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First American Internet Addiction Treatment Center

davidsyes Re:Internet Addition = Pornography Addition (278 comments)

Well, since it's put THAT way, all we need is someone to find a way to substitute most of the online available porn images with some District 9 references: Human-Prawn Inter-species Prostitution. Or, in the case of Wickers (the main character), make it anal, with references to Nigerian scams. (Butt, in the end would it be ISP, or Interspecies bestiality?) This would probably severely blunt the internet prawnorgraphic imagery distribution.

To the well-endowned Prawns, once could say, "All your prawn things be LONG to USSS." Butt, once enough porn sites have been taken down, anti-porn geeks the world over could say to the porn sites "PRAWNED!"

more than 5 years ago

First American Internet Addiction Treatment Center

davidsyes A far more effective way to deal with this: (278 comments)

To save to client money and from excessive treatment costs:

-- Create an addiction sign up site
-- Commit the addict to an "outed tracking" list to which they agree to remain monitored for 90 to 180 days
-- Daily update a list of the hours and general category of site (not the URLs, content or such-- could be a liability for ID theft, etc...)
-- Charge the client .... $0.00 (Surely, there are some Open Source geeks/fans/fanatics with exceptional programming skills who can direct their energies into this kind of project)
-- In advance, client agrees that early termination results in their name and status remaining indefinitely listed.

$15,000+ is a HELL of a steep price. For that price, the biopharmas might see a market for distribution/charging of Surfing Aversion Drug...

more than 5 years ago

"District 9" Best Sci-fi Movie of 09?

davidsyes Re:Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves Here (705 comments)

Before i went to see it, i'd read that on IMDB, it was around 8/10. Now, it's higher:


!8.9! out of 10.

And, at Crunchgear, it's got some high remarks, too.


I saw it at Metreon in SF, and when i got in, the line had about 200 people ahead of me. 5 minutes after i got into line, some 50 more were behind me, and this was 25 to 30 minutes before starting. After i seated, the auditorium was about 70% full. It has seats for maybe 600, IIRC, (based on the size of the imax one i'd seen Trek in at the same complex). By the time we were 5 minutes from start, it was pretty chock-full. (Yeh, and we had some 12 to 15 minutes of promotionals and trailers...)

After a few anatomic (funny yet gross, gross, yet funny) scenes and some limb damage, a couple walked out. Even tho it was dark, the people to either side of me exchanged glances with me. We smiled, like "Welll.... guess it's not for EVERYbody..."

But, i have to say, whenever i eat prawns, I'll probably ALWAYS think of this excellent film.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Trial Misconduct Cost $40 Million

davidsyes Re:MvP This area of Texas sounds like the digital (231 comments)

Wild West, somehow immune to federal regulation. But, i have to say (yes, we here know my stance toward msoft) that in this case, this kind of judge is MY kind of judge for dealing with a lawyer who persisted in improper conduct in the judge's court. I not to long ago ranted off a tirade of vitriolic (expletive-laden) language (didn't help my cause one bit, but i get emotional when ms does certain things and gets away with it), but while i cannot claim this judge's fine on the lawyer is not exactly "vindication" (after all, $40M is NOTHING to ms), it sends a signal that ms' chicanery/tricky-dickery won't ALWAYS be tolerated.

(no subscriber bonus; terrible karma; limited to 2 posts per day until i escape the /. karma hells; reincarnation in /. is voter-dependent, regardless of uniqueness/clarity/honesty of posts by submitter)

more than 5 years ago

US Colleges Say Hiring US Students a Bad Deal

davidsyes Re:Tax Exempt? (490 comments)

You know, maybe that is the quiet point of the report, to tell the public and businesses to leverage pressure on the government and cause more transparency. On the other hand, maybe it'll backfire.

I know from personal experience in late 2004 that US-passport carrying persons entering Japan with that passport being stamped can visit, legally, up to 90 days, but CANNOT work to earn income. Those who play/played the immigration/visa-limit merry-go-round could simply leave the country and return (with proper stampings) 24-36 hours later and restart the clock. If they had illegal gigs/income sources, such persons could indefinitely reside in Japan, so long as the neighbors did not finally get fed up and as the police to inquire.

However, many citizens/passport-presenting persons NOT presenting a US passport could/can enter for up to 3 MONTHS, AND the could/can subsidize their stay by working. Such passports-holding people could be from Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and a few South East Asia countries. I think Mexico and Brazil were permitted, too.

But, i think the Japanese limitations on the US stemmed from a spat between the US and Japan, maybe before the 80s. IIRC, the US or someone in the US was complaining about too many Japanese filling up US colleges and workplaces and soaking up information that would enable more intense Japanese competition against the US. But, also, probably more plausible is that the US probably has far more visitors to Japan (especially certified/authorized language instructors/teaching assistants, as well as the illegal types) than many of the other countries combined. Too many US passport holders, combined with the often begrudged presence of US military personnel, led to a severe restriction that US passport presenters could not work (in Japan) and subsidize their visit to Japan. This makes it possible to allow in a wider diversity of cultural contribution (artists, chefs, photographers, and so on) that otherwise might be impeded if too many jobs-takers from the US were allowed.

