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Have American Businesses Been Stranded By the MBAs?

dasdrewid Re:Lutz is dead wrong (487 comments)

This whole thing reminds me of a video I saw once of a smokin' hot female Phd who said "you know, I can make this widget last four times as long if they'd let me add 10% to the price".. of course that didn't happen. Said company has a mediocre reputation in its sector as a result.

I...need to see this video...

more than 3 years ago

DVRs, Cable Boxes Top List of Home Energy Hogs

dasdrewid Consumer Choice (324 comments)

Cable box manufacturers "do not feel consumer pressure to improve box efficiency" because consumers don't have a choice with which to pressure them. Last time I got cable setup somewhere, we got a box from the cable company. There was no "pick from the list", the installer pulled it out of his truck, put it there, and left it. Supposedly I can go out and buy a 3rd party box because I'm on cable, but they're hard to find info on and properly investigate, and don't seem to provide any real benefits (and no one advertises energy efficiency). And if you're on something like U-Verse of FiOS, you're pretty much screwed, best I can tell. The manufacturers don't listen to consumers, they listen to cable companies because they buy the vast majority of the boxes. And the cable company doesn't give a rat's ass about your electric bill.

more than 3 years ago

Gliese 581d Confirmed as 'Habitable' Exoplanet

dasdrewid Re:Wow ... (451 comments)

It's not just the amount and distance. I'm really interested by the relative position of the asteroids to the Earth/Sun. Up until ~1988, all the discoveries are pretty much in the Earth's shadow. Between then and 2010, the cone begins expanding to ~30 degrees or so. Then, in 2010, the cone splits into 2 lines, only a few degrees wide, but at the edge of the old discovery cone. Then suddenly those two discovery cones jump and are perpendicular to the Earth/Sun line.

Really cool.

more than 3 years ago

Fingerprint Scanner That Works From 6 Feet

dasdrewid Re:Thumbs up! (83 comments)

"Who's got 2 thumbs and really needs to alter some boot variables? THIS GUY!!!"

more than 3 years ago

Sony Officially Blames Anonymous For PSN Hack

dasdrewid Re:Wait, what... (575 comments)

They also were attacked separately where the theft took place. They don't know if these groups were working together. They blame the latter on Anonymous too. How did they draw that final conclusion??

If A=B, and B=C, then C="Anonymous fucking did it!" That's basic logic right there.

more than 3 years ago

'Motherlode' of Data Seized At Bin Laden Compound

dasdrewid Ten Most Wanted (718 comments)

He was on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted" list, right?

Yeah, I'm going with porn.

more than 3 years ago

News Corp. Looking To Sell MySpace

dasdrewid Re:Wanted (146 comments)

Too much. I'd do their job for free + a burrito. Also, I get to sleep in the rooms they build in the shop for overnight experiments.

more than 3 years ago

What Kinect Could Be, But Probably Won't

dasdrewid Re:Explain to me... (143 comments)

I know this is supposed to be joking, but I want this sooo bad now...

"Telebot, you are dismissed!" - Powers off

"Telebot, make me a sandwich!" - Tunes to the cooking channel

"Telebot, make me laugh!" - Tunes to Comedy Central

"Telebot, make me cry!" - Tunes to Fox News

"Telebot, make it rain, bitch!" - Tunes to the Weather Channel

"Telebot, hold!" - Pauses the DVR

"Telebot, kill!" - Turns to Lifetime and stops responding to instructions

"Telebot, where is/are my ____?" - Brings up a cool "scanning" video, with crosshairs and google maps and random windows with text flying by while it says "Scanning...Scanning" over and over. Then it stops, jumps to an rendering of "R.U.D.I." from the Jetsons which says "Up your butt!"

I am easily entertained...

more than 3 years ago

Graphene Super Paper Is 10x Stronger Than Steel

dasdrewid Re:"Ten times stronger than steel" (244 comments)

The question is: how long until there's an XKCD explaining "Randall's Law" (as I am hereby dubbing it).

more than 3 years ago

White House Releases Trusted Internet ID Plan

dasdrewid Re:Let me guess (229 comments)

Be accountable for how information is actually used and provide mechanisms for compliance, audit, and verification; and Provide effective redress mechanisms for, and advocacy on behalf of, individuals who believe their data may have been misused

Considering we still haven't managed to do this for our electronic voting systems, I foresee a long future of this not happening if they actually put this in as one of the requirements...

more than 3 years ago

NASA Green-lights $16.5M To Advance Future Jets

dasdrewid Re:The marketing guys are good (107 comments)

You forgot the FAA and EASA testing and certification phase, which has to take place for every new plane the technology will be used in as well as *every* plane you plan on retrofitting it into. Depending on how new the technology is or how well the FAA understands it, this could take a very, very long time. One of the reasons commonly given for the commercial failure of the Beechcraft Starship is the length of time it spent in testing due to it's completely composite airframe, a novelty at the time, allowing time for small business jets (4-6 passengers) to be introduced first in direct competition to the Beechcraft (previous business jets were larger, like Gulfstreams seating 10-14).

more than 3 years ago

Americans Favor Moratorium On New Nuclear Reactors

dasdrewid Re:Number (964 comments)

Actually, it's not the result of a 9.0 earthquake. It's the result of a 9.0 earthquake, quickly followed by 14 meter (46 ft, according to Wikipedia) tsunami while the sea wall protecting it was only built to protect from 6 meters of water, destroying the plant's connection to the power grid, backup generators, backup backup generators, and coolant pumps.

