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World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

dcollins117 Re:Finally! (474 comments)

That would put a heavy dent in the income of the organizations that manage the prison systems (which are mostly cronies of the politicians).

Everyone making money off the status quo will fight tooth and nail to maintain it. That's a given. New crimes are being defined all the time, the one that pops into my mind first is unauthorized use of computers. And just try to exercise your first amendment right to protest within earshot of the president.

Since Orwell's 1984 has been spot on so far, my guess is that the next activity to be made illegal is any attempt to maintain privacy. Seems to be the way the winds are blowing, anyway.

about two weeks ago

FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

dcollins117 Re:Automation is killing jobs faster than ever (435 comments)

Randomly speeding up or slowing down, and changing lanes without signalling is called "Massachusetts Mode".

It's just in the Boston area where that happens. Once you get to Western Mass, driving becomes more or less normative.

Still, I've done my share of Boston driving. The most annoying maneuver I've encountered is when you are making a left hand turn and the car behind you cuts you off making the turn before you thereby gaining the positional advantage.

I would cast further aspersions upon Boston drivers but one time I was hopelessly lost in the heart of Boston and realized I was driving the wrong way down a one way street. So, sometimes I'm the douchebag, I guess.

about two weeks ago

Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+

dcollins117 Re:Youtube Comments (238 comments)

Youtube comments are notoriously atrocious.

My experience is that Google took my fake name from YouTube and created a Google+ account with it. I can't really see how they can get butthurt about the use of a fake name on Google+ when I didn't sign up for, don't use, nor even want to use the service.

That being said, YouTube comments work best when they are not taken seriously. There whole "redesign" of the comment section failed spectacularly because they didn't understand what motivates people to comment in the first place. It's supposed to be fun, not a pain in the ass.

about two weeks ago

Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

dcollins117 Re:Any Memory?? what judge will go on just that? (415 comments)

Aren't there like three actual sins against humanity, all of them including domination of the weak or innocent? .... is there a third?

Sure, the abuse of government warrantless searches in spite of that being directly prohibited by the Fourth Amendment. Let's call that number three and for a fourth let's take the paramititarized police forces using extrajudicial methods to suppress dissent from ordinary American citizens.

about three weeks ago

Oklahoma's Earthquakes Linked To Fracking

dcollins117 Re:seems to be a common theme (154 comments)

Apparently, nobody has ever done a single environmental impact assessment or a performed an inspection related to a fracking operation.

Why bother? There's no point to it. The oil and gas companies have explicit exemptions and exceptions to most EPA oversight.

It matters not a whit how damaging their actions are to the environment when there is no possible recourse available.

about three weeks ago

Privacy Oversight Board Gives NSA Surveillance a Pass

dcollins117 Re:Disgusted but not really surprised (170 comments)

Obviously, what the world needs is a suite of server-less, p2p communication protocols that would cover our basic communication needs without any centralized points of failure (like NSLable mail server operators) and with all communication encrypted.

We have one, it's called Freenet. The technology exists, but people aren't using it.

about a month ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

dcollins117 Re:OR (579 comments)

Unfortunately, there is a countdown timer telling them the light will change to yellow in 4 seconds, so they know they need to speed up to make it through.

But a yellow light does not mean speed up, it means slow down and prepare to stop, as the light is about to turn red.

If drivers reinterpret the meaning of traffic signals to mean the opposite of what is intended then you are going to have some problems.

about a month ago

The Internet's Own Boy

dcollins117 Re:Snuck [Re:wifi is slow [Re:His choices...]] (194 comments)

For the record, that video shows him walking casually into the room, not "sneaking" into it. You might see something nefarious going on, but I don't.

about a month ago

The Internet's Own Boy

dcollins117 Re:Internet bullies (194 comments)

He also was a criminal with criminal intent in every action he took.

Or he was practicing non-violent civil disobedience, which until recently was considered a virtuous American value and taught to school children.

Do you revile Henry David Thoreau as much as you do Aaron Schwartz?

about a month ago

The Internet's Own Boy

dcollins117 Re:wifi is slow [Re:His choices...] (194 comments)

It was only after he was repeatedly blocked from doing that by wireless access (being blocked should have been a clue to him) that he snuck into the closet.

OOoooh. Did he sneak in on his belly like a cobra or on tippy-toes like the spy-vs-spy cartoon? Seems like that would just draw undo attention. Or maybe he just walked in, and you are making shit up.

about a month ago

The Internet's Own Boy

dcollins117 Re:His choices... (194 comments)

He could have downloaded the data from his own desk in his own office. Instead he went to the library and entered a wiring closet that was clearly not supposed to be open to the public.

If you were going to download a lot of data, would you choose a node with many hops to the server or just a few? I would pick the one closest to the server.

about a month ago

That Toy Is Now a Drone

dcollins117 Re:And lawn darts (268 comments)

And the Irwin Mainway Bag O' Glass.

about a month ago

FBI Issued 19,000 National Security Letters In 2013

dcollins117 Re:NSLs should be made illegal (61 comments)

They already are.

This. Each an every NSL needs to be challenged.

about a month ago

Meet Carla Shroder's New Favorite GUI-Textmode Hybrid Shell, Xiki

dcollins117 Re:Onions have layers...shells have layers? (176 comments)

I tried running emacs from the emacs shell and got the error
emacs: Terminal type "dumb" is not powerful enough to run Emacs.

I am somber.

about a month ago

Former NSA Chief Warned Against Selling NSA Secrets

dcollins117 Re:remind me (138 comments)

Am I confused, or is this the same amoral sack of shit who lied to Congress with a straight face about NSA activities???

Yep. Circumventing the law, lying to Congress, sounds like a perfect match for the banking industry.

about a month ago

Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can Be Compelled To Decrypt Data

dcollins117 Re:The relevant part (560 comments)

The Commonwealth's motion to compel decryption does not violate the defendant's rights under the Fifth Amendment because the defendant is only telling the government what it already knows.

The thing that gets me is that the government doesn't know the password so he is telling them something they don't already know.

about a month ago

Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy

dcollins117 Re:And guess how many vacation days we Americans g (710 comments)

Again, where do you get the contracts from if you lack the network?

From the gettin' place.

Disclaimer: You may or may not find that amusing depending on whether you've seen "No Country For Old Men"

about a month ago

Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy

dcollins117 Re:And guess how many vacation days we Americans g (710 comments)

In this economy, the question is rather whether you're not well enough connected to find something else. Skill plays little role anymore when it comes to unemployment.

If you are highly skilled and those skills are in demand, hire yourself. You can't be fired unless you fire yourself. You can't be underpaid unless you underpay yourself. You can take as many vacation days as you like.

If you succeed, that's great. If not, you have no one left to blame but yourself.

about a month ago

Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

dcollins117 Re:So, what's the correction? (347 comments)

None of your questions can be answered by science. Science is a great tool, but can't answer "why" things are the way they are. Just be grateful it is not different, otherwise we wouldn't even be here to ask the questions.

Similarly, asking what happened before the big bang is meaningless. Stephen Hawking puts it beautifully:

Since events before the Big Bang have no observational consequences, one may as well cut them out of the theory, and say that time began at the Big Bang. Events before the Big Bang, are simply not defined, because there's no way one could measure what happened at them.

This doesn't mean you can't enjoy pondering these questions if that's what you want to do, but do so with full realization you're now in the realm of philosophy, religion, and mysticism - not science.

about a month ago


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