(Plus, cynically, i (and some i've talked with) have a feeling that an event in a month of August many decades ago may or may not be part of the mix.)

more than 5 years ago

MS — Dropping IE6 Support "Not an Option"

davidsyes Re:ROTF, LMMFAO, TRFME (374 comments)

WHO IS the stupid son-of-a-bitch or daughter-of-a-bastard who dares mark "offtopic" someone's response to their original comment? F*tard. Interjecting yourself between two people addressing each other and not the general topic. Fortunately, i'm not omnipotent, and i am not above the law, and there's such a think as karma, and other than these words, i don't feel a need to incur real-world bad karma over your dumb, cruel ass. Stop moderating a comment between two people trying to clarify WHY a point was made, you frack.

Slash's moderation system is fracked in the head, and will remain so until moderators themselves are FORCED to justify their mods and have them reviewed by other exposed mods. That way, digital sodomizers can be outed, and then, THEN, subscribers/comment posters will nearly-truly know who their bully-fuck tormentors are.

more than 5 years ago

No Windows 7 XP Mode For Sony Vaio Z Owners

davidsyes Re:Legitimate reason ? If it is EVER found that (198 comments)

Flamebait my ASS, motherfrakin' asshat. I'm commenting on my OWN comment's comment and you dare mark me flamebait. Fortunately for you, i am not omnipotent nor above the law. Otherwise....

more than 5 years ago

No Windows 7 XP Mode For Sony Vaio Z Owners

davidsyes Re:Legitimate reason ? If it is EVER found that (198 comments)

To the one who modded me to flamebait, you seem to not realize that left unchecked, mshaft would be one of the most fucking dangerous companies on the planet. Maybe you're an ms shill. You surely cannot be impartial, especially when you can hide behind an undisclosed moderator shield. Moderators, are in effect, anonymous, and some are cowards. They get to be because by design slashdot doesn't require nor allows moderators to JUSTIFY their actions.

more than 5 years ago

MS — Dropping IE6 Support "Not an Option"

davidsyes Re:ROTF, LMMFAO, TRFME (374 comments)

No, i had no misconceptions.... Apparently, some rabid moderators here doing the Lt Calley slash/burn don't understand tongue-in-cheek, so unlike you, by commenting, they run and nuke me from 0 to flamebait. Seems they need some upbraiding.

more than 5 years ago

Chevy Volt Rated At 230 mpg In the City

davidsyes Re:Vaporware (1006 comments)

Installing parking meters in residential areas is on SF's mind:

Cashing in with more parking meters:

"Residential areas are packing in more people The City is projected to take in more than 150,000 new residents in the next three decades and the need to manage traffic and parking availability is becoming a key concern for transportation planners, according to a new study by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority."

Exhaustive Parking Study

"The study estimated there are more than 600,000 parking spaces in San Francisco, of which 320,000 are on-street and only 24,000 are regulated with parking meters. Residential parking permits (RPPs), as evidenced by the map above, have been added throughout the city in an ad-hoc fashion and in many areas are not synthesized with metered parking."

Bilkable Meters:

"The so-called e-parking meters installed in 2003 for around $25 million include features that are supposed to deter theft, according to manufacturer J.J. MacKay Canada.

But a trio of programmers and engineers say it took them only three days to create imposter cards that can offer free metered parking in The City.

Through computer code, the security researchers said they discovered how value is stored on the prepaid cards and were able to create fake cards valued at $999.99. They also found out how to create cards that wont deplete in value after being used."

more than 5 years ago

Gardeners Told to Give Exhausted Bees an Energy Drink

davidsyes Re:Short Sighted.... The not-so-busy bees (200 comments)

... Will be buzzing, busy, DIZZY bees if they sip too much. Maybe a little MSG will give them the msg (message) to be sleepy...

more than 5 years ago

No Windows 7 XP Mode For Sony Vaio Z Owners

davidsyes Re:Legitimate reason ? If it is EVER found that (198 comments)

msoft is involved with or actively and quietly coercing hardware manufacturers (especially consumer computers/laptops/cell phones/multipurpose devices capable of loading and usefully running Linux or non-windows apps/OSs), then i dare say that ms needs to be NUKED TO HELL by any and all means possible. I won't do it myself, but if an escrow account asking for money popped up, i would seriously consider donating a few dollars (unless the government turned me into a pussy wishing to avoid jail/prison time).