Again, almost unimaginable in the intensity and destructive power, though placement of the backup generators wasn't the brightest (one thing I've learned living in a place susceptible to flooding/hurricanes: never, ever, ever put emergency [power|supplies|whatever] on or below ground level. And if you do, seal them like crazy after every check-run so they don't get flooded).

more than 3 years ago

Geohot Battles Back Against Sony

dasdrewid Re:Yeah,. right (255 comments)

I still feel like "The manuals contained information on how SCEA is located in California? The manuals were never opened." isn't that different from shouting "NANANANANANANANACANTHEARYOUNANANANANANA" while you have your fingers in your ears, as far as a defense goes...

Don't get me wrong, I hope he wins this. I just don't know that it's quite the "slam" the submitter thinks it is...

more than 3 years ago

Big Buzz For $60,000 Electric Flight Prize

dasdrewid Re:what means "electric flight"? (78 comments)

I may be mistaken, but the ElectraFlyer-C and the E-Flight ESA look to be the exact same aircraft, right down to the winglets. I looked for info about one working with another, but didn't see any. What's up with that (also, if they are the same, then that leaves us only 2 electric LSAs...)

more than 3 years ago

AT&T's Metered Billing Off By Up To 4,700%

dasdrewid Re:One more reason to not do metering. (250 comments)

Really? Our meters were upgraded to eliminate human readers, by sending the data over the phone line (or possibly the electric line - not sure which).

Not everyone has had their meters updated yet. I'd be willing to bet that most people's haven't. My parents just had their meter upgraded to a "smart meter" about 2 months ago, and to get that they had to sign up on a special early adopter list and then pay a few hundred dollars for the meter itself. And I'm not actually sure it transmits the data over the phone line, I think it only records time based usage, as opposed to just total usage, that the meter-reader then downloads with a PDA-like device.

I live in an apartment building, built in the 80s. I guarantee that our electric meters aren't going to be upgraded before I retire (which, at this rate, will be a few years after I die).

Point being, just because something is true for you does not, in fact, make it true for the entire rest of the US and/or world. This is a very important lesson to learn. I urge you to do so.

more than 3 years ago

Senators To Apple: Pull iPhone DUI-Check Alerts

dasdrewid Re:Police: Adapt and be more effective (348 comments)

Hell, save time and post the checkpoint yourself, and then give a closer inspection to all of the people that take the gravel road the GPS recommends to avoid the checkpoint that NO ONE ever drives on. Your % of DUI drivers should be higher in that group.

There was a national news story about a state trooper doing just this. They put one of those big light up signs on a major highway announcing a DUI checkpoint like 2 miles up ahead (they were required by state law to put up signs warning of a checkpoint, otherwise it was an illegal search and seizure or something like that), but there was a junction 1/2 mile ahead. They then put their checkpoint 1 1/2 miles down the smaller highways. I think the story came up because someone was suing that the sign didn't meet the requirements of a sign announcing the checkpoint because it was not on the same road. Can't remember how it turned out.

I'm pretty sure the cop did say he had a much higher % of drunks vs non-drunks, because all the sober people just said "fuck it" and kept going down the main highway...

more than 3 years ago

My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Tablet

dasdrewid Re:The iPad is a tablet, but not all tablets are i (789 comments)

They are most definitely data entry devices. Just small amounts of data at a time. Taking quick notes, things like inventory, recording temperatures of coolers (I currently work at a grocery store where this sort of thing happens), attendance... Basically any sort of data entry that used to be done on a clipboard. Sure, you can do it on a laptop, and the registration tables out front of every conference I've ever been to are a testament to that, but the mobility a tablet provides can be extremely useful.

But yes, they are not just PC replacements. They have their purposes, which only occasionally overlap with those of a laptop...

more than 3 years ago

Sonar Keyboard Logs You Out To Protect Your Data

dasdrewid Prior art? (175 comments)

I hope this works better than those public toilets that flush as soon as you "leave." Reach down to tie your shoe and suddenly...*whoosh* all over you naked buttocks.

more than 3 years ago

Zimbabwe Gov't Websites Hit By Pro-WikiLeaks DDoS Attack

dasdrewid Re:Hahaha (115 comments)

On the other hand, I never would have read about the Grace Mugabe's involvement in illegal diamond trading had Anonymous not DDoSed the various Zimbabwe government sites and gotten in the news (well, /.) for it. The DDoS is not long-lasting, but the information spread because of the uproar is. I'm still unsure how I feel about Anonymous and the DDoS attacks, but I know exactly how I feel about diamond trading (frankly, I'm not a fan of the legal stuff, either...) and now I know better to whom to apply those feelings.

about 4 years ago


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