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Pixar For Sale?

dcuny Re:A Neat Pixar/Disney Story (251 comments)

Odd, I picked up Toy Story: The Art and Making of the Animated Film, and it tells an entirely different story. In this version, Pixar's "Black Monday" arrived November 17, 1993 when the creative team got their first look at the assembled story reels. There were serious problems with the story, especially with Woody's character.

  • "If anybody helped us get back on the wagon most, it was the creative people at Disney," says Stanton. "Con Clements and John Musker [co-directors of Aladding and The Little Mermaid] were terrific. They immediately said, listen guys, you'll get through this. We went through it on Aladdin, and you'll turn it around.

Still, I agree that Disney purchasing Pixar would be a complete disaster, in terms of blending cultures.

more than 9 years ago


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