If they call it something like "Legal fund to put ms into restraints" (or, at least didn't use obvious terms that imply illegal plans to illegally depose ms once and for all), then i would imagine those in favor of crippling/knee-capping and skull-cracking ms the entity should be legally safe ... After all, there are all sorts of charities that are not under scrutiny (and some, for anti-terrorism reasons and banking irregularities/money laundering activities) in which a court might not find against an individual. I would imagine the perps would have to set up, operate, and account as a legitimate business... until the VERY END, when they hear that frackin' tune that switches Cylons on...

But, tell you what, I'd rather be a sleeper Cylon or turgid Hybrid water than yield to mshaft... If, only IF i had a magic wand with any wish available... of ALL the possible wishes, i'd even give up immortality to see a handful of companies pummel mshaft into permanent oblivion. It would force individuals, companies, and countries to pull ms' trunk out of their rear ends and take control of their computing landscape.

(Go ahead, mark me troll/flamebait/inflammatory/etc... At least this will get read.)

more than 5 years ago

MS — Dropping IE6 Support "Not an Option"

davidsyes ROTF, LMMFAO, TRFME (374 comments)

Tears running from my eyes...

"We keep our commitments."

Gods.... Like, did they keep commitments to deliver the vaporware they used to gas to death a slew of companies over the past 20+ years that offered an add-on to or superior product than ms' wares? That spokesperson must not have seriously studied ms' history, or is too enamored with the company to be honest about it.

more than 5 years ago

Chevy Volt Rated At 230 mpg In the City

davidsyes Re:Vaporware Why isn't that "shocking"? (1006 comments)

I'm sure Chevy's "getting a charge" out of it somewhere downline... What will be the carrying capacity of the rolling electron?

more than 5 years ago

Preview the Office 2007 Ribbon-Like UI Floated For OpenOffice.Org

davidsyes Re:How about some nice menus instead? If there is (617 comments)

Maybe you can tell me, but i cannot for the LIFE of me see how my above comment is flamebait. I think someone is going around back-modding me every time i wine about being screwed with. Somebody comes to my aid, reads my comment, points out a few things, or another comes along and neutralizes my score back to where it was before some jerk came along and slam-dunked it to hell. Then, ticked they see i'm monitoring my comments for feedback or scoring changes, the fraking childish ones go and screw with another comment. I wish slashdot had a monitoring system that looks out for these abuses and bans the ip or the user for a week, or longer.


I don't see anything in my commentary (and, it is my personal experience, and i don't see how anyone here is slashdot could refute or lambaste or critically pan my experience without accessing the email servers of openoffice.org from around 2000-2002...) that is flamebait.

I have in the past and even now will admit that Lotus and IBM are dropping the ball, but there have been and still are features in SmartSuite that beat the shocks off of oo.o. Unfortunately for S/S, the same is true. oo.o has a newer set of cleaned up code, less patent bullshit risks, and fresher eyes able to inspect the code to some greater degree than SmartSuite does. Also, i have in the past and concede now, too, that if Sun and IBM/Lotus put away their gauntlets/mauls/maces and merged the best features of their suites, they could then see what they and Google might do to pry msofts domineering, anti-competitive hands off the personal and office document suite software industry.

more than 5 years ago

Teen Killed At Chinese Internet Addiction Camp

davidsyes Re:Don't worry Really frackin' CRASS (334 comments)

Kid gets beaten by asshole adults, beaten to death (not as if he tried to play superhero and fly from a cliff or such), and he gets mocked in a geek forum. I imagine slashdot's karma is taking some hits, too. There should be a moderation for "crass-assed humour"... I'd like to see each and every "funny" commentator and supporting moderator explain to the bereaved parents how they think this shit's funny. Imagine if one of YOUR kids or relatives got beaten to death, here in the US. You'd be out for blood. If *I* laughed, and poked fun at your pain, you'd (if endowed) hunt down every shred of info on me and begin a smear campaign, until the law caught up with you.

(Go ahead, mark it off-topic... I'm getting that lately...)

more than 5 years ago

Man Accuses Cat of Downloading Child Porn

davidsyes Re:This happens a lot (174 comments)

Fuck it. There is some SERIOUS assholery here. FUCK karma. I'm burning some, aiming flames whatever bast-itches targeting me.

more than 5 years ago

Man Accuses Cat of Downloading Child Porn

davidsyes Re:This happens a lot (174 comments)

Can i get a moderator (or rescuer) here? I am marked 0, redundant, and i cannot find a single post prior to 1136 that preceded my comment so as to make mine redundant.

Curious/Interestingly, there are TWO posts "kitty-porn" and neither is marked redundant.

Seems to me /. needs a tag for "report abuse". Seems i have been hit again by a foe.

Anyone care to remode me to just nothing instead of redundant? And, be on the lookout for abuses of others?

more than 5 years ago

First Internet-Connected Pacemaker Goes Live

davidsyes Re:Good thing there's no IP Ping a BUNCH of these (158 comments)

and you end up with a Pack-it (in) Storm.

