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Will Mobile Wallets Replace Their Traditional Counterparts?

deep_creek Re:My old-school wallet is already mobile. (194 comments)

Kinda the point of a wallet. It has several virtues that these new "mobile" wallets don't.

1. The things I have in the wallet are separable. 2. I can put non-digital information in it. 3. I can store untraceable currency in it. 4. It doesn't use batteries. 5. It is completely non-volatile. 6. It is completely secured from hacking. 7. I don't have to trust any third party with the contents of my wallet, ever. 8. The importance of 6 and 7 cannot be overstated.

and (9) my wages, earning, savings, etc... cannot be garnished at will by governing/crediting/banking parties as they see fit.

more than 2 years ago

Mastercard, Visa To Help Target Ads

deep_creek Everything evolves... (222 comments)

Mr. Anderson, we here at Microsoft would like to hire you. But, your purchasing history indicates you buy exclusively Apple products. We just don't see a place in the company for someone who supports the competition.

more than 3 years ago

Scientists Turn T-Shirts Into Body Armor

deep_creek Re:How elastic? (213 comments)

Bone-shattering force is still applied to victim/target. The shirt may become rigid, but something has to absorb the force applied. Kind of like an extreme concussion to the head i'm thinking... your skull is fine but your brain is mush. Bullets purpose still achieves goal, now just less mess.

more than 4 years ago

Google To Monitor Surfing Habits For Ad-Serving

deep_creek Re:evil? (219 comments)

Except when your wife keeps wondering why your computer gets nothing but porn ads whenever she borrows it!

more than 5 years ago

Solar Panels Reach $1 a Watt

deep_creek Re:TCO (381 comments)

My future plan is to avoid the power grid and use solar to power items around the house that don't need the grid. Say an AC window unit that could run during the day on solar to supplement my central AC unit, etc... Stuff like this can be achieved as a DIY project.

more than 5 years ago

Obama Sides With Bush In Spy Case

deep_creek Re:So much for not sacrificing ideals for safety. (906 comments)

By temperament and voter registration, I'm a Republican; however, I voted for (and hope for) an Obama win because the path the government has taken over the last 7-8 years has saddened and disgusted me. I'm glad he won.
Sadly, the only way to reverse the path the government has taken the last 7-8 years is to somehow go back and erase 9/11. The economy artificially ran smoothly after the hit for so long. It had to eventually stumble. Now that we have Obama (D), the economy can crumble until it hits Carter period lows. Give him another year and it will be there.

about 6 years ago

At Atlantic Records, Digital Sales Surpass CDs

deep_creek Re:Tough shit. (273 comments)

I think you missed my point. There were excellent groups throughout the 90's. There are excellent groups today and there will be tomorrow.

I'm directly talking about the RIAA group of crap. The stuff you immediately hear when you turn on your radio** going to/coming from work, etc... You hear one good song and an hour later you have heard the same song at least four times. I remember a time (not all that long ago) when the stuff you heard on the radio was just a teaser to the really good stuff on an album/CD. It made you want to give the CD a try and when you heard the CD, you definitely wanted to go to the concert. The reverse is true at present... you hear a song on the radio, and it is basically the only song on the album/CD and the rest is complete crap/filler.

One hears a song 3-4 times an hour on the radio for a couple days and having been burned many times before actually buying the CD, opt out completely from the cycle... A) you aviod buying the CD and move on, B) you pirate a copy on the outside chance some of it may be good, C)you listen to other samples (at your favorite online music store)and just buy the songs that sound like they might be worth it. From the article, most folks seem to at least be taking option C, keeping the RIAA afloat for now. I choose D) checking out the local and internet scene for new, independent music... supporting them (the actual artist) where I can, etc...

radio side note: my 1-hour daily commute is entertained by CD music mostly and some talk radio. I do have a radio playing in the lab at work (hence my comments on hearing the same songs 4-times an hour)

more than 6 years ago

At Atlantic Records, Digital Sales Surpass CDs

deep_creek Re:Tough shit. (273 comments)

"The industry should have been the first out the gate with mp3's, giving the customers what they wanted and not what the record industry wanted to sell them."

What the industry should have done in the first place is provide music customers actually wanted to buy. I have continued to buy CDs over the years, just not RIAA crap. (How many CD's did you buy in the late 90's that was complete crap besides the one song they played on the radio 3-times an hour?)

I buy non-DRM independent label stuff from the "local" artist scene around the U.S. and World. I can listen to their stuff live or on the net, heck sometimes even download the entire album... If it is good, I'll buy the actual CD quality hardcopy. Or at least support them by grabbing a t-shirt or other item off their site, etc...

How long before the RIAA want's a piece of the bailout too? (had to stick that in there. )

more than 6 years ago

Australian Government Censorship 'Worse Than Iran'

deep_creek Re:Free speech (516 comments)

kind of like actions against guns...

more than 6 years ago



Internet Explorer Users Are Dumber, Study Shows

deep_creek deep_creek writes  |  more than 3 years ago

deep_creek (1001191) writes ""The study found that users of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera were all slightly above average in IQ test results, but Microsoft Internet Explorer users tended to be lower on the IQ scale.

These results aren't surprising because browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera are generally used by professionals and other assorted "geeks," while Internet Explorer is the default option on Windows computers and is mostly used by the inexperienced and those who don't even know there are other options.""

Link to Original Source

Vampire Arrested for Threatening Teen

deep_creek deep_creek writes  |  more than 5 years ago

deep_creek (1001191) writes "Yesterday we had a Klingon robbing 7-11's... Today we have a Vampire in the news. Sign of the Times? From the Article " A self-described "vampyre" and former fringe political candidate faces charges for threatening a teenage girl who tried to break off their relationship by telling him she was actually a vampire hunter.""


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