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What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

dargaud Re:Even my DVDs are streamed (129 comments)

I'm curious as to why you use the term 'streaming' for local network storage ? I too have copies of videos and music on a local NFS server, locally mounted on the various laptops. I don't call this 'streaming'. Am I missing something ?


Do Apple and Google Sabotage Older Phones? What the Graphs Don't Show

dargaud Re: Not Just Phones (270 comments)

I had the same problem, after rooting it I noticed plenty of Gb of log files, which I deleted. But the phone kept getting slower after each update so I installed CyanogenMod and it got a 2nd lease on life.


Wikipedia Blocks 'Disruptive' Edits From US Congress

dargaud Re:I take offense! (164 comments)

You are right. Why isn't there a customary retirement age for politicians ?!? WHY ?
It's there for ALL other professions, at least in my country.

3 days ago

Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

dargaud Re:Uncertainty/fear? (535 comments)

They'd have to shoot me in order to do that... As someone who's in pain when an eyelash touches my eye but won't even notice a broken ankle for 3 days...

4 days ago

Researchers Design Bot To Conduct National Security Clearance Interviews

dargaud Reminds me of a comic book of the 70s (102 comments)

In the story anybody had to take some automated interview to get any job in government (including running for elections). You figure out quickly that only certain 'types' of people fit the mold, which was intended from the start but had unfortunate side effects. Unfortunately they are not the kind of people who where needed. And it brings about the end of civilization... While some kind of ersatz tech government is still present but everybody starves.

5 days ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

dargaud "Main engine start" (701 comments)

Every time I hear that sentence, I get shivers. 40 years on and it's still one of the very greatest human achievement.

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Dedicated Low Power Embedded Dev System Choice?

dargaud Why ? (183 comments)

Why do you want to _develop_ on an embedded system ?!? Use a Linux PC for development and then test your code on your embedded platforms. I use Ubuntu for the former, with either buildroot or a direct gcc eabi. If the development platform _must_ be low power, like you develop from an african field with a solar panel, get a netbook.

about three weeks ago

Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

dargaud Re:Bah humbug. (415 comments)

Or the much better programming construct 'comefrom'...

about three weeks ago

Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

dargaud Re:this is not for your benefit. (353 comments)

So, is there a downside to hacking the data on those devices to make it look like you drive like a grandmother, just half a mile on sunday morning to church ?

about three weeks ago

When Beliefs and Facts Collide

dargaud Re:Not surprising. (725 comments)

The problem is that admitting it puts you at a significant disadvantage at debates. If you can no longer summon the (self-)righteous fury your opponent can, not only are you more likely to give in from sheer exhaustion, but people viewing the debate are likely to consider your opponent as dominant and confuse that as being right.

This is why I hate debates. It's not the person who is right who wins, it's the one who flings the poo the farthest. I was aghast to discover those 'debate competitions' in US schools: pick a subject and 2 people, one has to debate pro, the other against. And fuck the truth, let's just get ready to form another generation of lawyers and politicians.

about three weeks ago

Are Tethers the Answer To the Safety Issues of Follow-Me Drone Technology?

dargaud Some idea (88 comments)

Well, I RTFA and it's bullshit. I was hoping for a way to have a drone follow you automatically by following the tension of the tether, like a kite, but that's not the case here. What I'd like to find is a way to hook up the drone/kite to me while mountain biking / extreme skiing and have it film from above while not having to control it. Does such a thing exist ?

about three weeks ago

Study: People Would Rather Be Shocked Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts

dargaud Re:Sad, sad times... (333 comments)

Shouldn't that be called 'normal' ?

about three weeks ago

Study: People Would Rather Be Shocked Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts

dargaud Re:Sad, sad times... (333 comments)

I also found this very strange I'm both extrovert and introvert, meaning I have to problem taking with groups of people, even at the center of attention sometimes. But I can be alone. I'm a climber and I've done numerous solo ascents and expeditions, the longest was 28 days alone. It's a good thing that nobody was around because of the smell, but I didn't have any problem 'being with myself'. I even think that people who can't stand 'being with themselves' are not people _I_ want to be with in the first place !!! I mean, if they can't stand themselves, why should I ?!?

about three weeks ago

Radar Changing the Face of Cycling

dargaud Something like that (235 comments)

I was thinking of building something like that, but I would want to get the min distance of a passing car and its speed. Which would give me a good reason to beat the shit out of them when I catch them. I ride half an hour on a fairly large but winding mountain road every morning. Not much traffic (150 cars on average during those 30 min). But on average there'll be one car that passes within 10cm of me every day. At 90km/h. Assholes not fully awake yet who think they know their daily commute road by heart and cut all the curves no matter if there's a cyclist.

