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Trolltech Releases First Qt 4 Technology Preview

dbglt Just to sort things out... (95 comments)

For those who are uniformed or unaware, QT is dual licensed:

Firstly, under a commercial license (which is ~$1000)

Secondly, under the GPL for non-commercial usage only

However, QT for Windows is not released under the second license, meaning that if you want to develop with QT and the Windows platform - even if you are a non-commercial entity - you must purchase a commercial license (or manage to persuade the nice folk at TT to grant you a license, as a few open source projects have managed to do).

I feel this limits the target market... as one of the reasons to even begin coding in QT (other than the WONDERFUL documentation :p), is the promise of cross platform availibility. I have heard it is possible to compile under win32 platform with cygwin and mingw - but I cannot confirm this

Anyway, as I develop primarily for *nix platforms, this is not a big issue for me, but I would like to see QT opened up for the windows platform. That way I'm not limited in the future if I decide to work with another platform.

more than 10 years ago


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