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Euclideon Teases Photorealistic Voxel-Based Game Engine

Dan Askme Re:So... (131 comments)

They're just showing a cloud of points with some color.

Array of dots.

As we are wise and ignoring the bullshit marketing words.

struct Voxel{
unsigned long Id;
vector4 Colour; //r,g,b,alpha
vector3 vLocation;
float fScale;

about a week ago

Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets

Dan Askme Higher Profit Margin (167 comments)

Dell targets people with more money than sense.
Makes sense.

about a week ago

Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop

Dan Askme Why make debian run slower than Windows Vista? (395 comments)

- apt-get purge gnome*
- apt-get install lxde

Say hello to a perfectly functioning desktop that doesnt need a supercomputer.

about a week ago

Popular Wi-Fi Thermostat Full of Security Holes

Dan Askme Thermosat + wifi? (103 comments)

Clearly, a heated issue that will always drop in the end.

about a week ago

Rosetta Code Study Weighs In On the Programming Language Debate

Dan Askme C++ = Clear Language Choice. (165 comments)

It always comes down to personal preference.
All i care about is performance. If i want performance, i will learn how to use C++, regardless of what new writing methods i need to learn.
People who cant/dont want to learn a "better language" will always try to brickwall every other language with an excuse that suits their "locked in" writing ability.

Funny how C++ is missing from this "lets try and justify programming languages using a graph made by a 2 year old with crayons", tests

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: Alternate Software For Use On Smartboards?

Dan Askme Honestly? (96 comments)

Without naming this particular piece of software, and highlighting its shortfalls, has anyone got any suggestions on alternatives

What does the smartboard run, windows/linux/amiga os?
Is it a locked down custom embedded OS?
Whats the CPU/RAM/HDD specs of the smartboard?

Without any of this information, we (or i) cant assist you.

about two weeks ago

My resting heart rate:

Dan Askme Below 40 bmp. (169 comments)

Yep, i'am below 40 Bitmaps a Second. Wonder how many Jpeg's that would convert to?

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives

Dan Askme Find another external service, dont be cheap? (334 comments)

there is no option of changing ISP. messages no larger than 1MB nor hold more than 15MB (no hope of changing that either)

Why? For whatever service they provide overseas, find someone else and pay them more for a "professional service".
Clearly there is no "proper" solution for your listed issues, its an internal problem that your trying to fix on the cheap. It wont happen.

Some kind of linux distro, or maybe even mac. Most viruses over there are windows only and propagate via Autorun.inf or by email attachments, not having Windows could prevent both.


Some desktop environment that hides anything unrelated to connecting to the net and accessing their account

LXDE, and, you'll need to create user accounts to your own specs.

some kind of extension to the email client that executes commands on specially formatted emails (e.g., signed with my private key), so that I can do some basic diagnostics or install extra software if I have to.

Teach them how to copy and paste into the terminal

Another very useful extension would be something to automatically re-assemble attachments split into several emails, to overcome the 1MB message limit.

Winrar, 7Zip.

If you want to play it cheap and to your own specs, you'll need to research, plan and implement everything yourself. If not, pay for better staff or get a professional to do it.

about two weeks ago

School Installs Biometric Fingerprint System For Cafeteria

Dan Askme Had this similar system in 1996 (231 comments)

Back then, Biometric was replaced with a "Smart Card", basically todays credit card with a "smart chip" inside and photo ID of its owner.

Our parents would add money to the account which is linked to the user. Then the user just inserts their "smart card" when paying for food at the cafeteria. The operator would check the photo ID on the card, job done.

Biometric is just an upgrade to that system, which worked really well nearly 20 years ago lol. Good times, and years ahead.

about two weeks ago

Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

Dan Askme Re:Kickstarter's Problem (215 comments)

Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately I'm unable to comment further on our terms, as it is a standalone documentation of our policies.

I don't even know what that means.

Alfie doesnt want to go into the details of the companies terms and conditions, as they are already disclosed in their online documentation for the public.

Theres also a hint of him suggesting he hates his job and cant be bothered to assist your original query. Typical brickwall response "heres a macro response, i cant be bothered to deal with you today"

about three weeks ago

SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card

Dan Askme Cash for Gold. (210 comments)

At $800 a pop. Services like "Cash for SD" will soon become popular.

