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What To Expect With Windows 9

darkain Nothing Useful (487 comments)

I evaluate new software primarily based on two areas.

1) What do I gain with the new software? Currently running Windows 7, what do I get that helps make my life more productive with Windows 9? Thusfar, I see nothing. From Windows 8 to 9, yeah, I can see the improvement, but so far it is simply "improved" to the point of reverting back to what 7 already has.

2) What do I lose with the new software? From the current leaks, Windows 9 is just as ugly as Windows 8 desktop mode. The Win8/9 UI looks like Windows 3.1. They've switched back to centering title bar text from the previous decade+ of left-align title bar text. They've taken the UI from the clean and modern Aero Glass and turned it into flat colors just like Windows 3.1. The OS as a whole is simply less visually appealing.

So, the question still remains: WHY SWITCH!?


Court Rules the "Google" Trademark Isn't Generic

darkain Re: Don't google it. Bing it! (154 comments)

Fun fact. Check the reverse DNS of any Google server IP address, and it'll probably reside under

2 days ago

UK's National Health Service Moves To NoSQL Running On an Open-Source Stack

darkain Complex? (198 comments)

What is a "complex" message, exactly? And why is 500/sec substantial for a full cluster?

about a week ago

Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?

darkain Re:Nonsense (280 comments)

Except Microsoft went this EXACT same route of merging them all into a single system starting with Windows 2000. The kernel and most packages are shared between Windows Server and Windows (workstation). The only real difference is that Microsoft charges additional licensing fees to make a few more bucks on the additional features in Server. In desktop windows, features are specifically limited (like the number of file sharing clients), but this has NOTHING to do with code, and EVERYTHING to do with licensing. There is no other real reason why services on Server wont work with the desktop version of Windows. Look at the number of business applications that install Microsoft SQL Server on the desktop, as an example.

Linux simply has the freedom to not be locked down by licensing requirements.

about two weeks ago

Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?

darkain No Need (280 comments)

This is already done. For instance, I personally use Turnkey Linux for my servers and Debian Linux for my workstations. Both of these use Debian as their back end repository system, but Turnkey Linux has a system setup tuned specially for working within a virtualized server environment, whereas Debian Linux is more general purpose (which is what a workstation needs)

about two weeks ago

Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone

darkain Instagram? (131 comments)

I love how the first comparison with Facebook is to Instagram...

I think someone needs a reminder as to who owns Instagram:

about two weeks ago

Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive

darkain Porn (316 comments)

That sure is a lot of porn...

about three weeks ago

Aussie Airlines To Allow Uninterrupted Mobile Use During Flights

darkain In The States (51 comments)

We've had this in the states for a while now. Being a frequent flyer, I personally love it. I don't do a whole hell of a lot with mobile devices on the plan, other than get to my seat, turn up the music, and pass out. But it is nice to have that music from beginning to end of the trip to drown out the noise of the others on the flights.

Also something new and awesome. Alaska Airlines (and possibly others) now have USB and 110v outlets on the back of the seat in front of you. No more needing to rush to find outlets in layover airports!

about three weeks ago

Facebook Tests "Satire" Tag To Avoid Confusion On News Feed

darkain [SATIRE] Huffington Post (131 comments)

I'm guessing they're implementing this after The Huffington Post ran that article months ago confusing the difference between what a "Terms of Service" is compared to "App Permissions" in regards to the Facebook Mobile Messenger. Now any "News" site that talks ill of Facebook will be labeled "SATIRE"! Perfection. This is ingenious marketing on Facebook's part! Now they'll never look bad ever again!

about a month ago

Broadband Subscribers Eclipsing Cable TV Subscribers

darkain Re:Retransmission consent (85 comments)

Exactly! Comcast has to pay NBC/Universal (owned by Comcast) money for their content! It all makes perfect sense.

about a month ago

Twitter Reports 23 Million Users Are Actually Bots

darkain Twitter Bots are GREAT (84 comments)

Twitter Bots are GREAT! Seriously, Twitter is the new RSS. This is honestly how I find out about the latest Slashdot articles, because their account is bot based to feed content from this site to their Twitter account. A huge chunk of the accounts I follow on Twitter are in this same category, just news services. Twitter has become the modern day RSS feeder, and I personally love it for this purpose.

about a month ago

Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?

darkain Re:He claims this himself (391 comments)

I can't even begin to count the number of things wrong with their web site which already makes me not trust them...

* Using Flash just to have a "fancy" text label on the home page
* More JavaScript than I can possibly imagine for a STATIC web page
* Video where the lighting exposure is off and the audio quality is questionable
* Speech during the video where the guy stumbles on his own words a couple of times

Really, for a company that supposedly "mitigated risk for 7 years on $1.9 trillion of investments" and ran by a supposed tech superstar genius, you'd think they'd at least get the basics of technology and media correct on their own e-penis self-promotion presentation...

about a month ago

Google's Satellites Could Soon See Your Face From Space

darkain Re:25 cm resolution (140 comments)

So you're telling me that a Final Fantasy 1 sprite on the NES is still exceedingly more detailed than a human being captured using this system? Cool, we're good!

about a month ago

John McAfee Airs His Beefs About Privacy In Def Con Surprise Talk

darkain Complaints? (124 comments)

I've got a complaint... The site is slow as shit and buggy as hell. After a long wait, the homepage FINALLY loads. Click on anything, and get a spinning little "loading" thing pop up in the middle of the page, and then nothing happens. After some minutes, and error box popped up in the top-right corner of the page saying there is some technical issues.

OH wait, this is McAfee we're talking about... yeah, shit's gonna suck, forgot.

about a month ago

Inside the Facebook Algorithm Most Users Don't Even Know Exists

darkain Re:Because (130 comments)

Something else I've personally noticed, and this is consistent with everyone I've asked about the issue...

"Top Stories" for desktop viewing vs mobile viewing are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I have to check FB on both my desktop AND my tablet every day just to get an idea of what going on with my social circle. This is just stupid bad. What is even worse is that there is next to zero intersection between these two separate news feeds from the same account. It is as if Facebook decided to split timelines in half, one set for mobile, the other for desktop.

about a month and a half ago

Comcast Gives 6 Months Free Internet To Poor and Unpaid Bill Amnesty

darkain Google Fiber (71 comments)

And this is exactly why I wish Google Fiber was deployed in more areas. They have a simple solution: a FREE tier for life.

And as far as the $300 setup fee, I'm not sure about other cities, but Portland is working on subsidies to cover this cost as well, so it is $0 for low income families to have basic 5mbps internet service.

about a month and a half ago

30% of Americans Aren't Ready For the Next Generation of Technology

darkain or don't trust the Internet (191 comments)

And those who are extremely educated fall into the "don't trust the Internet" group quite easily. How many security exploits do we need before people stop trusting in various internet services? But not trusting it doesn't mean we stop USING it! We simply alter our actions on the internet.

about 2 months ago



darkain darkain writes  |  more than 7 years ago

darkain writes "Over the past week, I have setup a service that allows for notification of new Wii Virtual Console games. This service will send messages to user's message boards on their Wiis when new virtual console games are released. While we do know for now that VC games will be released every Monday at 9am (PST), this will not always be the case. Also, I have setup the service to now accept all regions, not just North America. Per request, I have extended this service to include notification via RSS feeds for those that want it on their desktops. This service also has one major advantage over the other similar "Wii News Letter" services on the Internet, in that it is fully 100% automated. This means that messages are sent out ASAP when games become available, instead of waiting for a person to check for the latest games and then issue out the notifications manually."


darkain has no journal entries.

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