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New Watson-Style AI Called Viv Seeks To Be the First 'Global Brain'

deksza Re:Watson is not AI (161 comments)

The Curse of AI - As soon as a problem in AI is solved, it is no longer considered AI because we know how it works. AI invents itself out of existence. - See more at: http://artificial-intelligence...

about a month ago

Interviews: Dr. Andy Chun Answers Your Questions About Artificial Intelligence

deksza The Curse of AI (33 comments)

As soon as a problem in AI is solved, it is no longer considered AI because we know how it works in terms of an algorithm. AI invents itself out of existence. Webcomic: http://artificial-intelligence...

about a month and a half ago

Inside the 2012 Loebner Prize

deksza Re:Disqualified bots/Alan Turing 100 competition (68 comments)

I'm pretty sure I didn't write any murder code, although I heard of customers writing plug-ins to control X10 devices based on conversational triggers, so you never know...

more than 2 years ago

Inside the 2012 Loebner Prize

deksza Disqualified bots/Alan Turing 100 competition (68 comments)

I'm happy for all the bots that got to compete this year, but I was a little unhappy on the preliminary round of this years competition compared to other years I entered. Only 4 entries can make it to the final round of the competition. There were 12 entries this year but 7 were disqualified due to contest management (Hugh Loebner) not having enough technical knowledge to get the entries working. Some well known bots based on ALICE AIML were disqualified, Cleverbot was disqualified, and my own Ultra Hal was disqualified ( ) Internet communication is prohibited so we all have to send the bots as self installing programs that can utilize the contests LPP protocol. My own bot is Linux based, which is a big hurdle for the preliminary round, but I sent it as a virtual box image to simplify it for contest management, but he didn't know how to deal with it.

But luckily there will be another competition this year as part of Alan Turing's 100 year centennial at Bletchley Park on June 23rd and recognized by the Olympics Some of the disqualified bots including my own will be competing there.

more than 2 years ago

When it comes to 3D TV:

deksza 3D Photography (404 comments)

I just converted my projector to a 3D setup last week and am happy with it. I got a Fuji W3 3D camera for Christmas and my wife and I just came back from a vacation to Ecuador. Ecuador is a small country with many diverse regions and I think our photos turned out great in 3D, I like the 3D setup very much. As for hollywood movies, I think 3D can add to the experience if done well. But 3D and special effects in general won't make up for a shoddy story. In your face 3D for no apparent reason distracts from the experience, but tastefully done by a good director can add to the immersion in the story.

more than 2 years ago

When it comes to 3D TV:

deksza Re:I will care about 3DTV when.... (404 comments)

The Optoma 3D-XL video processor can do exactly that if you purchase 2 of them. Then you just need a polarizing filter for each projector and a special screen that can accept polarized light.

more than 2 years ago

Cornell's Creative Machines Lab Lets Chatbots Interact

deksza Re:Been done (106 comments)

Here's a transcript between Cleverbot and my own chat bot called Ultra Hal as posted by one of my customers a year ago Ultra Hal is a "learning" bot like Cleverbot in that it bases its responses on a large database of past conversations. Ultra Hal is unique in that a large portion of its database is based from scouring Twitter to learn from human-to-human conversations. Not claiming that it will pass the turing test anytime soon but check out if interested

about 3 years ago

Dashboard Avatar To Replace Car Owner's Manuals

deksza Ford was considering something similar (236 comments)

I was working on an open source 3D character animation engine a few years back that Ford expressed interest in for a similar idea. They contributed some to funding the project but seem to have either lost interest or went a different route. You can see a quick demo of it halfway through the video on the project page.

more than 3 years ago

IBM's Teri-is-a-Girl-and-Terry-is-a-Boy Patent

deksza I did this 3 years ago for an chat bot (277 comments)

I made such a function for my chat bot, Ultra Hal, about 3 years ago. When you tell it your name it looks up in a database (based on social security name database) how likely it is male or female and comes up with different greetings depending on the data. See

more than 5 years ago



Quantum Processor Factors Prime Number

deksza deksza writes  |  about 2 years ago

deksza (663232) writes "Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have built a quantum processor that can factor prime numbers. Their processor split the number 15 into 3 and 5. If they succeed in scaling this up, how long before any encryption can be cracked in polynomial time?"
Link to Original Source

Zabaware Wins 2007 Loebner Prize for AI

deksza deksza writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Robert Medeksza writes "On Sunday Zabawares Ultra Hal software won the "most human" computer of the year in the 17th annual Loebner Prize Competition for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The contest was held in New York City hosted by philanthropist Hugh Loebner. The Loebner Prize is an annual competition where software programs attempt to convince human judges that they are actually people. The format of the competition is called a Turing Test. In a Turing Test a judge talks with 2 "entities" simultaneously through a text-based instant messaging system. One entity is a human and the other is a computer. It is up to the judge to decide which is which by typing questions to both entities and receiving answers. The transcript of the winning conversation is at the link as well as a Windows version of the software."
Link to Original Source


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