I wonder if extreme latency, though will give longer TTL (time to live) for those shooting pics with TTL (thru the lens).

In any case, a barrage of packets would heap on "layers" of love.

more than 5 years ago



"Study Offers Another Incentive For Flat Abs&#

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 6 years ago

davidsyes (765062) writes "Last night, while walking instead of taking the bus, i happened to hear a compelling health story on my MP3 player equipped with FM radio.

"If you've been waiting for one more reason to finally get rid of that excess belly fat, take note. Researchers in Germany have found that fat accumulated in the abdomen can be far more dangerous to your health than fat on other parts of the body."

"In particular, deep abdominal fat is by far the most dangerous fat in terms of risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke," Manson says. "Most of the research studies suggest that this abdominal fat at least triples the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and abnormal cholesterol levels."

"The location of this fat is part of what makes it so problematic. The hormones and chemicals produced by abdominal fat can affect nearby organs, particularly the liver.

"This fat drains directly to the liver, and it's associated with increased fat within the liver, which is also a risk factor for insulin resistance," she says. This sets the stage for Type 2 diabetes. "

From another article:

"Our study shows that accumulating excess fat around your middle can put your health at risk even if your weight is normal," he says. "There aren't many simple individual characteristics that can increase a person's risk of premature death to this extent, independent of smoking and drinking." Belly Fat Research

It has long been recognized that people who carry their excess weight around their middles — those who are apple-shaped instead of pear-shaped — have a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Recent research also suggests a link between belly fat and a range of other diseases, including diabetes, some cancers, and even age-related dementias."

Want more info? See:

"Belly Fat Doubles Death Risk Increase in Death Risk Not Limited to Overweight, Obese"


I am thinking this will spur many more high tech companies and even more state and federal employers to compel their employees to get healthy or face administrative action. After all, federal employees' health is paid for by tax dollars. Corporations may stand to get reduced group rates, and it's can be an effective (if discriminatory) way to "shaking up the cob webs"."

Link to Original Source

"Man's 'pants' password is changed "

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 6 years ago

davidsyes (765062) writes ""A man who chose "Lloyds is pants" as his telephone banking password said he found it had been changed by a member of staff to "no it's not"."

""But what really incensed me was when I was told I could not change it back to 'Lloyds is pants' because they said it was not appropriate.

"I asked if it was 'pants' they didn't like, and would 'Lloyds is rubbish' do? But they didn't think so.

"So I tried 'Barclays is better' and that didn't go down too well either.

"The rules seemed to change, and they told me it had to be one word, so I tried 'censorship', but they didn't like that, and then said it had to be no more than six letters long." "

So, this is my position/question:

Why the HELL was a low-level functionary employee able to "see" the true password of a customer? The frackin password should have been a reduced or hashed form so that even if an IT person can copy and paste it in a local system, they could not know the contents and be able to type it in at a point of sales station or an ATM, or on any sites that reject copy-paste-in passwords..."

Link to Original Source

Trolltech's GreenPhone Discontinued...

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 7 years ago

davidsyes (765062) writes "Nothing emotional or rhetorical in this story submission. But, I did not see this coming. However, according to the article:

"Despite the announcement of the discontinuation of its flagship mobile phone development platform, the company also announced that the mobile phone would be superceded by a number of new devices, including that of portable media devices and additional mobile phones, although the new models are to be distributed by third-parties."

More at:




"-1, Flamebait"?

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago


Hmmmm..... Anyone care to tell me what is not truthful in that posting of mine?


"Worst ask slashdot question ever"????

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago


My comments:

Even possibly worse is that by super-descriptively naming the computers means that anyone with crash log or trojan/mapping software can map out a firm's or an agency's approximate or exact seating and office arrangement. This could be an extreme security hazard, and could in advance open the company to employee-initiated lawsuits against the company.

This could be an issue in that companies may want to cause the US government to pass laws that software vendors MUST NOT collect nor even embed in the software a collection of machine and geographic information. JUST the crash, the generic or specific type of 3rd party java/active-x/C++/etc code running, and the machine os/rev/patch level, the date and time, and a few other non-identifiable bits of info. But, all the sites visited, the location of the hardware, the user login name... hell, who can know what the crash logs collect when many if not most of them convert the stuff to hex or some other non-human readable characters? (Yes, those with skills can reverse engineer most of this, but the lay person may want to know there corresponding, readable bits before allowing the log to be sent.)

This guy's asking the question could serve the purpose of warning him that a naming convention should not give up TOO much information that could be nefariously exploited by unauthorized recipients of such scheme. Internally, the scheme is likely to be fantastic if not overdone, though.

Unfortunately, i'm thinking what i wrote may be pointless because the crash logs are just collating information already in the system's ram or files that any decent programmer can obtain. So... maybe what i wrote is meaningless... a waste of time...


Wagon Train To/From the Stars...

