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Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code

daryl_and_daryl Re:Not surprised (150 comments)

You will find many cases where this is not true. Items with prior art are often patented with the hope that throwing enough at the wall, with enough lawyers will overwhelm someone who is not in a financial position to respond in a timely manner, to the suit.

about a month ago

Thieves Who Stole Cobalt-60 Will Soon Be Dead

daryl_and_daryl Re:They will, without a doubt, die... (923 comments)

My friend / neighbor is a mad scientist, and very difficult to shop for at X-mas. This would make the perfect gift.

about 9 months ago

Apple Unveils iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S

daryl_and_daryl Unix is a failure ?? (773 comments)

So you are saying that Apple is admitting that Unix is a failure?
Unix and its functional derivatives are considered very successful by most. What are you using as a metric to define 'failure'?

about a year ago

London Bans Recycling Bins That Track Phones

daryl_and_daryl Re:Removing bins will not fix underlying problem (179 comments)

Broadcasting a cloned MAC can also be a useful exploit. Such as, "I can not have been the one to commit that murder - this rubbish bin will testify that my phone and I were next to it waiting for the number 5, at the very moment you claim that attack took place."

1 year,19 days

London Bans Recycling Bins That Track Phones

daryl_and_daryl Re:Removing bins will not fix underlying problem (179 comments)

The problem with this is that a MAX does NOT uniquely identify a device.

That was perhaps the intent, but it is not the reality of the situation. Like so many plans, it looked good in the white paper.

1 year,19 days

20 People Shot With BB Guns At LG G2 Promotional Event

daryl_and_daryl Re:Obligatory: (151 comments)

We shall have no discussion of domestic partners or the quantity of breast meat.

1 year,19 days

20 People Shot With BB Guns At LG G2 Promotional Event

daryl_and_daryl Re:Bullshit. (151 comments)

Somewhere in the detritus of my youth is a "I'd walk over You to see the Who" button.

1 year,19 days

Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?

daryl_and_daryl Xen/CentOS (627 comments)

Mostly for the ego trip of having a god like ability to remove all traces of another,with just a few key strokes, and then continue business as usual.

1 year,24 days

First California AMBER Alert Shows AT&T's Emergency Alerts Are a Mess

daryl_and_daryl Re:You really can't figure that out? (380 comments)

It really is not about being annoyed for a few seconds.

The target audience of the message is someone who read the license plate of the car in question. Realistically this is people who are traveling on the road, or in a service area (Gas Station, Motel, Fast Food). The message appears as text, in California you are not permitted to read text based messages while driving.

So you can not even see what the alert is until the vehicle has come to a full and complete stop.

If my phone is set to silence, and if the Government decides that it will make enough noise to bring to mind a civil defense alarm, I expect that everyone driving alone will pull to the side of the road as quickly as possible and read the message. I expect the message to tell me something like the 'big one' is here and Palm Springs will become ocean front property, and the 5 will be the new PCH in 10 minutes. Also Shamu says so long and thanks for all the fish.

  Not to be on the lookout for 2 people in a blue car in a town of 500.

1 year,24 days

GMO Oranges? Altering a Fruit's DNA To Save It

daryl_and_daryl Re: nature and consumers (358 comments)

I submit that we have been undergoing global warming since the since the last ice age. In my view, 160 years is not a LONG time on a global scale.

The thermometer goes back to about 1600. So it is not possible to get any reliable data going back even 500 years.

Given the Earth is about 4.5 billion years 200 years of data does not approach enough for a rounding error.
It is not possible to obtain 3 data points, with enough accuracy to talk about any global change since the height of the Roman Empire. 160 years of knowing about climate change is not even 15% of that time.

Is the climate changing, yes - but there is just not enough data to hold an intelligent discussion about what conditions will be 200 years from now.

about a year ago

Google Glass: What's With All the Hate?

daryl_and_daryl Re:Well now (775 comments)

I want PDF files on a heads up display. Being able to have access to tech manuals, as-built plans, and other documentation when I am doing service on network systems, or elbow deep in a patch bay. This would be a wonderful thing.

about a year ago

North Korean Missile Raised To Firing Position, Says US Official

daryl_and_daryl Re:And... it's gone (636 comments)

Not replying to AC - but Alec Cawley is a good guy , no reason to not reply to him

about a year ago

Google Fiber: Why Traditional ISPs Are Officially On Notice

daryl_and_daryl The car analogy - (408 comments)

This would be like owning a flying car.

about a year ago

Google Fiber: Why Traditional ISPs Are Officially On Notice

daryl_and_daryl Switch tech / ASICs are easy to believe (408 comments)

Well more likely you throw a FPGA or 10 at it. Then you can build the box first, and decide what you want it to do later,

about a year ago

Google Fiber: Why Traditional ISPs Are Officially On Notice

daryl_and_daryl 404 errors (408 comments)

Every time I hit what should be a 404 error, Verizon sends me to a page under their control, and chock full-o-ads. That seems like it must be wrong. To say nothing of missing out on some really clever 404 pages.

about a year ago

Why Your Next Phone Will Include Biometric Security

daryl_and_daryl Re:Fingerprints? On a touch screen? (110 comments)

Something you know & something you have, this is the way the professionals do it. For a personal phone, a 4 digit code and a moderate level of fingerprint recognition would likely be more than enough.

The problem is that proper security is a pain, so most people will look for an easy way around it, a fingerprint scan only is an easy way around the issue. Truth be told, this is likely enough for most people, as long as the level of security is understood.

That being said, there really is no patch for human stupidity.

about a year and a half ago

Kentucky Lawmakers Shocked To Find Evolution In Biology Tests

daryl_and_daryl Re:You got it backwards (1218 comments)

Yes - a National test adjusted to local preference.

What if they just keep the test they have and re-name it ' National Standards Test .'

That is in keeping in giving things a name that divert attention from the substance, kinda like the PATRIOT Act. End of Major Combat - Operation Enduring Freedom - Fair and Balanced

about 2 years ago


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