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Of the following, I'd rather play ...

danomac Re:Shall we play a game? (254 comments)

Or Tic Tac Toe...

Yeah, nothing like playing a game and having an ad pop up as you are about to make a move... Tic-Tac-DOH!

2 days ago

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Reputation

danomac Re:It's still terrible (413 comments)

At this point I agree they'd be better off discontiuing it. Moving forward, they should pick another browser to bundle with Windows, and write a module for it that enables GPO processing on the new browser. AFAIK there's still not another browser that has features for centrally managing installs for large-scale deployments...

2 days ago

FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

danomac Re: Here it comes (435 comments)

Just think of the bored teenagers that don't want to go on the family vacation. Yep, they'll rig the car to not go anywhere leaving mom and dad scratching their heads...

about a month ago

FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

danomac Re:Less. (435 comments)

What good is a get-away car that stops at every red/yellow light and yields to pedestrians?

Well, presumably cop cars would be autonomous as well, liability would be outright insane otherwise. So basically the cop car is going to do the same thing as your car, so the chase will go on infinitely! :-)

about 1 month ago

Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

danomac Re:Hair Stylist (509 comments)

Getting something you can fall back on, even temporarily, is a good idea. When I went to college, I learned how to do food prep and work at a grill. This actually proved to be quite invaluable to me now as I still enjoy cooking meals, most of the people I know don't.

about a month ago

People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

danomac Re:Energy Use? too short a time frame (710 comments)

There are problems with running individual A/C units. Firstly, I figured out that having 2-3 separate A/C units costs as much as the one big one to cool my place (smaller place, 1100 sq ft.)

Second is eventually you get cool air meeting warm air in the house and you get humidity problems. It sucks.

about a month ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

danomac Re:No. (502 comments)

Have you tried a recent kernel? ALSA seems to support it.

X-Fi Linux support:

On August 31, 2009 the driver (snd-ctxfi) was included in release of ALSA 1.0.21.

about a month ago

Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

danomac Re:This is scary (284 comments)

This sounds like the first baby steps towards developing a drug-free method of dropping patients out of consciousness, maybe even with little to no side effects.

Well, except for that hole in your head...

about a month and a half ago

Train Derailment Dumps Two 737 Fuselages Into Clark Fork River

danomac Re:The most surprising thing here. (187 comments)

I was in a 2013 model recently, and the Civic is still pretty damn noisy.

about a month and a half ago

NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

danomac Re:Let them drink! (532 comments)

Government solution: Mandate training wheels on all mountain bikes.

about 2 months ago

Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can Be Compelled To Decrypt Data

danomac Re:The relevant part (560 comments)

Mine is "iforgot".

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Wants You To Trade Your MacBook Air In For a Surface Pro 3

danomac Re:This is telling (365 comments)

Yeah, Microsoft is now going for portable business integration. You can manage them with Active Directory - I just added one.

We are looking to go more portable at work but we don't want to have a laptop and a tablet for every user. Picked up one of the new Surface 3 devices and while it looks like it will integrate nicely for our day-to-day use at work, I don't like it enough to have one at home for personal use. It's actually got some well thought out ideas in the device.

Given that an iPad can cost $1k now (256GB storage, same as this Surface Pro 3 I'm testing) It's not too far-fetched in price in my opinion, seeing as you can do more with it and aren't constrained to the App or Play store. Doesn't mean I'd buy one for personal use, though. Once the docks are released I can see potential for it replacing some of our old workstations.

about 2 months ago

Google Forks OpenSSL, Announces BoringSSL

danomac Re:Yaaaay! (128 comments)

What do you do about the aftertaste afterwards?

about 2 months ago

Elon Musk: I'll Put a Human On Mars By 2026

danomac Re:At least Elon has the right goal (275 comments)

I dunno - when humans figure out interplanetary travel and efficient terraforming the human race will morph into a virus. Find new host, consume resources until host dies, then move on.

about 2 months ago

Kingston and PNY Caught Bait-and-Switching Cheaper Components After Good Reviews

danomac Re:And another on the ban pile (289 comments)

Well, sure - they need to confirm you got it from an authorized reseller. Most electronics on Amazon have no manufacturer warranty, for example.

about 2 months ago

Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

danomac Re:I can't buy one (377 comments)

When I drive a stick, if I'm starting on a hill I pull the parking brake with my hand, keeping the button held in so it didn't latch, and not release it till I had enough traction with the engine to support the car so it didn't roll backwards.

