)

made me laugh out loud - but not true. Currently it's #12 - but only after setting the search option to "last hour"

about 2 years ago

Microsoft May Invest $1B-$3B In Dell Buyout

daniel23 Richmond apples (151 comments)

There could be some shareholder influence into this all. On Dell's part I heard M. Dell aims to get rid off shareholder's pressure for stable quarterly results in order to restructure Dell, and therefore the buyout.
And then I guess Steve "Chair" Ballmer heard that "look at Apple!" too often. They took some inspiration from Cuppertino already and while it was mostly desktop features in the past they now try to copy business model features like controlling both hardware and software.
It's not just mice any more, Nokia, Surface, Dell. Looking at the margin Apple manages to cash in and with the pc market developing limits to the perspective of endless expansion MS might hope to U-turn the course and try to become an Apple 2.0.
Will it work? I doubt it, there is a chance they fail to reach Pure Apple status and end as apple puree instead.
Licensing OSX for Apple hardware only has been a cornerstone of Apple's strategy, will we see a MS replica of this?
Remember what they did to fight DrDos, will MS have the upright, straight character to withstand the temptations to tweak win(n+1) just a little bit to make it run just a tad faster on MS hardware? Will you believe them when they put an honest face on saying "nooo, we didn't and we wouldn't, ever..."?
MS as a producer of "standard" OS and software grew up together with that multitude of hardware makers that developed "standard" hardware, with both sides defining standard on each other.
Then Linux grew up and it now runs on everything that knows how to 01 + 01 = 10. A different approach to becoming standard and it succeeded, there is no windows for wristwatches, no windows for routers, etc. The pc "standard" is on it's way into marginality. Less important to defend that stronghold.
I see it as an motion of retreat when MS now tries to follow Apple, producing harware and OS/software. It will (further) alienate established hardware producers and it will open up fields fpr Linux on the desktop.


about 2 years ago


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