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago



But, my comments:

Cleverly circular, and Circularly Clever (as in funny, not as in derisive).

I think it would be awesome to find were the descendants of a "lost, once-warring" civilization. It might explain some of the random scientific breakthroughs and claims of fuel improvements. Our current government and corporate attitudes toward money would explain the mysterious deaths or disappearances of the "advancing" persons, their claims and maybe some of the tech-- real or fraudulent.

On the other side of "interesting" (but not necessarily "awesome"), would be that, anthropologically, if proto-humans here WERE indeed mixed by human(oids) who look more like us than the "ape man" creatures we saw trekking along in the Serengeti, then some of those Galacticans/fugitives/survivors must've gotten tired of sexing it up with own kind. Might, though, explain the hardy (and sometimes twisted) immune system, HIV/AIDS, herpes, and a slew of other things that afflicted humans (even the one (Franklin? "Mr. Lightning Catheter"?) who though funneling lightning down a kite string to his key would blast away his STD or, as my high school chem instructor termed it "his woes and ails", hehehe).

But, as for the warring, (analogous to the current Israel/Palestine/Cylon/Rebels conflicts), CyTigh put it kind of nicely (paraphrasing): "Go back far enough, you can blame the first pond scum crawling out of the mud for everything wrong with humanity."

Now, can anybody tie in "The Gods Must Be Crazy", and "Gorillas in the Mist"? (That might be kewl...)

(I don't know of the Mormon influence will survive into the finished product. It'll probably be veiled, or altered some way to try to be intriguing the way "District 9" will be to some watchers. Well, unless it's nearly-fully-funded by Mormons who really want their message on-screen)

(As usual, posted with "No Subscriber Bonus".)

(Since i rarely mod, and and since you're at 5, Funny and using any mod for you would have no higher effect, and since i'm at "TERRIBLE" karma as of yesterday (by-product of my emotional flaming toward the mod-bombing (and revisionist down-scorings) i've been getting the past few weeks), this is one of the posts i found worth using one of my 2-allowed-per-24-hours posts, especially since though a Trek fan since 1968 (don't forget Trek was Gene Roddenberry's "Wagon Train [TO} the Stars...), for me, for now, BSG reimagined is far more human-storied, gritty, emotionally-roller-coasting, and politically current, and, i dare say, may have had a subtle role in the outcome of the demise of the prior US administration-- just wait 5 or 10 years... some will say it reflected then-current events, while others will probably successfully make the case that (science) fiction can definitely alter real-world politics.)

Well, so much for forgetting that 24 hours haven't yet passed by...


Bug fixed in Opera crashing in slashdot

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Either it's been fixed, or just better covered up, but for now, no crashing due to rapid "Ctrl + A" when in the slashdot user submission entry box since i updated Opera to 10.00 Beta 3, build 1699.

Will try the other machine and update here...

(I put this under "Bug" because while there is "Mozilla", there is no "Opera"... And, since i don't know if it's an Opera bug, or some shrewd/stealty slashdot tracking module to prevent abuse of the site, i didn't want to put it under "Software")...

=========== Edit follows...

Yep, definitely, the older/preceding version crashes INSTANTLY on rapid/repeated "Ctrl + A"

Still, doesn't mean it's an Opera fault. So far, i haven't been crashed on other sites where i copy contents and inadvertently do multiple "Ctrl + A" strokes...



davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

So, in:


I said -- inferred-- in my first para that the report being published is probably to wake up the government to the desire of many to influence hiring to domestic workers out of jobs. But, of course, i went on (thinking i'd offer some *mostly* neutral input, and it seems i have pissed of a few god-powered slahsers, or simply pissed off EVERYONE with an ability to singly or in collaboration just mod-thrash me into oblivion.

My personal observations and experience are off topic. Probably should have left it at the first para, only. But, then it would have been modded "redundant". Some twit is after me big-time.

Well, for that, i hope some sweet retaliatory vengeance in the form of tighter visa restrictions and immigration policies kicks in BIG TIME. (Maybe an oft-traveler is ticked that i brought up this information about visa abuse in Japan? Too damned bad...)

(Maybe we'll find out i'm not the only one, and that slashdot is trying to be more "grown up" because maybe there is a pending facebook or murdoch-like suitor in the offing.... It'll be funny, too, to find out one day that slashdot is the largest, most successful on-line geek/nerd/techhie information harvester there is, and that its location in/near Virginia is no accident, or that it's NOT in Virginia but its data flows through there.... It would be a time to say, "so much for your anonymized/pseudonym submission...")


Why is there a "Moderate" button on one's own journal page? hmmmmm.....



davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago



I wrote a comment about fuel or parking spaces being used to offset or make up the loss of gas-tax revenues as electric cars take fuel more from electrical grids, following a comment that was (in my mind) a logical starting of an alternate point about cities raising revenues (related to cars, and...), and it was marked "off topic"

What kind of oversight is being run here? Is there a HUMAN in the link for correcting dumb-ass moderation by vengeance-seekers? Of course, by now, with TERRIBLE karma (and still have 5 moderation points), i'm probably so radioactive that no one will touch my screen name or comments.