Doesn't anyone else do this?

I've driven a manual transmission for as long as I can remember and I don't do this. After a couple of hill-starts I've figured out the clutch and can start on a hill without rolling back. Heck, I don't even think about it anymore; it's a programmed response now.

about 2 months ago

How Tim Cook Is Filling Steve Jobs's Shoes

danomac Re:He's not filling Steve Jobs' shoes ... (209 comments)

The iPad mini is a good example. When Jobs frowned upon a smaller iPad a smaller device meant a lower resolution screen. Once pixel densities improved and a smaller device could have the same resolution as the original full sized device the circumstanced changed such that Jobs' original judgement no longer applied.

Really? I remember Jobs saying nobody wants a small tablet, period. I'd used a large one at work and decided it was too heavy to use, so when Google released their 7" tablet in July 2012, I bought one. It was pretty hard to get initially, they were selling quite fast in my area and as soon as stores got them in they sold. Then, in October 2012, Apple did a "me too!" and announced the iPad mini. I still think it was a reactionary move and I doubt the iPad mini would have surfaced at all if someone else hadn't released it first.

about 2 months ago

Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

danomac Re:Really? (210 comments)

Not everybody has a 25-40 mbit connection for good quality video streaming.

about 2 months ago

Intel Announces Devil's Canyon Core I7-4790K: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.4GHz Turbo

danomac Re:More useful metrics? (157 comments)

For some years now (at least back to the P4 era, if memory serves), Intel has always offered the mad-crazy-overclocker-must-go-faster-edition CPU at the top of their (desktop, sorry Xeon buyers!) price list, usually ~$1,000. This part is always an astonishingly poor value, unless what you want is the fastest x86 money can buy. Most of them go to gamer e-peen setups, they may sell some to compute customers who have some pathologically hard-to-parallelize problem and thus need the fastest single threaded performance they can get, rather than more cores with lower performance per thread but far lower cost.

I do a lot of compiling, and I generally build myself a new PC every 8-10 years. Many people I know buy cheaper components only to have to replace them 3-4 times before I replace mine. I did get an EE processor back in 2008, and I'm still using it now and will for the forseeable future. For me, the compilation speed is still very acceptable 6 years in, and it's very possible I won't bother replacing my computer anytime soon - I'll probably get another 6 years out of it. Given my experience with my first EE processor, I'll probably spend the $ again and have it last another 12 years.

about 3 months ago



There's More Fiber in Fast Food Than You Realize

danomac danomac writes  |  about a month and a half ago

danomac (1032160) writes "It looks like McDonald's, along with other fast-food chains like Burger King and Wendy's, put more fiber in your burger than you realize.

Listed in the ingredients is "microcrystalline cellulose", also known as wood fiber. Fast-food chains have been using this for quite some time due to the cost effectiveness.

This is also not just in meat, but in all sorts of ingredients like cheese, sauces, etc."

Canadian Telcos fighting CRTC ruling

danomac danomac writes  |  about a year ago

danomac (1032160) writes "It appears the Canadian carriers are seeking to overturn the proposed CRTC code that will take effect in December of this year. This code was previously discussed here at slashdot and had things like caps on contracts, reasonable roaming rates, and mandatory cell unlocking. The major sticking point is that this code is to be retroactive, and the big telcos are worried that this will set a bad precedent if customers can effectively cancel their existing three year contracts. However, it sounds like they're not happy that they are no longer the only ones that can arbitrarily change a contract. Some carriers may even defy this new code as they fight through the courts."

