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The Yin and Yang of Hour of Code & Immigration Reform

darthlurker Re:H-1B cap would make US workers 'privileged elit (220 comments)

"Do you realize that some people might want to get a piece of the cake?"

So you're OK that I get forced out of a job to open a position for an immigrant. Why?

Don't assume it's because I'm lazy. Put myself through college after serving in the military.

Don't assume that it's because lack of skill. Executive came into the company I worked for, for over 10 years, and her first action was to open 3 positions so recent UCI graduates could stay in America on H1-b visas.

In fact if you want to make an ass out of yourself, please leave me out of it.

This isn't about immigration. It's about lowering wages to increase profit for a few. How about addressing my comment instead of spouting flame bait?

about a year ago

The Yin and Yang of Hour of Code & Immigration Reform

darthlurker H-1B cap would make US workers 'privileged elite' (220 comments)

"Greenspan provided a list of reasons for increasing competition in the skilled labor force. In particular, he said it would help fix a problem -- the housing bubble -- that grew during his tenure as Fed chair, a position he held from 1987 to 2006."

This has always been about manipulating the labor market for the benefit of people like Gates and Zuckerberg.

about a year ago

US CIO/CTO: Idea of Hiring COBOL Coders Laughable

darthlurker Snowcrash (265 comments)

I'm betting neither of these two ever read it.

"It's the Government of the United States," Juanita says.
"Where hackers go to die".

more than 2 years ago

US Senator Proposes Bill To Eliminate Overtime For IT Workers

darthlurker Re:Why IT workers? (1167 comments)

IT work already has a terrible education:pay ratio and the pay is nothing special in relative terms, that's a strange sector to target...could it have something to do with outsourcing?


Biggest change appears to be (17)(C). If I'm reading it correctly the old text was incorparted into paragraph (17) and replaced so those directing, training, or leading others doing such IT work will also be included in this group.

I read this as: 'if you are a non-exempt employee outsourcing your work, and your compensation is over $27.63 and hour, you will become an exempt employee if the law passes'

Eliminating overtime for those who out-sourcing IT work, and not actually do it such work, is not a bad thing.

more than 3 years ago

Jupiter-Sized Alien Planet Is Darkest Ever (Barely) Seen

darthlurker There was just one remarkable thing about it. (207 comments)

"It's so ... black!" said Ford Prefect. "You can hardly make out its shape ... light just seems to fall into it.

more than 3 years ago

'The Code Has Already Been Written'

darthlurker Same can be said about actuaries (253 comments)

Seen far to many Excel spreadsheets macros. Please make the hurting stop.

Actuarial specs are the other hand are sweet. Pure math.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do When the Rapture Comes?

darthlurker Like anything else... (673 comments)

Make certain you have good backups before starting

more than 3 years ago

Tech Sector Slow To Hire

darthlurker Re:It's called "offshore outsourcing" not unemploy (450 comments)

"If you fire them all, you'll replace them with people who live and work in another country"

Or maybe you can hire back those "encouraged" to quit to bring in H1B workers.

In my case a new VP from Accenture back in 2007 and declared she was going to remove at least 3 S/W developer positions. Said it would only occur through attrition. But her idea of attrition was to bad mouth work done by current employees. How do you respond when you're told your work is not acceptable because it is "not secure since it uses SQL"?

Ended up she didn't remove the positions, just the developers. After two left she brought in students on H1B visas. Now I find she's a general member of CRITO at UC Irvine.

Coincidence ya think?

more than 4 years ago

Skills Needed For a Future In IT

darthlurker Nowadays evrybdy wnna tlk lk thy gt smthng to say (258 comments)

"I would advise students to pay more attention to the fundamental ideas rather than the latest technology. The technology will be out-of-date before they graduate. Fundamental ideas never get out of date." -- David Parnas However, people doing the hiring are only concerned with the latest fashion. So what are you going to do?

more than 4 years ago

Giant Balloons Could Solve Space Junk Problem

darthlurker Call them Rovers (210 comments)

They were able to keep #6 in the village so they should be good at collecting the space junk.

more than 4 years ago

Professors To Ban Students From Citing Wikipedia

darthlurker None (507 comments)

I don't recall ever being allowed to cite from any encyclopedia because it was itself a summary of done by someone else. And a reference was only considered "good" if it was from a seminal source. Wiki is a good start to track down information (like most any encyclopedia) but stopping there is laziness.

about 8 years ago



What is up with my Internet connection?

darthlurker darthlurker writes  |  more than 4 years ago

darthlurker (663459) writes "At least once a year I find I can't browse sites. Pages will partially load but most never complete. Images never load. For example trying to view porn^H^H^H^h Google maps is impossible because there's never a complete load of the page. (My ISP is a major one.)

This generally means spending an hour or so talking with level 1 support (delete cookies, yank cables, and so forth) until I talk with someone in level 2 support who says they "need to rebuild my network connection."

In 12 to 24 hours after this "rebuild" my browsing experience is back to normal. The dance with my provider's customer support is annoying enough. But no one there can explain what is causing this behavior.

Anybody at ./ have an idea what's going on?"


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