And WHY oh WHY does this journal page default the scroll list to "PC Games" rather than "User Journal". I don't write about games.


Funny as hell... 31 fans and 0 friends (of course) ...

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

And ZEEEERO foes? This is funny, because IIRC, in less than 1 month i somehow accumulated 31 fans (I'll leave nameless (or, does /. allow logged-in users to see my friends/fans/foes? I don't recall), as some probably are real, many probably stalkers, and the system listed them as fans when they may have self-ascribed as foes)... But, in any case, only two, possibly three replied to me directly AS a quasi-fan more than one time.

Wasn't there a time when /. code was buggy and allowed users permanently high/good karma? Sorta like Half Life back in the 90's? /. needs to graft some VisualAnalytics contact mapping onto /. so anonymous moderators are unhooded. But, no, it might diminish the aura of the American voting privacy protection blah blah blah...

I wonder whether there is for those with "Terrible Karma" a journal entry limit...

Strange, how it feels "Star Chamber" (movie)-like, yet people can write in and suggest borderline illegal things, joke about murder, link to or suggest porn, ways of defeating one's workplace sysadmin, and so on. Yet profanity and uncivil flame-engagement can be MY undoing because i'm flaming one-way because some digitally-masked assailants can't be troubled to identify themselves and risk their own integrity and karma...



I see i have 31 fans, but earlier i somehow missed noticing "Freaks". I have 19 of those, orange-dotted listings.... Are they uuber-enemies by another flag?


See, this is weird... "Terrible Karma"

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

And the systems still says:

"Moderation x
You have moderator access and 5 points (expire on 2009-08-15). Welcome to those of you just joining: please read the moderator guidelines for instructions.
You can't post & moderate the same discussion.
Concentrate on promoting more than demoting.
Browse at -1 to keep an eye out for abuses.
Mail the admin URLs showing abuse (the cid link please!)."

Of course, i won't know if with terrible karma whether i can still moderate. That's because i don't buy into the moderation, and i won't try it. Well, that is, i RARELY moderate. How can i, when i engage in post-damnation flames against my stalkers/instigators?

But, at least i have SOME noteworthy achievements, per /.:

"The Tagger
Had a Comment Modded Up

(But, in the interest of full disclosure, that's been so for over a few months...)


hehehe.. "TERRIBLE KARMA" now...

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

"Call It A Night, Cowboy!
Slashdot only allows a user with your karma to post 2 times per day (more or less, depending on moderation). You've already shared your thoughts with us that many times. Take a breather, and come back and see us in 24 hours or so. If you think this is unfair, please email posting@slashdot.org with your username "davidsyes". Let us know how many comments you think you've posted in the last 24 hours."

Anyway, my comment on blizzard...

" All rights and title in and to the Service (including without limitation any user accounts, titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogue, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights, any related documentation, "applets" incorporated into the Game Client, transcripts of the chat rooms, character profile information, recordings of games played using the Game Client, and the Game Client and server software) are owned by Blizzard or its licensors."


If that is what blizzard thinks, then they are UTTERLY FULL OF SHIT.

If i design a character based on my life, and make if 90% authentic, does blizzard imply that they can write my autobiography and intimate previously-never-disclosed details in a book and sell it using pros before i could piddle along and sell it myself? If they beat me to it, could they enjoin or prevent me from later selling my story, or derivatives? That's like or similar to universities and schools telling students that reuse of their prior works published or unpublished is plagiarism, and thus grounds for censure/dismissal/suspension/et cetera.

If i make a character based on a nickname i used all or most of my life and it's documented (let's say someone's nickname is on their driver's license, checks, and various sites said player subscribes to), does blizzard or its attorneys think they have the right to usurp and malign, extend or otherwise republish said handles/nicknames and "productize" them? If that's what they think, they are FULL OF SHIT.

If i place a real world URL of MY own designs/drawings/inventions into a virtual world, and characters are modified by players to "build" a world or vessel or home based on my works, does blizzard think they have the right to claim that that incorporation of my works (say they are WELL (traceably) PUBLISHED on the internet well prior to joining a game)? If so, they ARE FULL OF SHIT.

Do they think they can "own" or assert some ownership in the real legal system works that existed prior to their network game even was invented? How DARE have the temerity to deviously usurp individual property/possession/performance rights of things they didn't independently invent.