It gives me plenty of time to imagine remedial solutions. Yelling is no use. A 120dB air horn sometimes surprises the asshole afterwards. A paint gun in the windshield (not precise enough and I'm no Doc Holliday) ? A real one shot in the air (not in my country) ? A piece of ultra-hard sharp ceramic on a thin stick held at windshield level ? What I've been doing so far is writing down the license tags and then looking for them around my small town. So far I've caught two and made a very public scene. They've been plenty cautious since then.

about three weeks ago

Cybercrooks May Have Stolen Billions Using Brazilian "Boletos"

dargaud Re:Blame the banks (69 comments)

Of course, that's one clever criminal idea away from shifting, and it will be very ugly if that ever happens.

What's 'shifting' if you don't mind my asking ?

about a month ago

Bug In Fire TV Screensaver Tears Through 250 GB Data Cap

dargaud Re:It's 2014 (349 comments)

It's 2014

Why do we still have those antiquated browsers?

Oh, that's right, Mosaic evolved into Firefox...

about a month ago

Russia Moves From Summer Time To Standard Time

dargaud Re:Slashdot fails at reporting. (158 comments)

Well, when the days are short, one hour of difference can mean a lot of light and temperature difference. When I was working in Antarctica Dome C, in order to 'simplify' things, 'they' decided we would have the same timezone has the logistical base of operation on the coast which was actually located 5 time zones ahead. So we had to get up when the sun was actually at 3am solar time. In other words the coldest time of day and in summer it was ofter -50C at that time while it could be a balmy -25C at noon even though there was little difference in sun elevation. To make a long story short after a few days we all started to get up at 11am to compensate. The next year they gave us our own proper timezone.

about a month ago

Ninety-Nine Percent of the Ocean's Plastic Is Missing

dargaud Re:One non-disturbing theory (304 comments)

Another theory? stuff clings to the plastic and sinks it.

Yeah, and depending on ocean currents there are probably a few areas at the bottom of the ocean with hundred of meters thick of plastics where nobody has yet looked.

about a month ago

Hospitals Begin Data-Mining Patients

dargaud Something I'd like to see (162 comments)

I live in a country with full healthcare. One thing I'd like to see is a (somewhat) obligation to give results on your treatment. Each time you go to the doctor to get some treatment, some time later you'd receive a mail with a link to a webform with a few _simple_ questions such as: did the treatment help ? Did you feel any adverse effect ? For how long were you sick ? For how long did you take your treatment ? Did you take any extra drugs, etc. And if you fail to respond to too many emails, your 'free' health care starts being dinged in you pocket. Of course, with exemption for some people and/or disease.

It wouldn't cost much to implement, and would be a trove of info. Have a public structure derived from the national healthcare in charge of it which enforces strong anonymity, and provide anonymity data to big data analysts. It wouldn't take long to figure out scandals such as the Mediator. I mean, if you can't take ONE minute to answer some questions that WILL help others, why should you get free health care ?

about a month ago



Ubuntu closes longstanding bug #1

dargaud dargaud writes  |  about a year ago

dargaud (518470) writes "Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame has closed the primal bug on launchpad, standing since 2004 and titled "Microsoft has a majority market share", due to the 'changing realities' of tablets, smartphones, wearable computing..."

Ask /.: are home drones a possibility ?

dargaud dargaud writes  |  more than 2 years ago

dargaud writes "I live in an alpine setting and I'd like to be able to remotely view various remote valleys to check for ice formations for winter climbing. I wonder if there are cheap drones that could do that. Requirements would be: GPS guided on a preset route (no remote control necessary, and anyway there's no line of sight), at least 20km autonomy, 1 or 2 cameras on the sides to record valley walls, easy launching and autonomous landing (parachute?) at predefined point, ground detection to avoid crashes (if preset route is wrong or GPS echoes on valley walls as is often the case). Is there anything commercially available cheap enough, or any DIY that doesn't require a year of assembly ?"

You can say that the Taser kills (in France)

dargaud dargaud writes  |  more than 5 years ago

dargaud writes "Although in the US Taser International is known to sue anybody who claims tasers contributed to the cause of death of people (even going as far as changing causes on death certificates), in France things now go the other way. A communist leader was sued by the company after claiming in an interview that tasers had killed 150 people in the US and Canada. And they lost yesterday (link in french) after failing to prove otherwise. It's the 2nd victory for free speech in the country against the company which is trying to sell its devices to police forces. But where the story gets even more interesting is that 6 staff members of the company were arrested while spying on the political leader..."
Link to Original Source

dargaud dargaud writes  |  more than 7 years ago

dargaud writes "I just received a spam message that was so geeky that I held my finger off the delete key in curiosity: it's the usual pump'n'dump scam, but in ASCII art ! The message contains only numbers and spaces, but when read in a monospaced font it spells a stock reference 11 characters high and contains nothing else. The hitch is that in the usual windowed mail reader it's pure giberish so I doubt this new attempt at evading spam filters will catch on."

dargaud dargaud writes  |  more than 7 years ago

dargaud writes "The Washington Post (reg necessary) is running a story about yet another airport paranoia: MPAA sponsored DVD sniffing dogs! Two dogs have been trained to recognize the smell released by the plastic of pirate DVDs. The catch? They smell just like legal ones..."


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