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How to Peep the Perseid's Peak

deetoy Re:a waste. (58 comments)

Ditto to this. If critics were to equally discredit every group based on the worst behaviour of members of that group then every reputable research organisation would be destroyed. The linked article provides concise reporting of scientific information with no editorial opinion. I'm more than a little tired of people openly attacking an organisation (be it Christian/Muslim/other religion) when the basis of their attacks have nothing to do with the information at hand. It might help to realise the birth of what we now know as the scientific method and universities were founded by Christian groups. Sure there were periods that went up and down that can be used as negative examples. Sadly there have always been and will always be power seeking bigots who take control using whatever means available. Attack the principal, and you may find the principal you are attacking is not part of the faith you think you are attacking.

about a year and a half ago

Carriers Delay Paying Japan's Texting Donations

deetoy Assanges lost opportunity (235 comments)

If Julian Assange had exposed this sort of unsavoury conduct he would be closer to his originally stated ideals, and nobody would care about his indiscretions.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Removes Gay Cure App From App Store

deetoy Re:mixed feelings and abstract hate. (917 comments)

Nice arguement, but fails to recognise the concept of free choice. Only people who want the option of rethinking their obsession with being gay will purchase that app. Removing the option to purchase that app counters all your arguements (and those of many others). The same logic would apply of apple removed an app to cure alcoholism. People deserve the right to choose a free market place. The Gay lobby has overstepped their 'anti discrimination' mantra.

more than 3 years ago

Send Kinect Gesture Recognition Data Over Infrared

deetoy Re:Impressive but no game changer... (49 comments)

It is and will be a game changer for the disabled and environments where the users is not free to use their hands. Surgical and machinery operations spring to mind. Now that proof of concept is complete, the prototyping to production timeframe will be short. The interesting part will be providing a failsafe algorythm to ensure interpretation of the users intent is accurate.

more than 3 years ago

YouTube Legally Considered a TV Station In Italy

deetoy Re:Call it (254 comments)

I think the issue will rapidly become more complex. Berlusconi is there because of a cultural difference in Italy. The thinking that might be popular in Slashdot culture could well backfire.
Copyrighted material on youtube is an issue that needs a resolution. Youtube experiences a benefit from providing copyrighted content, yes they have difficulties controlling who publishes x via their service. Some copyright owners have/will turn a blind eye to their content being pirated due to the free publicity/promotional value.

Changing the ball game to a win-win scenario is inevitable and what I'd expect from google.
I'm expecting to see this manifest itself as -
Better automation of copyright infringement detection.
Improved kiddysafe / Adult content flagging.
Negotiations with major copyright owners, advertisers and marketers is another.

about 4 years ago

Did Stuxnet Take Out 1,000 Centrifuges At Natanz?

deetoy Re:That's the old model centrifuge (189 comments)

Makes sense that the IR-1 is a superceded model and this story is a divsersion. "Iran usually ran its motors at 1,007 cycles per second to prevent damage, while Stuxnet seemed to increase the motor speed to 1,064 cycles per second." Any mechanical design that results in failure due to a speed change of 6% was prone to failure anyway. I was expecting a more sophisticated attack that would deliver process failure rather than a mechanical failure. Much more effective to make the plant manager think his process is flawed rather than delivering an obvious mechanical failure.

more than 4 years ago

Greg Bear, Others Cry Foul on Project Gutenberg Copyright Call

deetoy Re:Library of Congress (721 comments)

Nice idea, would be interesting to see the long estranged descendants and derived companies coming forward to make a claim.

more than 4 years ago

Scientists Attach Bar Codes To Embryos

deetoy Re:The End Times and Christian eschatology (69 comments)

The odd thing I see with the arguements above is the failure to realize some caution in the application of science is a good thing.

If the 'religious nuts' provide some caution to the scientific community and encourage the public to debate how science is implemented then that has a net positive result. Worth noting here that not all things claiming to be in the religious name actually are.

'declared biologically innocuous in an earlier study', yeah, we were told Thalidomide was a great drug .....

It is an interesting way to improve the tracking of embryos - the potential effects on development post embryo will need to be tested further before they can progress to human embryos. Further debate and research will be needed to identify if this is the only or desirable way to achieve the desired result.