Now, i'd have to read the EULA for myself, but it reeks of many earlier publishing sites for authors whose writings would for various reasons (ranging from poor quality to publishing industry cock-blocking/gatekeeping/artificial demand creating) that asked for all prior art, sketches, blueprints, designs, models, mockups, notes, ideas, discussions, and more of the book or downstream products before even discussing whether or not they'd produce an author's book. They claimed it was to ensure the submitter was the true owner, and to protect their company from lawsuits and to maintain a lawsuit-safe environment for authors to contract with, but i always felt they were trawling for invention ideas, not unlike inventor submission adverts. I once met with at least two people who claimed they could introduce me to manufacturers, and they wanted to see REAL DRAWINGS i'd made, as if i'm dumb enough to let them produce my ideas and cut me out of the profit stream. Even two banks' officers lied to me and tried to keep copies of a business plan i wrote. I demanded (in a paragraph in the plan) they not make any copies until they approved funding, and that the plan was private, proprietary, confidential, et cetera. They were lying, and in know it, because when i spotted it in its distinctive binding, the banker guffawed and hemmed and tried to play innocent. He just was too lazy to have copied it in the week he had it sitting on his desk.

ANyway, i'd like to see someone inject into blizzard some real world products they own, see blizzard try to sneak off to a real-world manufacturers' agent, and then get take to court and be found guilty if they are indeed skimming for ideas.


Bad Karma... 5 Moderator Points? STOOPID?

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

"Karma: Bad
5 moderator points expire 2009-08-15.

Welcome to those of you just joining: please read the moderator guidelines for instructions. You can't post & moderate the same discussion. Concentrate on promoting more than demoting. Browse at -1 to keep an eye out for abuses. Mail the admin URLs showing abuse (include the cid link please!)."

Sigh.... Wonky system? Must be. Not as if i go around just dishing out mod points, up or down. I hardly EVER moderate. Given the things i say, i feel i should not moderate others, tho i'll freely comment if an urge arises.


Slashdot crashes my Opera Browser

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

This is what i'm going to submit to Opera. I declined to let the crash reporter send the log, as it had information not only about my visited sites, but file paths in the two machines on which i could repeatedly duplicate the crash.

But, Slashdot might want to cooperate with Opera. However, anyone searching for this bug will find on the bug report page:

"Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the data in our tracking system, no public list of known bugs is available." It still might be under discussion, though.

Opera 10.00 Beta 2 Build 1642 summarily crashes if simply double-tap "A" in Ctrl+A at the site www.slashdot.org.

First, pick a comment and hit reply (i did it as a logged-in user; dunno if it'll work as an anonymous commenter). Then click outside of the comment reply box. THen rapidly click the "A" in Ctrl+A keystroke. BOOM, it crashes.

Repeated on two different Dell desktops, one over 8 years old with ~ 1GB RAM (and over 20 tabs open), the other around 3 years old with 2+GB (and around 7 tabs open), Machines' OS: XP Pro.

Another way to crash it it anonymously at Slashdot, click on "Login", but don't log in. Just click outside the login popup, then double-tap the "A" in Ctrl+A.

(Dammit, we need a free-entry Journal Topic field.... Opera's not in the drop-down list.)


Well, well, well, FINALLY, I hit "bad" karma....

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

FINALLY, somebody in a power position demoted me to BAD karma. All the year's i'd written vitriolic, insightful, inciting, and informative things, and in the span of the past 8 months or so, i went from "Excellent" karma, in over the past few months, was at "Good" karma. Today, I'm at "Bad" karma. I think this AM, or definitely last week i was at "Good" karma.

Finally, somebody (or several) with power decided to push me under the carpet...

Must've pissed off mods or the parent company, too... (Do readers alone or all in conjunction drive down karma through modding?) (I think my recent "CAn you hear me NAOOOOWWWWW"


torqued someone....), ....

I noticed there is an "x" after my profile/user account name. Is that a flag to readers in the know that said subscriber is a "bad karma" person?


COOL Tech to Save Police Officer Lives

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

I put this under Wireless Networking because /. seems incapable of auto-synthesizing more diverse and more appropriate Journal Topic selections....


I won't add any self-aggrandizing commentary/editorial to this. The entire article speakes for itself. Exerpts:

"How it Works Rapp says that the whole premise behind COPsync was to build an officer safety notification system. He says that in doing the research to accomplish that, his team discovered a need to work with lots of other technology vendors. Unfortunately, he says, most law enforcement systems in this space are very, very proprietary.

"They don't play well together and it causes issues amongst law enforcement agencies, so from day one we took a position that we will always remain neutral. We said, 'let's build for the mobile environment; let's actually provide it to the guys that are riding around in the patrol car.' And that meant we had to be hardware agnostic, vendor agnostic, and to be honest with you I could almost venture to say that we are technology agnostic. What I mean by that is, we built our technology from the foundation up to work with any possible system that is out there.""

"Furthermore, as soon as that audible tone and visual alert happen in the squad on the scene, the system automatically transmits an officer safety alert to all COPsync-equipped patrol cars within a 50 mile radius regardless of their jurisdiction."


