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Ask Slashdot: Resources For Kids Who Want To Make Games?

Dan Askme 3Drad (120 comments)

Its a really simple, fun, yet powerful visual game creation suite for beginner game creators.

Your son can also expand into coding (angel script, C style) within the program when/if hes ready. Although, its not required as most items (waypoint system, plane, car, ai) are just a click away.

Heres an example game made in 3Drad:

Although the engine is now abandonware, there is a huge database of community tutorials/samples located here: http://www.3drad.com/forum
I'd highly recommend 3Drad as it simplifies everything, but it also gives you the ability to learn coding at your own pace, should you want to expand the game further.

And proof that the format works:
I started in 3Drad with only Qbasic programming knowledge from 15 years ago. I used the built in items first in 3Drad. After a time, i wanted to expand the game and started work tinkering with the programming (script object) side of 3Drad. Long story short, after 1-2 years in 3Drad, i learnt enough programming to move onto C++. 1 year later i coded this in c++ http://fuzon.co.uk/phpbb/viewt...

Give 3Drad a try, i'am sure your son will enjoy it.

2 days ago

The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid

Dan Askme Thank you TPB (302 comments)

Whilst TPB is mainly an illegal system, however, its existence has accelerated the "on demand" video/tv market we have today. And I for one am grateful of that.

Without TPB, we probably wouldn't have Netflix/Amazon instant video today.
Without TPB, we probably wouldn't have Free to Play games. (minus the companies that abuse it outright, Candy Crush...)

TPB has changed the world, not just for the illegal downloads, but for the good of everyone who wants digital content in a better distribution system.
Companies have been forced to listen. At 1st they tried to fine everyone doing it, but then they realised there's a new and exciting open market which they have nearly mastered (netflix).

So thank you TPB, for forcing and accelerating companies to make a better world of digital content distribution.

about a week ago

The Joker Behind the Signetics 25120 Write-Only Memory Chip Hoax

Dan Askme I'am also stepping forward. (100 comments)

I invented the hoax "Free to Play".

about a week ago

How Your In-Store Shopping Affects the Ads You See On Facebook

Dan Askme Re:bring it on (69 comments)

Try again, bitches, you've got nothing on me. And people think I'm paranoid.

You might want to do some research on cookies. http://lifehacker.com/5461114/...

- You check your hotmail emails. AdvertCompany1 creates a Cookie
- You do some online shopping on amazon who have a contract with AdvertCompany2 to update that cookie.
- You then goto your "fake" facebook account
- Because Facebook are using AdvertCompany1 and AdvertCompany2, they can obtain all the information from those cookies.

Game over.

about two weeks ago

Facebook Offers Solution To End Drunken Posts

Dan Askme Re:No thanks (134 comments)

You will still be able to post your drunken pictures, the only thing this application will do is to ask you if you really want to do it given the content or the likely content to be at your disadvantage. You can still decide to post it anyway. It is just like a pat on the back: Are you sure you want to do this?

If i am in the process of having a shit, I dont need someone to ask me the question of "Am i sure i want to do this?".

We are all capable of making our own decisions, without the need for verification. Those that need verification prompts to exist in our society, need to seriously rethink their basic thought process and self control.

about two weeks ago

Royal Mail Pilots 3D Printing Service

Dan Askme Royal Mail spending spree (59 comments)

Clearly, the Purchasing/IT department went a bit crazy with this years budget. Purchasing a crap load of 3D printers to play with.
The CEO found out about the order and asked the marketing department how they could recoup the costs of the printers, whilst making some profit at the same time.

Say hello to "3d printing by a company that delivers mail".

about two weeks ago

Single Pixel Camera Takes Images Through Breast Tissue

Dan Askme Re:Single Pixel? (81 comments)

comment suggests he has only the most limited understanding of the concepts of "pixel" and "camera", and no apparent knowledge of the advances in single-pixel imaging in the last several years.

The correct definition of a Pixel.
http://www.epi-centre.com/basi... , take clear note of the single pixel example at the top.

Now, if you guys with cameras want to use existing terminology and spin it to suit your needs, surly your the one with "no apparent knowledge of the advances in computing in the last 40+ years."

Go fuck yourself and your camera. ;)

about three weeks ago

Single Pixel Camera Takes Images Through Breast Tissue

Dan Askme Single Pixel? (81 comments)

lol, seriously? A single pixel would simply be a filled square, all one colour.

Typical news coverage, tries to dumb it down by using incorrect terms so that "everyone" can related to it.

about three weeks ago

Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood

Dan Askme Awesome! (252 comments)

I'am currently on the Atkins diet, but after reading this, I'll be switching to the "Doubling Saturated Fat Diet"!