The relevant bible clause here is worth a read - then ask yourself if forecasting this as a bad thing for mankind 2000 years ago makes Nostradamus look like an amateur. I can't help but wonder what Jesus would have said about gene patents.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
Albert Einstein

more than 4 years ago

Scalpers Bought Tickets With CAPTCHA-Busting Botnet

deetoy Re:Hrm (301 comments)

exactly. It might be hard to appreciate the intangible benefit if you ignore the psychology that drives people to spend a large proportion of their disposable income, travel long distances and camp out early to get in a physical queue to buy tickets.

Nothing is more demeaning to a performer than playing to an unenthusiastic audience. Jack up the prices too much and the front row will be filled with suits who give no vibe to the performers.

more than 4 years ago

Debt Collectors Using Facebook To Embarrass Those Who Owe

deetoy Re:I'm Pretty Sure That's Illegal (266 comments)

I've had a similar situation with a debt collect for an ISP. ISP tried to charge for an account after the contract period had expired, account closure requested and I was out of the country.

One thing that helped was using social engineering methods to get the operators name, explaining to him I needed a copy of the companies original invoice for tax purposes and a copy of the terms of the contract. When he was unable to give me information I immediately requested he put his supervisor on the phone. After repeated requests due to the supervisor being unavailable I informed him he was doing his managers job for them and he should either
a. stop doing his managers job for them
b. demand better wages or
c. stop calling me making unjustified requests for funds.

In paralel with this I contacted the ISP and requested they formally advise me who their debt collection company was as I was dealing with a suspected fraud case unable to justify their debt collection practice.

When I explained to the debt collected operator he was obviously smart enough to get a better paying job working for anything else his attitude improved. Eventually the company gave up contacting me.
Excising debt collection companies from the equation is (in my experience) the best way to solve the problem. These companies operate on a % of debt collected and pay minimal wages to operators with a resultant skill level.
Tho, I also know a % of debt collectors are chasing frauds who have no intention of paying anyone anything. Having said that, there are more effective ways to obtain a result - small claims court & repossessions.

more than 4 years ago

Texas Opens Inquiry Into Google Search Rankings

deetoy unexpected? (178 comments)

Did anybody not expect this would eventually happen? Do no evil. meh.

more than 4 years ago

Feds Won't File Charges In School Laptop-Spy Case

deetoy Re:Before everyone gets outraged... (398 comments)

I disagree. Dismissing a case because criminal intent was not proven has become way too common. "I didn't mean to stab him" & "I didn't mean to run a red light" is not a defense. If the law is there, and a breach is identified and proven to the satisfaction of the courts then a conviction should be recorded. Judges have discretion to impose a range of fines/penalties, including a direction to the school and administrators to improve their procedures.

"won't file charges on it doesn't mean the case is dropped" = I suspect you meant "won't file charges on it doesn't mean the issue is dropped".

Civil charges are a separate matter. The plaintiffs would have to prove damage is caused and justify the legal expense to gain justice. Many civil charges are not pursued due to legal costs.

the article states "A student and his family sued the district in February, claiming officials invaded his privacy by activating the software. That case continues." - wil be interesting to see where this progresses to.

more than 4 years ago

Aussie National Broadband Network Will Be Gigabit

deetoy Re:implausible? it's magic! (258 comments)

"faith based filtering" = ?? Julia & Conroy are offering us censorship, did you miss the debate on this topic?

"all they did was stall adsl2, milk the international interconnects, keep exchanges difficult to access, charge use up and down by the mb and muddy any NBN press."

Telstra was the product of both Labor & coalition governments spread across several terms. The Monopoly that was changed into the system we have today is less than perfect. The reality is we now have other private companies investing in infrastructure and providing competitive service. For example - TPG have invested in exchanges and sell monopoly access to their infrastructure. No security of investment results in no investment.

Creating a new monopoly (NBN) will result in a repeat of the original Telecom problems. Any investment in infrastructure will demand a return on investment. Any politician/government that fails to subject to accountability will be accused of vote buying (pork barreling their electorate).

I'm all for open debate. Please justify & expand on your claim "Tony is offering Australia more of the worst of a US Bell system".

more than 4 years ago

Aussie National Broadband Network Will Be Gigabit

deetoy Re:implausible? it's magic! (258 comments)

some critical commentry from an ABC reporter.
I had hoped someone would pick up on my comment about net neutrality and the censorship issue that many feel strongly about.

some extracts from the abc reporter

"There has been no detailed cost-benefit analysis published by Treasury on why the NBN is the best possible use of up to $43 billion of taxpayer's cash. There has been no independent Productivity Commission Inquiry determining the amount of money that the nation should use to subsidise high-speed broadband, and whether, in fact, comparable technology, such as WiMax or ADSL2+, could be supplied at no additional cost to taxpayers via the private sector."