Microsoft Money Support Ending Next Year or Sooner

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago


"On Microsoft's own Money site, the company explains that, "[w]ith banks, brokerage firms and Web sites now providing a range of options for managing personal finances, the consumer need for Microsoft Money Plus has changed. After suspending annual updates of Money Plus in 2008, Microsoft is announcing today that we will no longer offer Microsoft Money Plus for purchase after June 30, 2009."

The Redmond company warns that "[a]ll purchased Money Plus products must be activated prior to Jan. 31, 2011." Once activated, the program will work as usual. However, after the cut-off date for online services, users will be left with reduced functionality and the inability to upgrade their version of Money or move it to a new machine, virtual or otherwise."


I effing DARE YOU.... Okay... bzzzewhuttttzzzzztzzsszz

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago


When you dare something to happen, be careful. The outcome depends... well, in her case... Depends...

" A dashboard camera in the deputy's car shows the 4-foot-11 Winkfein refusing to sign her speeding ticket, getting out of her white pickup truck and cursing at the deputy constable.

Bieze then pushes her to get her away from traffic.

"You're gonna shove a 72-year-old woman," Winkfein says angrily, standing inches from the deputy.

"If you don't step back, you're going to get Tased," Bieze says.

"Go ahead, Tase me," Winkfein says. "I dare you."

The video shows Bieze using the Taser and Winkfein hitting the ground and moaning in pain.

"Put your hands behind your back or you're going to be Tased again," Bieze yells, and then hits her with another jolt."



davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Other than "friending" you, i don't know how to inform you that i gave + moderation to your comment


about the summary. If i wrote this comment, then /. wierd system would negate my scoring. Probably someone'll take it away JUST because i modded you up. I had 5 points, but loath using them because i feel, "What's the point when /. allows predators to take them away without outting nor requiring moderators to JUSTIFY their moderation, positive or negative."

But, as of ~1333 PST i gave you one point. Didn't want to reattempt and seem excessive, but wanted to get the ball rolling for you.

Justification: TOO MANY SUBMISSIONS HAVE SLANTED/JINGOISTIC/ANTAGONISTIC/WANNABE-JOURNALIST opinions about a story, or are thinly-veiled attempts to incite readers to jump on a story.


Opera 10 Beta Looks Good

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago


I'll let the article stand without my comments.

Interesting, thought, that the Journal Topic has internet explorer, KDE, Mozilla, GUI, Enlightenment, AOL, Yahoo! and others, but not "Opera".... nor other browsers that are well-regarded software...



Bodies 'found' from missing Air France plane

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Now, maybe closure can begin...


""We confirm the recovery from the water of debris and bodies from the Air France plane," Col Amaral said at a news conference in the northern city of Recife.

He later added that two male bodies had been found, as well as objects linked to passengers known to be on the flight, including a suitcase with a plane ticket and a backpack with a computer inside.

"It was confirmed with Air France that the ticket number corresponds to a passenger on the flight," Col Amaral said.

A blue seat was also found, and Air France is checking the serial number to see whether it came from the flight.

The remains were picked up some 800km (500 miles) north-east of the islands of Fernando de Noronha, off Brazil's northern coast.

They were not far from where the last signal from the plane was received. "


Caligari no more?

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago


Many people who use/d Truespace will read about the demise of the company.

"Dear Caligari customer,

You may have heard that Microsoft Corporation, reacting to difficult business conditions, has been evaluating many of the products it produces and making the difficult decision to reduce investment in certain areas.

It is with regret that I have to tell you that trueSpace is one of the products affected. As a consequence, you will see reduction or elimination of services offered for trueSpace. For example, there will be no phone or email support offered for trueSpace by Microsoft, and our web site may also be affected. While the dates are not absolutely fixed, some services and contacts may come to an end as early as Friday May 22nd 2009, while others will continue as long as possible with no firm cutoff date available yet."

More about Truespace/Caligary:



Missouri University FORCING students to own iPhone/Pod?

davidsyes davidsyes writes  |  more than 5 years ago

(Why the hell isn't there an Apple journal topic? Anyway....)


"The university posted to its Web site that all new students need to own an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch--not to mention a wireless-enabled laptop with Microsoft Office installed--to support course material. No ifs, ands or buts about it: You come to Mizzou for J-school, you need Apple devices, the university seems to be saying.

"Effective with the fall 2009 semester, incoming freshmen journalism and pre-journalism students are required to have a Web-enabled audio-video player," read a posting to the journalism school's Web site that included a Frequently Asked Questions section. "This requirement is best met by purchasing the Apple iPod Touch, which has all the features the Missouri School of Journalism intends to implement to achieve its academic objectives and those of its students. There are alternatives to the iPod Touch, but none that we consider equally capable." "

Sounds to me that someone could be getting a bonus or kickback... Is this something the current administration would take a dim view toward?

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