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Keeping Your Data Private From the NSA (And Everyone Else)

deiol Re:HTTPS is not safe either (622 comments)

Sorry, but you seem to not understand how SSL keys and Certificate Authorities work. You never send your private key to the CA, you send a certificate signing request. The CA verifies the information and sends back a certificate, signed, ensuring the public key corresponding to your private key is valid.

Yes there are still flaws, CAs can be abused to issue fraudulent certificates for your domain. Using this fraudulent certificate, someone (the NSA) can MITM the SSL connection, present the fraudulent certificate to the user, the browser will accept since it is signed by a CA, and continue. But they cannot get your SSL key via the CA and decrypt existing traffic.

Also, you can prevent SSL decryption even if someone has the private key, by using Diffie-Hellman key exchange rather than RSA key exchange.

about a year and a half ago

Facebook Users Voting On Privacy, Instagram, Other Issues

deiol Re:Is this even a legitimate voting app from Faceb (80 comments)

I checked the link in the summary: https://apps.facebook.com/fbsitegovernance/ and it consists of an iframe that loads the remote site https://fbgovernance.thuzi.com/.

Was Thuzi contracted by Facebook to perform this vote? Why would they be? Thuzi appears to be some sort of online social media marketing firm. Looks fishy to me.

I did some further digging and on the Facebook legal terms & conditions page I found a reference to the Facebook Site Governance page, so it appears to be legitimate.

about 2 years ago

Facebook Users Voting On Privacy, Instagram, Other Issues

deiol Re:LOL, epic fail ... (80 comments)

So if you already have your permissions a little restrictive and don't allow apps, when you go there you get confronted with this:

Start Now Apps and Games
You are about to use Facebook Site Governance, a Start Now app. These apps start with your name, profile picture, other public info and friend list to immediately personalize your experience on Facebook.
Opt Out at Any Time
There are two ways to stop using this app and its personalization features. The first few times you use it, click Disable in the banner at the top. You can also remove it in App Settings.
To opt out of all Start Now apps, visit your Instant Personalization Settings. Learn more about instant personalization.

So, in order to participate in this voting, you need to agree to even more access by this thing just to find out what it looks like.

Facebook really are a bunch of asses aren't they? This is the same setting which wants to be used by apps and games to give them access to all of your data.

Will someone please lock Zuckerface into a room with a bear or something?

I believe you are prompted with this request for permission because I don't think this is an actual application or voting page from Facebook. This is an application from a social media company called Thuzi. The 'voting page' linked in the summary contains an iframe to https://fbgovernance.thuzi.com/. I don't think this is legitimate.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Storing Items In a Sealed Chest For 25 Years?

deiol Re:Put stuff in sealed plastic cases? (434 comments)

The whole obsolete hardware craze is really a little overrated, as when it happened in the past, it was always with pretty damn obscure hardware. Of course not everybody has a machine around to read some old NASA tapes, so you will have trouble reading those in a few decades, but pretty damn near everybody has something around to read USB.

Ok, well let's think back to 25 years ago. 25 years ago was 1987, what storage medium was around back then that we could read easily now? 3.5" floppies were around, the 1.44mb high density format was brand new for 1987, how easy is it to read a 3.5" floppy disk these days? No computer comes with a floppy drive, you'd probably be able to find a USB floppy drive so it IS possible to read the disk (if the disk is still good). So it is perfectly understandable to be concerned if media from 2012 will be usable in 2037, despite your believe that the obsolete hardware craze is 'overrated.'

Personally, I'd store whatever on raw media like an SD card, since readers may exist in the future for SD->whatever-new-interfacethereis. A hard drive in 1987 may have had an MFM interface to it, see many MFM->SATA interfaces these days? Nope. But do you see floppy->USB interfances? Yup. So that's why I'd stick with a raw storage format like a floppy or SD card, and not stick to something with its own interface like IDE, SATA, or USB.

more than 2 years ago

City Laws Only Available Via $200 License

deiol Misleading Headline (411 comments)

The headline states that the laws are only available via a $200 license, but that is not the case. The laws currently exist in two forms, a paper version and an electronic version that is stored in a proprietary format. The paper copy is held in multiple 3-ring binders and would cost $656 to reproduce, and in order to read the proprietary electronic format you would need to license the software required for $200. No one ever said the laws themselves were copyrighted. They are also available to view for free in multiple public locations, "White said copies of the code, with updates early this year, are on file at the Schenectady Public Library, Schenectady County Supreme Court Library, the Schenectady County Community College Library and several other locations."

So you can see that no one is preventing anyone from viewing the laws, the problem is if you want your own personal copy it just isn't financially feasible at this time. Luckily the city realizes this and they're working to get a copy of the code online, which will be accessible for free. It shouldn't be this difficult to view city laws electronically so searching is simpler, and this is a good example of why we shouldn't use proprietary formats. Although your content is owned by you, you're limited to what you can do with it because of the format it's in.

more than 5 years ago

Holographic Storage Crams in 0.5TB Per Square Inch

deiol Re:Oh great... (288 comments)

Yeah, I second the vapor status. Every few months something about "holographic" storage is posted to Slashdot, it is all by the same company which has claimed to break all these storage barriers, has this company ever produced any evidence of this technology? Have they ever produced *anything* real?

more than 8 years ago


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