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You've Got Male: Amazon's Growth Impacting Seattle Dating Scene

daveywest Think of the coffee (315 comments)

Poor baristas. Think of how desperately these guys are going to be flirting with the gal whipping up their grande latte.

about 4 months ago

Should Newsweek Have Outed Satoshi Nakamoto's Personal Details?

daveywest Re:But He Isn't (276 comments)

If DN isn't the real SN, then SN had nothing to gain by issuing the denial and would not have broken a 4 year silence to issue the statement. Secondly, he may live as a miser, but SN has access to a valuable treasure trove of bitcoins. He may not like it, but tapping into those reserves may be necessary to protect his privacy at this point.

about 6 months ago

Massachusetts Court Says 'Upskirt' Photos Are Legal

daveywest Incoming legislation (519 comments)

No the way I would go about getting a new law named after myself, but to each his own.

about 6 months ago

Do We Really Have a Shortage of STEM Workers?

daveywest STEM workers are smart and needed elsewhere (491 comments)

This is just my casual observation, but STEM workers tend to be highly intelligent individuals who understand complex or abstract concepts. They are also highly adaptable, so instead of working in their chosen field, they get tapped to fill other fields where they are still successful. The problem lies in management filling positions with competent warm bodies, rather then putting individuals in positions that maximize potential.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

daveywest Establish a secure area at the office (445 comments)

1. Access should only be available to systems you currently and actively manage. If you're using the system so infrequently that you can forget, your account should suspended. 2. Admins should keep a secure log of access credentials stored in a secure area with controlled access. Any "in case of my death" information should be recorded. If there isn't a local site, you might want to consider storing the documents in a safe deposit box at your bank.

about 6 months ago

Anonymous Member Sentenced For Joining DDoS Attack For One Minute

daveywest Molotov Cocktail (562 comments)

I only threw one firebomb. I shouldn't be held liable for the 5 alarm fire.

about 10 months ago

Boy Scouts Bully Hacker Scouts Into Submission

daveywest Re:I'm shocked (289 comments)

I know I'm replying to a troll, but the BSA has done tons to curb abuse and bullying. Youth Protection Training is the only instructional course leaders are required to complete prior to contact with any boys. It's freely available for anyone to take at, and must be renewed every 24 months. There have been coverups in the past, but the modern scouts have gone above and beyond to "think of the children."

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Hands-On Activity For IT Career Fair

daveywest Patch Cables (121 comments)

Have them build patch cables.

1 year,23 days

Should the Next 'Doctor Who' Be a Woman?

daveywest Re:Peter Capaldi is regeneration #13 (772 comments)

In the final scene from The Name of the Doctor, John Hurt is introduced as "The Doctor", not The Valeyard.

about a year ago

Should the Next 'Doctor Who' Be a Woman?

daveywest Peter Capaldi is regeneration #13 (772 comments)

Based on what was revealed in the last episode before the 50th special, Peter Capaldi is regeneration #13. However, he can be still considered the 12th Doctor, because John Hurt's character is said to have rejected that title.

about a year ago

Majority of Americans Say NSA Phone Tracking Is OK To Fight Terrorism

daveywest Too bad that's not who gets to vote on this one (584 comments)

Until you get 2/3rds of both houses of congress to repeal the 4th amendment of the US constitution, it doesn't matter what a survey says. Interesting thing about the legal foundations of our country – it's designed to protect the minority's rights.

about a year ago

Growing Evidence of Football Causing Brain Damage

daveywest Let's put this in perspective ... (684 comments)

It's not like we're breaking out the Christians and lions here. Besides, I'm pretty sure the last five years I've spent sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours/day has done quite a bit of damage to my mental capacity. Every job has risks and does some form of irreparable damage to your body. I have a reduced sense of smell from long-term, low-level exposure to a fumes from a solution that was basically concentrated vinegar.

more than 2 years ago

The Math of Leap Days

daveywest Re:For years (225 comments)

The person who wrote the summary was a math wiz, not an english major.

more than 2 years ago

Australia's Telstra Requires Fibre Customers To Use Copper Telephone

daveywest Re:Typical (217 comments)

I have FTTH. My connection is converted to copper for both IP and voice services. The box on the side of my house (called an O.N.T.) has a battery backup that will last 12+ hours in case of a power outage.

more than 2 years ago

Blizzard Announces New WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandaria

daveywest Re:Still a grind (276 comments)

Still remember nearly getting kicked out of my guild for aggroing a boss with my Eye of Kilrog in MC. Good times.

about 2 years ago

Blizzard Announces New WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandaria

daveywest My poor lvl 70 lock ... (276 comments)

I played for nearly three years in WoW's earlier days. I started about the time of the Hakkar Blood Plague.

I enjoyed the story and the leveling, but after BC was released, there was a rush to push up to the new level cap. The expansion didn't add to the story – it just added more grinds. I finally quit when I realized I was paying to go to another job every day.

My kids play occasionally now on the free trial accounts, and they want me to pay for a sub so they can level a Worgen. I've told them I might pay for a month during Christmas break, but we won't get the expansions. With this next one, I'd need to pay hundreds before I even paid for any game time.

Blizzard doesn't realize their current model is prohibitive to new players. Even with Battle Chests, to get the full game experience, requires new players to purchase WoW, BC, Wraith, Cataclysm and now Panda. With each costing ~40 you're looking at a nearly $200 barrier of entry.

about 2 years ago

Top 1% of iOS Game Developers Make a Third of All Revenue

daveywest And of that third ... (244 comments)

Rovio accounts for 98% of it.


more than 2 years ago



Leading Cast Announced for 2013 Release of Ender's

daveywest daveywest writes  |  more than 2 years ago

daveywest (937112) writes "Scifi fans rejoice. We have a release date and staring cast set for Orson Scott Card's classic Ender's Game. The all-star cast is slated to include Hollywood veterans Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsly."
Link to Original Source

British Banking Info Sold on eBay

daveywest daveywest writes  |  about 6 years ago

daveywest (937112) writes "Our friends across the pond at BBC News are reporting that an IT manager bought a used PC on eBay with customer data from three British Banks on the hard drive.

From the article:

Mr Chapman said anyone with a basic knowledge of computer software would have been able to find the data fairly simply.

"The information was in back-up CDs and in ISO files so it would have been possibly quite easy to find if you know something about computers," he said.


Bill Gates' fortune going up in smoke

daveywest daveywest writes  |  more than 6 years ago

daveywest (937112) writes "Looks like everyone's favorite retiree has found his first social issue. The AP is reporting at that Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg are teaming up to clear the air of tobacco smoke. The article states their efforts will primarily target developing nations and that this is a personal fight for Bloomberg, who quit smoking 30 years ago."
Link to Original Source

Comcast Contracters Under Fire For Animal Abuse

daveywest daveywest writes  |  more than 6 years ago

daveywest (937112) writes "Looks like the problems with Comcast are confined to packet shaping. The Salt Lake Deseret News is reporting that 3 contractors working for Comcast were either fined or arrested for a recreational game of Kick the Cat while on the job.

From the article: "While they were working, a kitten came into their area. Three workers began abusing the cat by kicking and spray painting it, said West Valley police Capt. Tom McLachlan. A passer-by saw what was happening and called police."

To be fair, Comcast says they "will take appropriate action" after the storm blows over. Personally, I don't think this is a gray area, but Comcast tends to look at the world differently than I do."


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