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Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

davmoo Re:own cloud (176 comments)

Yep, that's exactly what I do. I know exactly what's going on with my data, and if its insecure, I know its my own dang fault.

about a week ago

California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs

davmoo Re:So wait... what? (314 comments)

>everyone in calif is required to have auto insurance, so THAT's a total non-argument about ride-sharing.

"Required to have auto insurance" is very different from "actually has auto insurance". The roads are filled with uninsured drivers. Also, just because they have personal insurance does not mean they have commercial insurance, and personal insurance will not cover your (or your friend's) ass if your friend is using his vehicle commercially.

So yes, contrary to your thinking, proper insurance is indeed an argument. And Uber, etc, are not offering a "ride sharing service". They are taking "Paid taxi service" and adding "ordered by phone app" to the description. If it quacks like a duck...

about a month and a half ago

NSF Researcher Suspended For Mining Bitcoin

davmoo Re:Throw the book... maybe literally at him. (220 comments)

Electricity for the machines is not free. And supercomputers take a lot of that. Unless you have free electricity, bitcoin is at the point where its almost impossible to mine it and break even in less than 9 months to a year or so.

about 2 months ago

TrueCrypt Website Says To Switch To BitLocker

davmoo Re:Suggest looking at this URL (566 comments)

Thanks for the URL...wish I had mod points this week. That wooshing noise you just heard was me running 'wget' :)

about 2 months ago

TrueCrypt Website Says To Switch To BitLocker

davmoo Yawn... (566 comments)

Until such time as the iSEC audits turn up an actual problem, I'll keep using 7.1a as usual.

about 2 months ago

Sony To Make Movie of Edward Snowden Story

davmoo Business as usual or ? (107 comments)

So, is Greenwald gonna share any of the money with Snowden, or is he just going to laugh all the way to the bank while Snowden rots in Russia.

about 3 months ago

China Using Troop of Trained Monkeys To Guard Air Base

davmoo This isn't all that impressive. (119 comments)

We've had untrained monkeys in the US for President and Vice President for the last 13 years. And they've been used in Congress longer than that.

about 3 months ago

Obama To Ask For $1 Billion Climate Change Fund

davmoo What uncertainty (410 comments)

From the summary: "The prospects for the climate fund are uncertain in a Republican-controlled House".

There's no uncertainty about it. Anyone with five or more brain cells to rub together can tell you that this will never pass in the House. In fact, I doubt it will even get out of committee to be debated on the floor, much less come up for a House vote.

about 5 months ago

'The Color Run' Violates Agreement With College Photographer, Then Sues Him

davmoo Re:Wow.... (218 comments)

But...if he did not register the copyrighted photos, he can only go for actual damages. He cannot get anything "punitive".

about 6 months ago

CES 2014: Stefan Lindsay Demonstrates the gTar (Video)

davmoo Re:Who else though it was. (104 comments)

You might be making a joke. But I'll step up and admit that when I first saw "gTar", that's exactly what I thought it would be.

about 6 months ago

CES 2014: Stefan Lindsay Demonstrates the gTar (Video)

davmoo (104 comments)

Other than maybe the part where it connects to a smartphone instead of a computer, this is certainly not the first, and not even new. Fretlight ( ) has been doing it for years. The only place this is anything new is in gTar's imagination.

about 6 months ago

Antigua Looks Closer To Legal "Piracy" of US-Copyrighted Works

davmoo Re:Time to shut down the WTO (327 comments)

Right now the members of Congress could not agree that the earth is round, the sky is blue, and the sun is the center of the solar system.

about 9 months ago

Google Wants To Help You Tiptoe Around the NSA & the Great Firewall of China

davmoo The 12th of Never (140 comments)

"when will the public finally demand that communications which pass encrypted through a third party still retain an reasonable expectation of privacy (rendering them pen register order-resistant)?"

As soon as NSA spying prevents them from watching "Dancing With the Stars" and "Honey Boo Boo".

about 9 months ago

Yahoo CEO Says It Would Be Treason To Decline To Cooperate With the NSA

davmoo Its fun to read comments on this kind of topics (524 comments)

I hear a lot of tough talk in here. And in theory, I agree with a some of it. But in reality, I have to wonder how many of you would continue that tough talk if it were YOU being questioned or served with a secret warrant by the NSA or any other federal three-letter organization. I'd be willing to bet money that 90 percent of you would wilt like a daisy dropped in Death Valley.

about a year ago

According To YouGov Poll, Snowden Support Declining Among Americans

davmoo Re:My opinion shifted also (658 comments)

And I think what you mean is you were unaware that the United States was practicing espionage against other countries even before it was the "United States" during the Revolutionary War. There has never been a time that this country hasn't been spying on others. And the same goes for European countries.

And I would make the same statements regarding spying on its own citizens.

1 year,24 days

According To YouGov Poll, Snowden Support Declining Among Americans

davmoo Welcome to the real world (658 comments)

Joe Average American simply does not give a shit. This was obvious to anyone who was watching during the Bush regime. Americans are more interested in who's on Dancing With The Stars.

1 year,24 days

Revelations On the French Big Brother

davmoo Show me show you (98 comments)

You show me someone who says their country does not spy on its citizens, and I'll show you a fool. And you show me someone who says their country does not spy on other countries, and I'll show you another fool.

Governments have been spying on their own citizens since the day "governments" were born. And that first government started spying on other governments the day the second one was born nearby.

Does this make it right? No, of course not. Two wrongs, as they say, do not make a right (but three rights make a left). But I'm getting a bit tired of all this "My country is better than yours because it doesn't spy" bullshit. Grow up. Your country spies just like mine does.

1 year,25 days

Snowden: NSA Spying On EU Diplomats and Administrators

davmoo Why is anyone surprised? (417 comments)

This shouldn't be at all surprising to anyone. Countries have been spying on each other and their own citizens since the dawn of civilization. And anyone here who thinks only the US does this and their country doesn't spy on its citizens is living in a dream world.

about a year ago

Nook Failure, Lack of Foot Traffic Could Spell Doom For Barnes & Noble

davmoo It isn't just the Nook (330 comments)

The main reason I quit shopping at B&N? Because their in-store stock SUCKS. The whole reason I shop at B&N is because *I want it now*. In many instances I've even been willing to pay a slightly higher store price for that. Almost without fail, even popular books and DVDs/Blu-Rays are not in stock in any store in the Indianapolis area. Its just as bad at the Bloomington store, which you think would be a bit better stocked because its a college town. And considering that the closest B&N to me is about 50 miles one way, I don't go there just to browse.

I prefer to support brick-and-mortar stores when I can. But I can't do that if they don't have a decent amount of stock.

And for something that can be blamed on the Nook, have you ever noticed that their online coupons and such do not apply to Nook Books?

I just bought two Nook HD+ devices during their blowout sale. And the first thing I will do to both of them is turn them in to unadulterated Android tablets.

about a year ago

Texas Physicists Create Tabletop Particle Accelerator

davmoo So... (89 comments)

Where do I sign up for the kit? Will it be a Kickstarter project? :)

about a year ago


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