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Best Open Source Genealogy Software?

davejenkins How about geni.com ? (292 comments)

Geni.com is an online service, not open source software per se, but it's free to use, useful, and there's a lot of data there already. I found my ancestors going back to the 17th century after matching up my own tree back to my grandparents. http://www.geni.com/

more than 4 years ago

Schools To Get Their Own DARPA

davejenkins Re:Finally? (151 comments)

well-- the 10th amendment seems pretty clear: unless it's spelled out in the constitution, leave it to the states or the people. So, the real question is your own: Could you please explain to me where the feds get the right to do this? Which part of the constitution allows this?

about 5 years ago

KDE 4.3 Released

davejenkins Re:Caizen is actually spelt with a K (432 comments)

I was trying to make a joke about the 'splitting hairs' concerning the word 'spelling', not the actual spelling-- but it doesn't seem to have worked. I know how romaji is used. As to your other question concerning "why" Japanease substitute the 'c' for 'k', I have no idea, except to perhaps invoke some sort of unique branding or maybe "frenchiness" as you postulate. As I said, I notice this with bars and clothing shops mostly-- not "all". yoroshiku.

more than 5 years ago

KDE 4.3 Released

davejenkins Re:Caizen is actually spelt with a K (432 comments)

Okay, you want to split hairs? Japanese words are not "spelled", they are written using a mix of Chinese and phonetic symbols. As noted above æ"å- is how one should write the Japanese word for "improvement". Unfortunately, many people outside East Asia has no idea how to read or pronounce that, so we "romanize" words based on a commonly accepted latin alphabet equivalent. The usual Latin alphabet equivalent is kaizen with a k. Lately, a lot of bars and brands in Japan are trying to use the 'c' instead of the 'k'-- the most common example is the NTT wireless provider Docomo (meaning "anywhere"). Here endeth the lesson.

more than 5 years ago

RadioShack To Rebrand As "The Shack"?

davejenkins legalize now (629 comments)

They're just anticipating the coming legalization of pot. It will allow them to move into a generalized convenience store model, sort of a "smarter" quik-e-mart: soldering irons, robot toys, pot,and munchies.

more than 5 years ago

Should Enterprise IT Give Back To Open Source?

davejenkins Bucardo.org (312 comments)

I used to work at a company that used open source almost everywhere. We were pretty zealous about it, looking back now. At the core of the data structure, we were using Postgresql and had a scheme of mastermaster replication between two data centers. We developed a way to handle this. After some soul searching, and a realistic analysis, the owners came to the conclusion that the software didn't really help our direct competitors, and would be safer/better out in the open. So, we open sourced it: http://www.bucardo.org/ Here is the press release from the company: Backcountry finally gives something back

more than 5 years ago

Is a $72.5m Opening Weekend Enough For Star Trek?

davejenkins Reviews are the key to the second wave (820 comments)

The opening weekend of any 'blockbuster' movie is really just a barometer for how good the hype was, how good the trailer is, and how much pent up demand there was for the adaptation. This is true for X-Men, X-Files, Watchmen, Batman, and our beloved crew of the Enterprise. That second week, and the subsequent weeks, is very dependent on the reviews. These are the people who waited for someone else to go see it opening weekend, and then wait to hear what they said about the movie. Star Trek is getting great reviews, and not just from the newspaper shills-- audiences generally like the film. This is different than the (lack of) buzz about Wolverine, and the outright confusion about the Watchmen. It's more along the lines of Batman Begins: your older sister asked you "Really? Another Batman movie?" to which you've replied "oh yeah-- it's that good." Expect a strong 4 week run on Star Trek.

more than 5 years ago

Why Japan Hates the iPhone

davejenkins free iphones from softbank (884 comments)

Softbank is now offering the 8GB iPhone for free (with two year data plan). I saw this yesterday, and translated a quick summary on my site for the Japanese language-challenged: http://www.davejenkins.com/

more than 5 years ago

How To Encourage Workers To Suggest Innovation?

davejenkins Re:Criticism is better (281 comments)

Sigvatr! Get back to work and stop screwing around on the Slashdots!

more than 5 years ago

Internet Communications While At Sea?

davejenkins money-making opportunity (504 comments)

You should view this as an incredible money-making opportunity: they've created an artificial shortage for online access, so exploit it:

  1. go to radio shack/fry's/wherever to get your satellite broadband hook-up equipment. It doesn't matter if the equipment costs you $5000-- you'll make it back.
  2. Set up Internet access in your cabin
  3. Charge the other students $10/10 minutes. Bonus points if you can get 2-3 terminals working over your sat connection. You'll probably be billing out a solid 3 hours/night = $180/day * 90 days = $16,200.
  4. Profit!!!

