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What's Keeping You On Windows?

denttford Re:Work and fun (1880 comments)

Incidentally, this is why Windows is the best platform for photo editing: once you step out of the undemanding use, and need GPGPU and 64-bit support, you use the platform that had both of them first: "PC" as most artists would call it. 3rd party plug in library is bigger too. Try and explain that to most photographers or artists and you will first get an reflex snort, then silence, then "but I like Mac" with a laugh(photogs) or a whine (artists). Idiots.

more than 2 years ago

What's Keeping You On Windows?

denttford Re:Work and fun (1880 comments)

CMYK is pretty important to people that actually send jobs to printers for flyers, brochures, marketing materials, etc.

True, but if you are doing that, then you are probably, well, making money from Photoshop, like the previous poster said.

There seems to be this strange mindset with the Gimp developer community that RGB is the only game in town

It's not so much that as it is that there are issues with licensing and patents, especially regarding Pantone.

Glad to see you agree; GIMP isn't a replacement for Photoshop, it's a replacement for Elements.

The problem is that people use Photoshop, a complete and mature set of editing tools designed for people who know what a wratten number is (which is why I've never needed a photoshop class/book, though I've no doubt I would benefit from one), often used at levels between Elements and MS Paint. And that is the user the GIMP developers code for. And the reason otherwise bright people claim that GIMP is a replacement for Photoshop; they conflate poor use of software with the software itself.

There are pieces in my (well, one) fine art portfolio that one simply can't make in GIMP. Claiming that it's "limitless" (not directed at parent - he sounds like he knows what he's talking about) is intellectually dishonest. I would love real competition for Adobe, but alas.

more than 2 years ago

RAM in my most-used personal computer:

denttford Re:Answers Explained (543 comments)

My main desktop has 24GB; my home away from home one has 12GB and it's painful.

I don't think you realize how demanding certain tasks are - my Photoshop CS5 process is usually idling at 15GB. I actually put some composited art pieces on the backburner because they simply weren't possible, even with working with collapsed layer copies - the free transforms necessary to do certain stitchess (often freehand because I often value human perception over "properly" corrected edge convergence) simply caused CS5x64 to die in seconds on my i7/6GB setup. 24GB - and give me 240, I'll use it - was the difference between having something in my head and something complete. And that was merely 10,500x3,700/16-bit but was made of 15 (20+MP/16-bit) images selectively mixed plus an hour or two of clone painting. True story: when I installed Adobe Lightroom 3 (an image colection manager) I realized that it switched the "Open in Photoshop" link to the 32 bit version... after I simply tried to open a flattened, preprint image four or five times and failed with RAM errors. I had just moved up from 6GB, so I was still used to seeing those errors, so I sat there reclicking a few times like an idiot... before it clicked.

An 80MP back only costs $30,000 - as a capital cost for fashion and product photography, that's nothing. 165MB a shot. Some people put these on large format cameras and slide them across a frame taking 20+ images to recombine later.

Film scans are huge, especially when oversampled for archival purposes. Scans are not done in black and white, and may have a 4th (RGB+IR) channel. Migrant Mother and the rest of Lange's WPA work? 4x5 (inches). Most of Ansel Adams? 8x10. At a recent camera industry show, one custom large format camera maker described a recent commission to build a 20x24 vacuum back (to prevent film from buckling, making an irregularly curved imaging plane). When I asked why (emulsion coated) glass plates weren't used (like they were in astrophotography for decades after they were "obsolete" to maintain critical even field sharpness) he answered - it doesn't scan well. I can only image that guy's headaches.

Imaging is everywhere, and the nominal file sizes are just the start - transforms and layers start multiplying sizes very quickly. Why shouldn't a doctor be able to pull a 10,000 slice axial scan and compare it to not only that patient's previous 20 scans (say 5 years, every three months) but the historical scans of 50 other patients, perhaps scaled and superimposed. Might not be rigorous enough for a study, but back of the envelope experiments lead to the sometimes pivotal "huh, that's funny" moments. Sometimes you need a big envelope.

