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James Cameron On How Avatar Technology Could Keep Actors Young

dave_d Not for me (404 comments)

Why would I want to watch ageless actors? Really? I haven't seen Avatar, but from the previews, I'm not that impressed by Cameron's "photorealistic" cgi. It seems to be a big deal over nothing to me, but I'd rather watch a movie with a good plot and character substance rather than some fancy cgi effects....maybe that's just me.

about 5 years ago

Palm Opens Dev Program, Offers $1M For Top App

dave_d Re:Useless (91 comments)

Wahooo, 3rd place in a marathon!!! That's still a medal. So what if they're an hour behind 2nd, they're in front of 4th.

about 5 years ago

Google Faces Deluge of Nexus One Complaints

dave_d Re:Invite-only? (329 comments)

Um, nope. It's not invite only. Can buy it directly from google (http://google.com/phone)

about 5 years ago

The Informant Is Back At Work

dave_d Re:Your point? (155 comments)

Well some of your questions could easily be answered - have you read the book/seen the movie/listened to the This American Life show? The TAL goes in pretty good detail about how he ended up in prison - haven't read the book/seen the movie, but based on what I've heard of both, the events are detailed there too..

more than 5 years ago

Study Abroad For Computer Science Majors?

dave_d Re:Yeah, England. (386 comments)

Uhh, that was just a "duh" statement thrown in ..nothing serious about it....err, if you want to be serious about it, then they're taught in English as opposed to American.

more than 6 years ago

Study Abroad For Computer Science Majors?

dave_d Yeah, England. (386 comments)

Uhh, it's been 12 years or so, but I studied abroad in Lancaster University in England. They had computer science courses - they're taught in English, and were interesting and had a bit of variety from what I had in the states. I'm sure there's lots of colleges/universities abroad that have c.s courses, but Lancaster had a study abroad relationship with my college so, heh, it was good. Was it worthwhile? Well, yeah, the experience was invaluable, but not so much for the c.s courses, though they were good, but for the experience living abroad in a different culture.

more than 6 years ago

Alan Turing's Enigma Treatise online

dave_d yes,intersting.. (174 comments)

Ok, I haven't made it through the chapters yet, but it does seem pretty intersting..glad they're making this available.

I seem to remember seeing a TLC show about Enigma, and how we were able to retrieve a working machine from a captured german submarine before they blew it up. From what I remember, the show alluded that the device seriously helped the cracking of Enigma. Anyone know anymore about this? Did Turing crack it with the help of this captured device?

more than 15 years ago


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