"Someone stole my £30 camera"
"Thats a shame"
"But it had a £600+ SD card in it"

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

Dan Askme Most useful app (471 comments)

The Time?

- coded in Java by a 14 year old.
- Uses over 80mb of memory to display 4 digits.
- 20% cpu usage when idle.

Wouldnt be a "true app" otherwise.

about three weeks ago

To prepare for a coronal mass ejection, I ...

Dan Askme Re:A cornal what? (151 comments)

What's a cornal, again?
A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields rising above the solar corona or being released into space.

So. Posh name for "Solar Wind Ejaculation".

about three weeks ago

First Intel 14nm Broadwell Core M Benchmarks Unveiled

Dan Askme 3 pieces of turd = Benchmark? (51 comments)

In the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, the Broadwell-based tablet we saw in action put up a score of 142.8 (with Internet Explorer running under Windows 8.1)

Quite possibly the 3 most inefficient and slowest performing items ever created in the era of computing.
Lets fling em together and benchmark everything based on multiple turds!

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Service To Digitize VHS Home Movies?

Dan Askme Re:Does the original magnetic tape have those prop (130 comments)

- The video capture card is also key here, find one that has high end DAC's and high digital sample/bit rates to match.

Mistype without morning coffee:
The video capture card is also key here, find one that has high end ADC (analogue to digital converter) and high digital sample/bit rates to match.

Sometimes i wish slashdot had a 3 minute edit window and delay before updating after posting, really do.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Service To Digitize VHS Home Movies?

Dan Askme Re:Does the original magnetic tape have those prop (130 comments)

You have to think mathematically - significant digits. If the original only have 3 significant digits, there's absolutely NO POINT in worrying about anything with 3 or more significant digits handling it. All you're preserving is error anyway.

Incorrect and bad advice for analogue sources with a digital conversion.
Analogue doesnt use digits, its not digital.
The beauty of analogue is that it doesnt comply to 1's and 0's. Its a wild beast of waves. When you convert those analogue waves to digital, you will always loose quality in the conversion.
So using the highest possible digital sample and bit depth ensures we have the best digital conversion possible. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn't a perfectionist.

If recording analogue audio at 44,000 digital samples per second, we can get 4.3 times the sample rate (and accuracy/quality) when using 192,000 samples per second. Sticking to 44khz means you lose alot of possible data from analogue sources. We essentially could be missing areas of the analogue sample after conversion.

If your VHS videos mean alot to you, and you want the best digital conversion:
- Do it yourself
- Buy the best hardware available for your budget. By ensuring the source input (eg: tape player) is the highest quality possible will make most of the difference.
- The video capture card is also key here, find one that has high end DAC's and high digital sample/bit rates to match.
- use the highest possible bit and sample rates you can for digital conversion (ideally match the capture cards max specs, anything higher than those will just result in resampling digital, which you dont want).
- Save the video+audio as "RAW, no compression", then when you get time, research a lossless codec to suit your needs.

about three weeks ago

IT Job Hiring Slumps

Dan Askme Want more IT jobs? (250 comments)

Want more IT jobs, make it hard work again:
- Bring back Windows NT.
- Make HDD's fail more
- Make network unstable
- Ensure PC hardware constantly fails

Its common sense, the issue is:
- Hardware has got more stable and reliable.
- Software has got alot easier to manage, mostly automated and alot more stable 24/7.
- Anyone can do it.

about three weeks ago

Two Explorers Descend Into An Active Volcano, and Live to Tell About It

Dan Askme In an alternate dimension.. (66 comments)

- Two Explorers Dead after trying to improve their ePeen.
- Two Scientists visit active volcano and discover new elements.

Why do we always end up with the retarded one?

about three weeks ago



Coinye Currency Abandoned due to Legal Threats

Dan Askme Dan Askme writes  |  about 9 months ago

Dan Askme (2895283) writes "West, who alleges that the creators of Coinye are trading on his name and image without permission, had previously filed suit against the anonymous coders who are creating it. Today he broadened his attack to include the operators of Coinye exchanges including,, and

Coinye developers have apparently abandoned the project."

Link to Original Source


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