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$400 Free From Microsoft for Californians

delevant No. Take the loophole! (246 comments)

MS knew *exactly* what they were getting into when they offered these deals in Oregon and California -- they simply made the educated bet that enough people wouldn't cancel out.

Now then, if lots of people cancel out, then they lost their bet. Fair and square. If almost nobody cancels out, then they win their bet. Also fair and square.

You can't tell me that MS didn't research this. They research EVERYTHING!

It was a gamble, MS knew it, so if we can take advantage of it -- good! Nobody is breaking any laws, nobody is getting screwed by accident. They took their chances, and now we get to take our turn at the table . . .

Besides which, this is only in two states. MS (and CompuServe, and AOL, etc. etc.) is busy screwing everyone else in every other state with these deals, so it's only fair that at least some consumers get a chance at the bonus.

more than 14 years ago


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