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Will Apple Lose Siri's Core Tech To Samsung?

dave1791 Re:Do people actually use Siri? (161 comments)

Setting egg timers and alarms. For that use case, I can skip over a lot of menu taps. For just about anything else, its useless.

about 4 months ago

UCLA Biologists Delay the Aging Process In Fruit Flies

dave1791 Re:You've never had fruit flies? (82 comments)

Pour vinegar into a bowl. Add a bit of liquid soap, to lower the surface tension. Place it next to the place where you have your fruit fly infestation and wait a day or two.

about 5 months ago

The Guy Who Unknowingly 'Live-Blogged' the Bin Laden Raid

dave1791 Re:"Three years ago today" (142 comments)

You are trolling, but I'll still bite.

While living in a cave...

We're talking about the same country who got its ass kicked by vietcongs for at least two decades (while using Napalm). Ass kicked in Afghanistan by people using weapons the CIA gave them back in the late '70s when Brejnev invaded their country and IEDs. .

Interestingly, this is is a time honored methodology for fighting against a much stronger force and is exactly how I would fight against the US, NATO, Russia, China, etc. if I were in a small country. Take to the hills, don't expose yourself to pitched battles that you will lose anyway and subject your opponent to death by a thousand paper cuts. Americans themselves successfully used this methodology against the British between 1775 and 1781.

The only real ways to fight against it are to either make yourself more popular among the populace than the resistance force (VERY difficult to do) or go full Ghengis Khan.

but was the only one to use them... Twice... Hiroshima August 6th 1945... Enola Gay...Little Boy...Gun Type 16kT. Nagasaki August 9th 1945... Bockscar...Fat Man...Implosion type 21kT.

Other designs were planned. We're talking about weapon testing... If the war wasn't over back in the old countries, they would *never* have dropped a nuclear weapon in europe.

So..... its the summer of 1945. YOU are Harry Truman. The war has killed, what 50 million people so far. The battle of Okinawa has just finished and it killed.... oh about 200,000 people. (about half being soldiers of the two side and the rest civilians). That was essentially the dress rehearsal for the invasion of Japan itself. You've just been told about these new kinds of bombs. What would you do? Try to finish the war off by using them and then bluffing the Japanese by saying you have a thousand (you don't. you have two) or go ahead with the invasion?

about 9 months ago

44% of Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted

dave1791 Re:It's a good service (121 comments)

Slashdot was the place to get modded down for going against the hive mind, before Reddit made getting modded down for going against the hive mind cool.

about 9 months ago

Physics Forum At Fermilab Bans Powerpoint

dave1791 Re:Any tool can be misused. (181 comments)

This does not refute the GP. All of those 50 bling buttons are like a honey pot for bad designers. And if MS did not offer them? People would whine about them not being in.

I'm a product manager for an IDE. The tool offers no component for adding gauge graphics to the app being built. What do customers ask or? How do you think they'd react to "gauges are chart junk and you'll just use them to create design abominations"? So yeah, gauges are on the roadmap. *sigh*

about a year ago

Health Exchange Sites Crushed By Demand; Shutdown Blanks Other Gov't Sites

dave1791 Re:Ridiculous stunt (565 comments)

Why should it be free? The infrastructure costs money and they have a right to make a profit on it. TV is not a necessity - if anything, its a vice - , so you can't even make an argument that it should be subsidized for the poor.

Nothing is free, ever! Even things that may look free... like say roads, schools and clean water, cost money. People like me pay for them. I pay a mountain of taxes; much more than I eve get back. I'd rather do that than live like a king in a third world shithole.

And I never tried to steal cable TV either.

about a year ago

Congress Voting On Amendment to Defund NSA Domestic Spying Tomorrow

dave1791 Re:I would, but... (276 comments)

It is probably more insidious, given the nature of the allegations in Germany against the BND. Suppose you are a spy agency and want to spy on your own population, but are thwarted by laws about that pesky due process? No problem! Simply cut a deal with other spy agencies. "You spy on our people, because spying on foreigners is your job. We spy on your people, because spying on foreigners is our job. It all goes into the same database and no laws were technically broken".

about a year and a half ago

Major Find By Japanese Scientists May Threaten Chinese Rare Earth Hegemony

dave1791 Re:Glomar Explorer (189 comments)