Upgrading a design plan is easy, building it costs money. I expect these election promises to be costed properly, you should also.

"this choice does not need to be binary; all or nothing. We can support the private sector in the development of better broadband technology. We just don't need to make a very risky $43 billion punt on one specific solution. "

more than 4 years ago

Aussie National Broadband Network Will Be Gigabit

deetoy Re:implausible? it's magic! (258 comments)

"it's much easier to upgrade a design plan"
a design plan that hasn't been proven to be costed properly.
Lets not forget Abbott isn't proposing to do away with fibre. He is arguing private enterprise be given a fair go to expand their networks. The monopoly that started as a government owned telecoms we now call Telstra has proven to be an inefficient business model. The difference between the two proposals has been railroaded by each promising speeds that more than will not satisfy everybody.
Last time I looked giving people freedom to choose which business supplier they wanted prompted multiple businesses to offer competing products and let the average consumer choose their preferred product. All other factors equal this has worked well. The missing debate issue is net neutrality.
Tony is offering us a free market choice. Julia is telling us she will use taxpayers dollars to build a superhighway where her faceless minders say so, plus censor what we are allowed to see.

more than 4 years ago

Feds Question Big Media's Piracy Claims

deetoy Re:Methodology... (261 comments)

I've always believed a truer rape statistic would be the number of instances reported to the police, not relying on convictions. As a cyclist & motorcyclist that has been hit by vehicles on three separate occasions, all reported to Police, none resulted in conviction (or attempts at prosecution by Police for that matter). Any person who believes crime reports are factually accurate is ignorant. Politicians never like to have a higher crime rate on their watch than their opponents.

more than 4 years ago

Warner Brothers Hiring Undercover Anti-Pirates

deetoy clash with college culture? (443 comments)

Given the culture of some residential colleges, I'd suggest the recruited anti pirate move off campus. If you thought hazing at some colleges was bad, imagine the consequences of busting your professor for pirating on your assignment and exam grades. Not all college professors follow official university ethics standards, hence the official ethics standards existence.

more than 4 years ago

Could Colorblindness Cure Be Morally Wrong?

deetoy Re:The rich become a different species (981 comments)

"The problem is not that this would be wrong for the child (just assuming for the moment that there wouldn't be nasty unintended side-effects). The problem is the impact on society as a whole. Rich people can afford to extend their lifespans, make themselves beautiful, smarter, and so on. The elite become physically different from birth: physically, mentally, perhaps even morally superior. Imagine a society in which the rich lived twice as long. Do you think this would be just? Do you think freedom and stability could exist under these circumstances?"

Is it really different to imposing Jail terms (shortening effective free lifespan) on persons who commit acts society had deemed unacceptable? (as opposed to giving $ to people who commit acts society seems valuable). Religions would have us believe the perfect being is immortal.

more than 4 years ago



ASX trading halted = hacked, hard failure or progr

deetoy deetoy writes  |  more than 3 years ago

deetoy (1576145) writes "News today of the ASX halting ALL trades for 4 hours left me wondering about the real failure points.

I dont accept glossing over 'technical issues' for something this big. In terms of commercial disruption, this is equivalent to every banks website going offline. It's not the first time the ASX has fallen over and the timing 'remained closed through the announcement of a deal in Europe that will see private investors face a loss of up to 50 per cent on Greek bonds' leaves me deeply suspicious.

I'm going to hazard a guess the system has been poorly managed and some obsfucated code has trapped management in it's policies.
May the factual and informed responses rise above the conspiracy

Link to Original Source

Brain control.

deetoy deetoy writes  |  more than 4 years ago

deetoy (1576145) writes "Mad scientists controlling soldiers = alarmist headline. The technology behind this is impressive, I'm interested to understand how it works, the likely benefits and wondering how society will manage the risks of inmates-running-the-asylum taking war to a whole new level.
Interpreting brain signals to control prosthetic limbs and devices is advancing.

The idea of controlling the brains thoughts is somewhat scary. The research has a long way to go.

Controlling rats with a neurological stimuli is one thing.
Controlling human thoughts and actions is another. I can see the first acceptable applications to enable first aid to injured soldiers. Controlling violent sexual offenders will be on someones wish list, certainly there are offenders who are very likely to reoffend if released unrestricted into society.

What are the likely acceptable implementations for humans? Any specialists in this topic able to shed some more light on the technology and research?"

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