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Ask The Linux Foundation's Executive Director Jim Zemlin What You Will

daurtanyn Keeping the eco system coherent (58 comments)

Is the Linux foundation doing anything to insure the various distributions each incorporate the improvements done in the various distributions?

I'm worried about the long term branching side effects. We have Debian, Red Hat, Oracle, and others adding functions and improvements.

What is being done to insure both hybrid vigor and "re-mainlining" of promising branches?

about a year ago

60% of AOL's Profits Come From Misinformed Customers

daurtanyn ISP abuse is rampant - Free the internet (301 comments)

I don't understand. There is a whole spectrum of abuses on the Internet.

Comcast blocks port 25 and port 80 (inbound) so its impossible for me to run a mail service or a web service from a home computer. I'm forced to rely on service providers other than myself.

AOL is taking advantage of the uninformed. But other ISPs are preventing users from independence in other ways.

Sadly, fighting for an open Internet is getting harder and harder.

about 4 years ago

Fermilab Experiment Hints At Multiple Higgs Particles

daurtanyn Looks like the Greeks had it right... Gods (271 comments)

If there are a plethora of god particles. We may have to rethink more than just physics models.

more than 4 years ago

Red Hat Enlists Community Help To Fight Patent Trolls

daurtanyn The application "screen" might fit this request (166 comments)

There was a popular app called "screen" which allowed switching between multiple contexts and workspaces.

I used it all the time to make the best use of (then) limited desktop real estate. In that era, big bitmapped displays were a rare luxury in the marketplace.

more than 5 years ago



Invariant Set Postulate - geometrical cosmology

daurtanyn daurtanyn writes  |  more than 5 years ago

daurtanyn (258081) writes "I came across this news item and thought it merited passing along.

World views make a lot of difference in how one interprets the
world. What we can measure, what mathematics can predict, and what
we experience in our world is assisted by the mental frameworks
with which we perceive what we learn.

About a hundred years ago relativity and the inherent differences
in perception due to reference frames made its way into our mental framework.

This new postulate may make the same adjustment to our view in this century.

Here is a popularized article with a fairly good summary.

And here is the actual paper.



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