You're welcome.

about 6 years ago

Is MySQL's Community Eating the Company?

davejenkins lack of understanding of the biz model (223 comments)

The questions asked in the summary show a fundamental misunderstanding of successful business models in Open Source software: the idea that a fork from some 3rd party is "taking away" funds from the "parent" sponsoring company only goes to show that someone is trying to hold on to their licences/exclusivity/prom dress too much.

Sun should welcome such improvements into their dev cycle. If such forks are superior, then they should eventually find their way back into the parent model. The successful business models around OSS rely on the services/consulting/support that sit around and on top of the actual OSS code. Red Hat, IBM, HP, and others all understand this. Sun, unfortunately, still has the MySQL model wrong IMHO.

more than 6 years ago

Towards a Wiki For Formally Verified Mathematics

davejenkins 8 entries for 'mathematics' (299 comments)

If you don't like this one, help yourself to the others (from wikindex.com, in order of activity):

  • http://www.exampleproblems.com/ ExampleProblems Wiki Graduate level mathematics example problems with solutions.
  • http://maple.wikia.com/ Maple This page is all about the The Maple Wiki.
  • http://diffgeom.wiki-site.com/ Diffgeom This wiki is about differential geometry and related facets of ...
  • http://www.mathcasts.org/ Mathcasts Mathcasts are screencasts (screen movies) which are created and shared to improve the learning and teaching of mathematics. Mathcasts were originally called math movies and then Whiteboard Movies but when the term screencasts became popular mathcasts seemed like a great name for them.
  • http://math.wikia.com/ Mathematics Wiki Mathematics is a Wikia for the collection of math-related news, ...
  • http://algorithm.wikia.com/ Algorithm In mathematics and computing, an algorithm is a procedure (a finite set of well-defined instructions) for accomplishing some task which, given an initial state, will terminate in a defined end-state. The computational complexity and efficient implementation... Algorithm The Algorithm Wikia is a wiki for gathering the latest
  • http://gametheory.wikia.com/ GameTheory The Game Theory Wikia is a wiki about applied mathematics ...
  • http://matheaufgaben.wikia.com/ Matheaufgaben Matheaufgaben Mathematics is a Wikia for the collection of math-related news, ...

more than 6 years ago

Inside Steve's Brain

davejenkins It only works in the top slot (292 comments)

Personalities like the one that Steve Jobs shows to the world and his employees have their only chance for success in the top seat within an organization. As the summary hints, acting like Steve Jobs would get you fired pretty quickly if you were in middle-management somewhere, or just a worker-bee.

The psychopaths must have absolute control around their environment-- they cannot be held to orders from a boss. Some of the psychos are lucky, some are just personable enough to get things done, some are obsessive yet gregarious enough to build a company.

Steve Jobs got where he is because he never worked for anyone else-- he's never been homogenized inside the corporate zoo. Same goes for Sergei, same for Jerry Yang, Jeff Bezos, and the others: they never knelt at the trough of corporate life and got the stink of doing "just enough to not get fired" on them.

more than 6 years ago



Blockshopper running privacy scam?

davejenkins davejenkins writes  |  more than 6 years ago

davejenkins writes "I recently moved to a new house. On a whim, I googled the address, only to find my personal details, the price, and other fundamentals of the deal right there on a website called blockshopper.com. Worried about the possible privacy violations, I asked them to remove my data, to which they responded that all the listing details were public record, and thay could do whatever they wanted with it. After some yelling and screaming on the phone, I finally (now months later) got an email to a link where I could pay them to become unlisted. This seems like a privacy extortion racket. Is it okay to profit from public records like that? Is it ethical to demand payment to be unlisted?"
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