Canipre caught using images without permission from copyright holders

danomac danomac writes  |  about a year ago

danomac (1032160) writes "Canipre, a Canadian anti-infringement enforcement company, has been using photos on their official website without permission.

This company hopes to bring US-style copyright lawsuits to Canada, and they are the company behind Voltage's current lawsuits.

It says right on their website "they all know it's wrong, and they're still doing it" overlaid on top of the image used without permission. There apparently are multiple photos from different authors used, and none gave permission for Canipre to use on their website.

Canipre's response? "We used a third party vendor to develop the website and they purchased images off of an image bank", trying to pass the blame to someone else.

Some of the photos were released under the Creative Commons, meaning they could've used the photos legally if they attributed the author."

Canadian Police Need New Internet Surveillance Tools

danomac danomac writes  |  about 2 years ago

danomac (1032160) writes "Police agencies in Canada want to have better tools to do online surveillance. Bill C-30 was to include new legislation (specifically Section 34) that would give police access to information without a warrant. This can contain your name, your IP address, and your mobile phone number.

This, of course, creates all sorts of issues with privacy online. The police themselves say they have concerns with Section 34. Apparently the way it is worded it is not just police that can request the information, but any government agent. Would you trust the government with this kind of power?"

Link to Original Source

Early iPad prototype appears in litigation against Samsung

danomac danomac writes  |  more than 2 years ago

danomac (1032160) writes "The litigation against Samsung has now turned up an early prototype of the iPad, from 2002. This prototype is shown against the article against the iPad 2 and Samsung's Tab 10.1, and it dwarfs both in size and thickness. It's almost as thick as a notebook.

Samsung is saying the early design isn't even close to what the Tab 10.1 is now. It does, however, feature the same rounded corners as the current generation iPad."

Link to Original Source

Apple hopes to drop Samsung as chip supplier

danomac danomac writes  |  more than 3 years ago

danomac (1032160) writes "Apple is testing out new chip suppliers, trying to find another supplier other than Samsung.

Apple is currently suing Android phone manufacturers, and Samsung is included in the lawsuit. The question is will they be able to move to another supplier?"

Link to Original Source

'United Breaks Guitars' becomes viral hit

danomac danomac writes  |  more than 5 years ago

danomac (1032160) writes "In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and witnessed one of their Taylor guitars being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. It was discovered later that the $3500 guitar was severely damaged. Long story short: United refused to repair the guitar, so the artist promised to write and produce three songs about his experience with United Airlines. The first song has now been released and uploaded to YouTube where it currently has over a half a million views.

Apprarently United Airlines have now come in contact with the artist, asking for permission to use it as a textbook case on how to handle customer complaints in the future."

Link to Original Source

Xbox franchise starts making money

danomac danomac writes  |  more than 6 years ago

danomac (1032160) writes "Everyone knows the Xbox franchise started out losing a lot of money. Recently, they have started making money, at least for the last two quarters. It looks like Microsoft's gamble is slowly paying off: Possibly by end of June this year the franchise will be in the black.

Xbox Live is credited for distinguishing the console from its competitors."

Link to Original Source

danomac danomac writes  |  more than 7 years ago

danomac (1032160) writes "Apparently, Interlink Electronics Inc. is crying foul over Nintendo's new Wiimote. A patent was issued to them for a trigger operated electronic device.

I wonder how far this will go, considering the N64 had a trigger on it's remote control."

danomac danomac writes  |  more than 7 years ago

danomac (1032160) writes "It appears that mobile phones may be prone to a SMS message attack that can lead to remote software installation or handheld reprogramming. It doesn't help that the GSM Association is being hazy about whether they acknowledge it or not.

From the article: "All operators have been keen to point out however that such an attack would be illegal. The GSMA warning that "if this were demonstrated in the UK it would be a serious criminal offense, which could be prosecuted under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 for over the air interception"." Sure, it may be illegal, but since when has this stopped hackers in the first place?

Who would have thought that devices that are remotely programmable would not authenticate the sender of the request?"


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