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Making Best Use of Data Center Space: Density Vs. Isolation

darkain Twins (56 comments)

Personally I keep eyeballing the SuperMicro TWIN line. Extremely dense configurations of multiple servers per unit. Spread the workload across multiple physical boxes. Use something like vCenter Server to manage the networking and other resource configurations to simplify making them all the same and adding easy of migrating VMs from one physical host to another.

3 days ago

Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas

darkain Too many issues to count (138 comments)

There are far too many issues to count.

Half of the "menus" (are they even menus, or panels, or what?) for networking are flat out blank. Click on the ethernet connection to find out IPv4/IPv6 addresses and link speed? NOPE! Just a blank panel!

Opened up "Games" app, which launches what looks to be something similar to the XBox dashboard. Any games in there? NOPE! None! It just lists what I played on the XBox and what my achievements were on there. Any games on Windows 10? Comes with NONE apparently! Go to the store, download some free games. Are they then listed in the "Games" app? STILL NOPE!

And speaking of those downloaded games. None of them would remain stable for more than 60 seconds. These are basic games like Minesweeper, Mahjong, ya'know, the things that came with Windows 7? Also, their load times were in the 2-5 minute area. Yeah, that's right. It takes about 2-5 minutes to even get the games up and running once launching, then about 60 seconds of play before they crash out. Funny enough, while Minesweeper was "loading", I opened up Chrome and visited and played a game of Minesweeper through there while still waiting on the local native application to work.

Better customization of the start menu is absolutely needed. The menu is literally backwards. Windows 7 has a left/right split panel for the start menu, just like Windows 10 does. The problem? In Windows 7, the left half is the customization area for custom applications, with the right half being for static items (like control panel, computer, documents, etc). In Windows 10, this is reversed, with the static items being on the left, and the fully customization items being on the right.

Speaking of the customization items. You get the choice of normal desktop apps of either having a 1x1 or a 2x2 grid icon, nothing else. The 1x1 is simply an icon (no text), and the 2x2 is too large. Why not a 1x2 where it has the icon on the left and text on the right?

And this was just the beginning. The more I use it, the more the problems just seem absolutely endless.

5 days ago

Kmart Says Its Payment System Was Hacked

darkain HACK ATTACK (101 comments)

Am I the only onw who thinks "Hack Attack" would be an awesome band name !?

about two weeks ago

Accessing One's Own Metadata

darkain Re:T-Mobile (94 comments)

However, last I checked, physical geographical location history information isn't available. This would be nice to add to these reports.

about two weeks ago

Accessing One's Own Metadata

darkain T-Mobile (94 comments)

On T-Mobile, it is as simple as logging into your account on the web site, and looking at the reports. For a family plan, it lists the sender and receiver phone number of EVERY call AND text messages for everyone on the plan. These are accompanied with their time stamps, too, of course. There is also an option to download a PDF file with the "detailed" report on your bill, which contains all this information.

No idea why other carriers are claiming it is hard to deal with this sort of data.

about two weeks ago

HP Is Planning To Split Into Two Separate Businesses, Sources Say

darkain PERFECT! (118 comments)

The part that makes shitty consumer hardware is splitting up from the part that makes rock solid server hardware. This is an absolute dream come true!

about two weeks ago

Test Version Windows 10 Includes Keylogger

darkain Re:What do you expect? (367 comments)

Actually, it *IS* intended for normal production use, and is something we've been using every day already.

Name a browser that DOESN'T ping back home for auto-complete results? When you type into the address/search box, those results have to come from somewhere. The privacy policy is simply codifying this process.

about two weeks ago

Only Two States Have Rules To Prevent Cheating On Computerized Tests

darkain Or how about... (95 comments)

We do away with standardize testing. "No child left behind" has become "Every child left behind", because those that are great at particular skills are punished in our education system for being ahead of others.

