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Ask Slashdot: I Just Need... Marketing?

denissmith Don't give away the farm (212 comments)

First- you need a market strategy. Who are you selling to (retailers, clubs, direct to the public). Pick you staff appropriately. Second - don't offer partnership at the outset, offer shares and partnership on a conditional basis. Make the offer fair to the people you want to bring on and CLEARLY structured in terms of performance metrics. Third- you will need to offer a draw against a commission. Make a percentage of sales deal with sweeteners (such as aforesaid partnership) for milestones. Put it in writing. Stick to it. Fourth- If you can find a marketer with experience with the retail segment and the specific retailers they will probably give you the best results quickly, but they may not be the best partners. Only you can gauge what the sales volumes need to be, and therefore only you can set the targets. The marketer can tell you if they feel the targets are way off. Also remember, in any game all the players rate the percentage due to them too highly.

about 2 years ago

Is an Internet Kill Switch Feasible In the US?

denissmith Re:The kill switch would be the biggest threat (339 comments)

Technically the US Government would adopt rules that require switch manufacturers to include features that would allow the government to assume control in an 'emergency'. Phone companies are required to keep call logs and allow wiretaps, it would extend the same model. In normal day to day operation there would be no filtering. Or maybe only the filtering that the MPAA requested. If the authorities ever felt threatened in a way that was construed as 'national security' they would kick in their control. They would not do a complete shutdown like Egypt, in all likelihood. They might route all DNS requests to servers they controlled and you would get 404 messages to sites you visit that are being taken off-line. Stuff like that. Right now, no - they don't have that control, but if they require it in the infrastructure it will go in without a whiff of protest from the manufacturers. They would see increased sales and price rises. And the Iranians would be happy because they could upgrade, too, and take advantage of easier friendlier control of information. The real point for me is something I heard Steven Breyer say once on a roundtable discussion. "The first thing I ask when someone wants to hide information is 'Why?'" Basically, if the government - ours or Egypt's or any other - feels it needs to take control of information to keep control of its citizenry it is almost by definition admitting its own illegitimacy.

more than 3 years ago

European Union Asks US To Free ICANN

denissmith Re:Why not make it a democracy? (503 comments)

I believe I was pretty clear in stating that I wanted to remove it from the control of any government, as in ANY Government.

more than 5 years ago

European Union Asks US To Free ICANN

denissmith Why not make it a democracy? (503 comments)

Why not remove it from control of any nation by chartering it as an independent entity funded by levies to governments, but controlled by representatives elected by users divided into regions. This way no government could control the election of representatives, which would minimize outright threats to censorship. The rest could be handled by the charter itself. This is just an idea - maybe we could all stop the recriminations for a while and work it out. No... on second thought recriminations are too much fun.

more than 5 years ago

Best Paradigm For a First Programming Course?

denissmith Linguistics (592 comments)

Ways that meaning are encapsulated in different human languages can be a useful way to demonstrate the structural underpinnings of programming languages. Linguistics is more interesting than reading Boole and gives you a way to think about larger structures without tying you to a particular paradigm. All computer languages have strengths, all are inadequate. But so are human languages. There is a Korean word that expresses this exactly, but it doeasn't translate directly into English. :-)

more than 6 years ago



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