I wonder which Dr.Twat jumps on the "lets sell this idea" bandwagon 1st :P

about a month ago

Another Hint For Kryptos

Dan Askme 1st Letter formula? (50 comments)

1st letter -= length * 2;

Using the ASCII table as a reference http://www.ascii-code.com/:
NYPVTT berlin
N - (6 * 2) = B

MZFPK clock
M - (5 * 2) = C

I'am probably miles off, but, gave me something to do for 10 minutes.

about a month ago

Firefox Signs Five-Year Deal With Yahoo, Drops Google as Default Search Engine

Dan Askme Where does the money go? (400 comments)

Firefox's default search engine is switching from Google to Yahoo in the United States.

So clearly, Firefox have agreed on $$$$$$ sum from Yahoo.

My question is, considering the project is "open source", who receives the money?

about a month ago

What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

Dan Askme If Philae Were Nuclear Powered? (523 comments)

Phil would receive excessive Radiation Poisoning.

about a month ago

Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

Dan Askme Offline? The game has major issues (473 comments)

Personally, i'am not fussed there will be no offline mode (i didnt buy it for that).

My concern is that the online multiplayer code is a complete mess and feels like an alpha prototype. The game is being released in December, the netcode is at least 4+ months behind being anywhere stable.

The funny thing is, the "solo" mode which is offline to peers runs really well. Hardly any bugs. But already i'am noticing the forced connection to the master server is being overloaded, causing the "solo" mode to disconnect.

I love the game, i really do. But there are so many gamebreaking bugs and lazy mistakes in the game from the devs, most of which are caused by the network code in online play.
Frontier need to get their act together. Hopefully they can deliver a quality experience to prove that the offline mode isnt required. At the moment, Solo play is the only way to play this game stable.

about a month ago

Do Good Programmers Need Agents?

Dan Askme Re:Everybody's special. (215 comments)

Seriously, every programmer that believes there are 10X programmers also believes he's one of them.

//ProgrammingSkill *= 10 / 0;

A good programmer will know iam having some fun. A bad one will tell me i've done something wrong.

about a month ago

Electric Shock Study Suggests We'd Rather Hurt Ourselves Than Others

Dan Askme This study is... (123 comments)


about a month ago

Ubisoft Points Finger At AMD For Assassin's Creed Unity Poor Performance

Dan Askme We, the customer are mostly to blame here. (262 comments)

Over the last 10 years, we've allowed this to happen, we are mostly at fault.

We buy into products that are less and less quality. Then, we accept that low quality product as "its ok there will be patches". For anyone who purchased this game, i'd suggest you send it back and get a refund. Buy yourself Quake 3 or Elite:Frontier and admire what is possible when the developers care about the product their making.

Fair play to Ubisoft for taking the next step in blaming others for their failures.
This has nothing to do with AMD or DX11 draw calls its just bullcrap to confuse the inexperienced. AMD and Nvidia cards are DX11 certified, their cards comply with the DX11 api. Its down to Ubisoft to know the limitations of whats possible and optimize the game accordingly. Their probably using their own inhouse game engine for this game, so there is no excuse.

This game is a complete failure at all levels of development. Profits are the clear priority here, not the end product. Send the product back for a refund and make Ubisoft realise we wont accept half completed alpha crap for our hard earned money.

about a month ago

Microsoft To Open Source .NET and Take It Cross-Platform

Dan Askme Re:Its a start, i suppose. (525 comments)

Um, you're actually retarded aren't you? .NET is neither slow, nor a memory hog.

lol no, not retarded , just 1st hand knowledge. .Net is a bulky framework even if you only use 1% of it. Compile a blank project and check the memory usage.
Handy if you use most of the frameworks features, yes. But most people dont and theres faster frameworks/api's out there for c++. (FLTK).

Like all JIT'd languages it compiles to native on first run so it's as fast as anything else that compiles to native.

You are aware that the language you use in the 1st place has an great impact on the runtime speed of the program? Or, didnt they tell you that in Java classes?

about a month ago

Philae Lands Successfully On Comet

Dan Askme I'll toast to that (188 comments)

*Opens up the special bottle from 1980's*

Finally a news summary story on /. that is, exactly what is is ;) (hats off to soulskill)

about a month ago



Coinye Currency Abandoned due to Legal Threats

Dan Askme Dan Askme writes  |  about a year ago

Dan Askme (2895283) writes "West, who alleges that the creators of Coinye are trading on his name and image without permission, had previously filed suit against the anonymous coders who are creating it. Today he broadened his attack to include the operators of Coinye exchanges including 0daycoins.com, Coinye-Exchange.com, and NewChg.com.

Coinye developers have apparently abandoned the project.

Link to Original Source


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