Just yesterday I was chatting with a student in a programming class. She was complaining that she got in trouble for using language features that were "not taught yet" in the class. And this is exactly why the United States is falling behind in science and technology compared to other countries, because people are punished for self-education and innovation within our "education system"

about two weeks ago

The Era of Saturday Morning Cartoons Is Dead

darkain Saturday Morning? (320 comments)

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have QUBO on broadcast OTA TV. Why limit yourself to Saturday mornings when you can have a 24/7 cartoon station? At times this station has been known to play shows like He-Man/She-Ra and Star Wars: Clone Wars, so overall not too bad! (though it is primarily a station for preschoolers during the day)

about two weeks ago

Marriott Fined $600,000 For Jamming Guest Hotspots

darkain Sounds About Right (278 comments)

"The first complaint to the FCC, however, wasn't until March 2013, when one guest warned the Commission that they suspected their hardware had been jammed."

How many guests would have the technical knowledge to tell if a device is being "jammed" or simply "isn't working" or that "cell reception is bad"?

about two weeks ago

Bangladesh Considers Building World's 5th-largest Data Center In Earthquake Zone

darkain Really...? (65 comments)

How many datacenters are there up and down the west coast of the united states? We have 4.x quakes several times a year. What's the big deal? Hell, there was a 7.0ish here in Tacoma about 10 years ago.

about three weeks ago

Google To Require As Many As 20 of Its Apps Preinstalled On Android Devices

darkain Re:It's sad (427 comments)

In current Android builds, you can disable virtually all pre-installed apps. They can not be "removed" because the APK files are embedded in a single ROM partition, not the same storage location as downloaded apps. Disabling them is good enough though. They cannot run. They're out of the way. They're removed from any app lists. They're effectively gone, with only their package remaining on the static file system.

about three weeks ago

How To Find the Right Open Source Project To Get Involved With

darkain I didn't choose the maintainer life... (57 comments)

The maintainer life chose me!

My path has always been this: I use various libraries in different client projects that I manage. From time to time, I find certain libraries to have bugs. I fix said bugs, and push the changes back.

In one instance, since I was basically the only person to push changes to a library in the past two years, the creator put me in charge of the repo for it.

In another instance, the creator of a project acknowledged a critical bug, yet refused to accept a very simple patch to fix it. Because I had this code used in several major production environments, the only option was then to fork the library and apply my patches. Since then, countless improvements to the library have been made.

about three weeks ago

Scientists Twist Radio Beams To Send Data At 32 Gigabits Per Second

darkain Re:read / write speed? (122 comments)

Raw 4K video. Even at the current distance, this could be used for a purely wireless 4K display that supports higher than 8-bit/channel for better quality imaging all around.

about a month ago

What To Expect With Windows 9

darkain Nothing Useful (545 comments)

I evaluate new software primarily based on two areas.

1) What do I gain with the new software? Currently running Windows 7, what do I get that helps make my life more productive with Windows 9? Thusfar, I see nothing. From Windows 8 to 9, yeah, I can see the improvement, but so far it is simply "improved" to the point of reverting back to what 7 already has.

2) What do I lose with the new software? From the current leaks, Windows 9 is just as ugly as Windows 8 desktop mode. The Win8/9 UI looks like Windows 3.1. They've switched back to centering title bar text from the previous decade+ of left-align title bar text. They've taken the UI from the clean and modern Aero Glass and turned it into flat colors just like Windows 3.1. The OS as a whole is simply less visually appealing.

So, the question still remains: WHY SWITCH!?

about a month ago

Court Rules the "Google" Trademark Isn't Generic

darkain Re: Don't google it. Bing it! (159 comments)

Fun fact. Check the reverse DNS of any Google server IP address, and it'll probably reside under

about a month ago



darkain darkain writes  |  more than 7 years ago

darkain writes "Over the past week, I have setup a service that allows for notification of new Wii Virtual Console games. This service will send messages to user's message boards on their Wiis when new virtual console games are released. While we do know for now that VC games will be released every Monday at 9am (PST), this will not always be the case. Also, I have setup the service to now accept all regions, not just North America. Per request, I have extended this service to include notification via RSS feeds for those that want it on their desktops. This service also has one major advantage over the other similar "Wii News Letter" services on the Internet, in that it is fully 100% automated. This means that messages are sent out ASAP when games become available, instead of waiting for a person to check for the latest games and then issue out the notifications manually."


darkain has no journal entries.

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