When I saw this headline, my snarky alter ego asked if the Chinese had lost a sub in that area. The Glomar Explorer was my first thought.

about 2 years ago

In Wake of Poor Reviews, Amazon Yanks SimCity Download

dave1791 Re:I wish I had pirated it lol (511 comments)

Seriously, if I have a project where I can reduce development and maintenance costs OR use efficient design methods, then those efficient methods are not so efficient.

about 2 years ago

Shorter '.uk' Domain Name Put On Ice

dave1791 Re:F.and S (110 comments)

I am totally registering goats.uk if they do this.

about 2 years ago

Facebook Ordered To End Its Real Name Policy In Germany

dave1791 Re:Why should Facebook have to do anything? (471 comments)

What about those of us who live in Germany and like it just the way it is or was.

I lose if Facebook ceases to operate here. I have friends and family spread all over the world; Germany, Sweden, the US, India, etc. and it was always a lot of work to keep in touch with everyone. Facebook makes this easy.

I also lose if people started to use pseudonyms. Have you ever tracked down an old friend, or been tracked down by an old friend via Facebook?

more than 2 years ago

Insurer Measures Driver Safety With Smartphone App To Calculate Premiums

dave1791 Re:Some game theory problems (345 comments)

I think you are partially right. I’ll presume that when the insurance company manages to rid itself of the bottom half of its driver pool, its payouts decrease more than its collected premiums. In effect, the insurance company is defecting against its competitors by sticking them with the higher cost customers.

more than 2 years ago

Ecuador To Grant Assange Political Asylum

dave1791 Re:And..."I suppose it was only a matter of time." (432 comments)

People who refuse to do anything about a greater evil, lest they accept a smaller evil, piss me off. Suppose that the greater evil would win by one vote if you stayed home. Your choice in this case is to vote for the lesser evil, which is still evil, or not vote; which in this case is the same as voting for the greater evil. If Gore had been president in 2001, we’d not have had Dick Fucking Cheney using 9/11 to push the US into the Iraq war. Would we have had rendition? Torture? Since Cheney actively supported these things and was their biggest cheerleader, it made a BIG difference between having a smaller or bigger evil and in this case, we got the bigger evil.

Those people who voted for Nader in 2000, because “voting for the smaller evil is still evil” have the blood of the Iraq war on their hands!

more than 2 years ago

Does Grammar Matter Anymore?

dave1791 Re:It's like this. (878 comments)

i can write just fine in my utilkilt with no undies

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Office 2013 Not Compatible With Windows XP, Vista

dave1791 Re:still using Office 2000... no point in newer... (711 comments)

So I guess valuing the (usually) smaller size of the archived xml marks me as clueless then.

Actually, from my perspective, there have been significant improvements in every version of Office. Then again, I'm also someone who writes a lot of VBA macros and the occasional c# .net plugin.

more than 2 years ago

Conservatives' Trust In Science Has Fallen Dramatically Since Mid-1970s

dave1791 Re:Obvious (1128 comments)

There is also a Green Party in the US. Interestingly, the Greens are classified as a "left libertarian" party and its platforms do overlap with the larger, but still insignificant, American Libertarian party.

about 2 years ago

Apple Loses German Court Bid To Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Nexus Phone

dave1791 Re:As an nexus owner... (193 comments)

There should be a moratorium on gesture patents. Right now, we're in a state where we can't say that any new developments would be non-obvious to an expert. You could make a list of a million gesture controls over a couple of beers.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Loses German Court Bid To Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Nexus Phone

dave1791 Re:Any surprises here? (193 comments)

Goodness gracious! I'll grant the hardware similarities, but that link is comparing an old feature phone's OS UI with a not-heavily skinned Android phone. Those icons and that layout are stock Gingerbread. Aside from that and the use of gestures, the usage paradigms for iOS and Android (at least as of 4.0) are quite different and "how things flow" is also quite different.

Samsung's best defense here is probably a quick rollout of a 4.0 update.

more than 2 years ago

The Un-Internet and War On General Purpose Computers

dave1791 Re:Free market? (266 comments)

If I had mod points today, you'd get'em. This is the same thing that goes through my mind whenever I read someone lamenting that too many people are ignorant of some aspect of computing; e.g. security.

Oh and its not just Americans, but "people" in general.

about 3 years ago


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