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Have Online Comment Sections Become Specious?

deadline wait, wait, now (429 comments)

quod erat demonstrandum

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Clusters On the Cheap?

deadline Re:MB stacks (264 comments)

You may be thinking of this (Limulus Project)

about 3 years ago

Writing Linux Kernel Functions In CUDA With KGPU

deadline All in good time (101 comments)

Proof of concepts are nice, but when the GPU is firmly planted in the CPU, this will make more sense. The PCI bus can be a bottleneck in these types of situations. AMD fusion is a great example of this idea.

more than 3 years ago

The 'Adventure' In Self-Publishing an IT Book

deadline Re:It's more than that (156 comments)

That is the point of the free version. How else do you get people to read and talk about your book in the sea of crap. If it is worth reading it will get noticed because there is no cost barrier. Those, like me that want bound versions of good books will pay for the paper.

more than 3 years ago

The Microsoft High-Profile Exodus Continues

deadline It is about choice Neo (331 comments)

Many people first used Windows not by choice, but by mandate -- there was no other option and the Microsoft monopoly made sure it stayed that way. (unless you bought a Mac) My guess is many people have found the MS experience frustrating and a general PITA, but there was never any other choice. They had to live with the shoddy time wasting experience Microsoft called computing.

Now given the option of having their "desktop experience" on their "phone" or "pad" I am sure many people are interested in real alternatives. My prediction is no matter how hard Microsoft tries to play the "we are the future of computing because we invented everything" song and dance, most users will chose iOS and Android for exactly that reason. Hi-tech karma at its best.

more than 3 years ago

Windows Cluster Hits a Petaflop, But Linux Retains Top-5 Spot

deadline Why Linux On Clusters? (229 comments)

The reasons Linux is so successful on HPC clusters are numerous. Historically, Linux was the best solution for many reasons. In particular, HPC clearly demonstrates why "open" is superior to closed approaches to a markt.

more than 3 years ago

MINI-ITX and the Future of PC Case Design?

deadline These may have some interesting uses in HPC (164 comments)

I just wrote and article Low Cost/Power HPC using Atom processors and Mini-ITX boards. The first table is rather interesting (HPC = High Performance Computing):

The Nehalem Xeon runs 1.8 times faster, generates 7.3 times as much heat and costs 22 times as much as the D510 Atom. The performance is 7.7 times faster, but when you factor in the price-to-performance the Atom is 3 times better than the Xeon solution. Interestingly, the TDP/performance ratios are almost identical for both processors.

more than 4 years ago

Bill Joy On Sun, Microsoft, Open Source, and Creativity

deadline Re:From TFA (173 comments)

And Bill, I would say you were not the only company to go down because you believed: ... open source has been great for hobbyists to get involved ... Sun had the ball and dropped it, too bad because it was a good run.

more than 4 years ago

Boltzmann Equation Solved, the New Way

deadline Re:Meaning of "Solved" (104 comments)

I think most people have the wrong idea about the "Butterfly Effect." IIRC, the weather scientists were talking about the precision with which they would need to know air movement to make longer term predictions. i.e. the longer the forecast the more digits of precision are needed in your measurement. They were referring to the level of precision and not to butterflies causing a tornado or other such nonsense. Unfortunately, the media like to report it otherwise.

more than 4 years ago

Liquid Blade Brings Immersion Cooling To Blade Servers

deadline Remember these rules when using liquid cooling (79 comments)

  1. All liquids will, at some point, leak or spill
  2. When you are convinced that immersive liquid cooling is the future, read rule #1

For special and expensive systems such ideas may be useful, but it is hard to beat air for commodity systems because it is free, there is plenty of it, it cannot spill, it does not put excess load on the floor, it is inert (to electronics), and it can be easily recycled.

more than 4 years ago

Russian Hacker Selling 1.5M Facebook Accounts

deadline Re:Translation (193 comments)

Right on, 5 digits and proud

more than 4 years ago

Startup's Submerged Servers Could Cut Cooling Costs

deadline Video and Interview (147 comments)

I interviewed these guys at SC09 for Linux Magazine. There are some close up shots of the servers in the oil.

more than 4 years ago

Are My Ideas Being Stolen? If So, What Then?

deadline Re:Only the paranoid survive (not) (508 comments)

This is one of the most intelligent posts I have read here in a long time. Good or new ideas are quickly dismissed by the mainstream because they are not, well, mainstream. Almost all good ideas have a champion behind them who works tirelessly to "make it happen."

more than 5 years ago



deadline deadline writes  |  more than 7 years ago

deadline writes "We are pleased to announce the new software package developed by a team of ClusterMonkey researchers including Robert Brown, Jeff Layton, and Douglas Eadine. The project was sponsored by the Beowulf Legacy Enhanced Ethernet Project (BLEEP). The results of the these efforts is a new software package called Geyser that will be available for Linux later this month. By substituting the Geyser drivers in the Linux Kernel, a standard Ethernet card can transmit at more than double the standard Gigabit Ethernet rate. Moreover the single bit latencies are less then one microsecond."

deadline deadline writes  |  more than 7 years ago

deadline writes "Last month at the annual supercomputing show, there was a different kind of system that seems to buck the current trends. Instead of handful of faster and hotter processors, a new company called SiCortex is using a bucket of slower cooler MIPS processors (5832 cores to be exact). The whole cluster computer takes up 5 square feet of floor space (1.4 square meters) and is expected to deliver 6 TFLOPS with a power signature of only 16 KWatts. Each MIPS core sips only 10 Watts. Linux, the HPC workhorse, was the OS of choice for this new machine. Interesting pictures and discussion on ClusterMonkey as well."


deadline has no journal entries.

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