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Why 7.1 Surround Sound is Overkill For Most Homes

darthtuttle Re:Missing the boat (408 comments)

Good thing my HDTV has HDMI. Unfortunately I bought my receiver before HDMI was common on them and I only have one HDMI interface. I will end up replacing my pre-amp later when the cable box, the HD-DVD player and the Blu-Ray player all want to use HDMI, but then that's why I went cheap on that unit and dumped the money in to some amplifiers that won't need to be replaced until they break and are no longer fixable.

I may also consider a video only switch box instead because regardless of what you buy now for video there will be another standard down the road.

Fortunately for the average consumer pre-amps/receivers are coming with at least a couple of HDMI inputs standard these days.

More than surround sound the rush to Digital everything is what's making home theater complex. If we all would stick to component video and receivers had several 8 channel direct inputs things would be easier and monster cable could make a small fortune (that's 11 wires per device). As it is there's 6 ways to do video and three ways to do audio and the current digital audio standards don't have the bandwidth to handle some of the high resolution audio formats so there's bound to be more. When video goes 1080p and 1660i/p we will need new digital video connectors too. Considering my computer regularly does 1536 it can't be too far down the road (granted it's 2048x1536, not whatever the 16:9 version would be) but I guess that's 10 years down the road.

more than 8 years ago


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