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How To Keep Rats From Eating My Cables?

dave_mcmillen Boss threat? (1032 comments)

"I have threatened my boss with a cat ..."

Is your boss a rat? That could be your problem, right there.

more than 5 years ago

RCMP Won't Go After Personal Filesharers

dave_mcmillen Re:News Flash from our cute neighbors to the north (405 comments)

Canada is the second-largest country in the world only when water that is part of the country is considered as well.

It's true, Canada is not as large (in land area) as many people think. Individual Canadians, on the other hand, are enormous. Many in the U.S. don't realize that the average Canadian is over 2.4 metres (eight feet) tall and can easily weigh over 120 kg (260 lbs).

more than 6 years ago



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