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My degree of colorblindness:

davebarnes I have the same condition (267 comments)

At sunset, I see different color spectra from my eyes,
One eye sees warmer and the other cooler.
This is only noticeable to me when the sun is low in the sky.

about 6 months ago

How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

davebarnes Yes, indeed (114 comments)

A great idea.
I do like AdBlockPlus though. I did not even know that Facebook had ads.

about 6 months ago

Why Scientists Are Still Using FORTRAN in 2014

davebarnes I love FORTRAN (634 comments)

I refuse to spell it Fortran.
It was FORTRAN when I learned it as my first computer language in 1965 in high school.

about 8 months ago

Why Scientists Are Still Using FORTRAN in 2014

davebarnes Good point (634 comments)


about 8 months ago

The Struggle To Ban Killer Robots

davebarnes Skynet would not approve (138 comments)

I am pretty sure that Skynet will nip this ban effort in the bud.

about 9 months ago

One-a-Day-Compiles: Good Enough For Government Work In 1983

davebarnes Prices (230 comments)

$2K for a DEC VT100 terminal.
A lot $ for an IBM 3270 terminal.

about 9 months ago

New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression

davebarnes Exactly (155 comments)

PNG 8 to replace GIFs
PNG 24 to replace JPEGs

about a year ago

Psychologists: Internet Trolls Are Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Sadistic

davebarnes Complimentary then (293 comments)

"Machiavellianism ... others)."
I will take that as a compliment.

about a year ago

Rome Police Use Twitter To Battle Illegal Parking

davebarnes I did not know (157 comments)

that it was possible to park illegally in Roma. I thought every empty spot was fair game.

about a year ago

CmdrTaco Launches Trove, a Curated News Startup

davebarnes Very unhappy (221 comments)

As someone who was using Trove.
As someone who visited Trove every morning to find articles about topics of interest (channels).
I am really unhappy.
They broke everything.

1 year,2 days

After 22 Years, Walt Mossberg Writes Final WSJ Column

davebarnes Re: Roe v Wade (100 comments)

Actually no.
The latest evidence points to the phase out of tetraethyl lead in gasoline.

about a year ago

Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA

davebarnes Too bad, so sad. NOT! (841 comments)

wvmbe wbpzm mnwcz nqdma qfamd mvmqo pbvqv mbmvm tmdmv bemtd

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Makes You Uninstall Apps?

davebarnes The developer is tits up (243 comments)

The developer is gone.
The software has not been updated in years.
Need to move on.

about a year ago

Tesco To Use Face Detection Technology For In-Store Advertising

davebarnes Re:Ski-mask, now also for shopping! (212 comments)

Get out your Richard Nixon mask. It is the one most preferred by bank robbers.

about a year ago

Ten Steps You Can Take Against Internet Surveillance

davebarnes My preference is (234 comments)

Overwhelm the bastards
Plutonium implosion trigger components
Weaponized anthrax aerosol
Quantum encryption

about a year ago

Mark Cuban Found Not Guilty of Insider Trading

davebarnes Good (48 comments)

Now, hopefully he will work to normalize relations with Cuba.

about a year ago

Metadata On How You Drive Also Reveals Where You Drive

davebarnes Not worth worrying about (81 comments)

By 2060 it will be illegal for humans to drive a car/truck in the USA. Your robot driver will be ratting on you anyway.

about a year ago

Nissan Plans To Sell Self-Driving Cars By 2020

davebarnes My prediction (333 comments)

"By 2060 it will be illegal for a human to drive a vehicle in the USA".
My prediction made in 2012.
I am a nobody so no one will notice.

about a year ago

Canadian Hotel Sues Guest For $95K Over Bad Review, Bed Bugs

davebarnes This is the review and it is still up (432 comments)

"At first this hotel looks ok....until you wake up in the middle of the night at 3:00AM because you've been scratching all over and realize your bed is infested with BED BUGS!
What a nightmare! When I reported the situation to the managing stuff, there were no emergency to handle the situation because the decision maker was not available during the week end and it was a Saturday.
Instead they offered to transfer my son and I to a hotel nearby where a room was available because they were concerned I was going to cause Mayhem
They finally offered to investigate the room despite the 4 BED BUGS I had contained in a glass and pictures and videos I had showed them.
I was supposed to stay one more night but instead chose to move to a hotel nearby; turned out to be cleaner-up to date-bigger room- and cheaper rate and that was the Holiday Inn Express down the road at 3145 Avenue de Hotels.
Beware of BED BUGS! If you are looking for a scratch free night sleep, stay elsewhere, you will be doing you and your loved ones a favour! Trust me...and that's why the Internet is a great tool!
        Stayed April 2013, traveled with family"

about a year and a half ago


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