In turn, imaging is just a specialized case of sampling, and that is present in just about every industry job that requires book learning. Of all people, shouldn't computer industry (dev and admin alike) people be able to think (in terms of use cases and) of uses cases other than: mom, secretary =2GB, server =16GB+? The list above (and I don't mean to pick on you; rather industry myopia) boils down to age and size of data consuming device, a nod to "high end workstations," and servers. That reads like PC Magazine, c. 1990. Well, workstations have outstripped the needs of most servers long ago - servers get virtualized into a reduced number of machines/cpus, while workstations, once they run out of space for more cpus/gpus/asics start getting expanded into clusters, then renderfarms. I understand how this can be nipicked, but my point is, intensive endusers -those in information creation and manipulation- are not just a massive GFLOPS long tail, but that quantity can be a qualitative change for these users that leads to new modes of thinking. It's one thing to run up against a memory limit; it's another to add extra dimentionality to your techniques because "your brain is now bigger." Thing is, when the tool user isn't the tool maker, these unseen limits may not be perceived as such - they dont realize what they need.

more than 2 years ago

IBM Takes a (Feline) Step Toward Thinking Machines

denttford Re:Moore's Law (428 comments)

Funny, I thought Moore's Law predicts transistor density (at the lowest price point) will double.

more than 4 years ago

AT&T's City-By-City Plan To Up Wireless Coverage

denttford Re:First Post! (158 comments)

Is there a map for this?

more than 4 years ago

New Comic Book About Logic, Math, and Madness

denttford Re:Spoiler requested... (99 comments)

I would have given you mod points if you "misspelled" that as Zemo. Sadly, the world will have to do with this less than ideal reply.

more than 4 years ago

AMD's DX11 Radeons Can Drive Six 30" Displays

denttford Re:damn! (439 comments)

I'll see that (and my N800 and N810) and raise you a 5.6" 1280x800 display on my Fujitsu U820.

more than 4 years ago

Geeks Prefer Competence To Niceness

denttford Re:and yet (300 comments)


good you found a German speaking/reading mod.

more than 4 years ago

Geeks Prefer Competence To Niceness

denttford and yet (300 comments)

and yet we come back to a site run by /. editors.

more than 4 years ago

Utah Law Punishes Texters As Much As Drunks In Driving Fatalities

denttford Re:I have no problem with this. (620 comments)

pedantry is a wrong exactitude.

assuming "even once is too much" and fractional values make no sense (unless you've crashed mid-text)
too much = 1
too much*30 = 30

more than 3 years ago

PCI Express 3.0 Delayed Till 2011

denttford Re:whats in 3.0? (80 comments)

Another alternative is this interesting box:

I haven't used it, but I came across it while looking for a way to relocate my Delta 1010 PCI card away from one of my PCIe 16x slots. Also available is a PCIe to external 4xPCI slots, which is great for legacy stuff (or interesting wifi configurations?).

more than 4 years ago

Is Intel Killing 12-Inch Displays On Netbooks?

denttford Re:It doesn't matter to the average consumer. (297 comments)

I understand that. My point was, his report was not so outlandish as to be unbelievable. GMA 950 types have much better drivers than the 500 series (which, as you point out, have many more hardware decoding features at half the clock rate), and in general, at present, a 945/50 will make for a better user experience, esp. with light gaming. Many of the 500s features exist only in potentia: I think OpenGL went from bad 1.0 support to passable 1.1 through the latest Windows driver, despite HW support for 2.0.

I do not mean to compare the two chipsets; all I meant to say was that given my experiences (which include the original EEE 701 4G), I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the performance report of a random /. poster with karma, a modded post, and who doesn't read like an abject shill, especially when they jive roughly with my experiences.

The rest of the comment was just a cursory performance report of my own, as someone out there might be wondering about the state of the GMA 500 as it becomes more and more prevalent in the market discussed in the story.

more than 4 years ago

Is Intel Killing 12-Inch Displays On Netbooks?

denttford Re:It doesn't matter to the average consumer. (297 comments)

I can believe it.

I dont know if it's because the Asus is rescaling a 720p source to 600px, and thus causing some problems, but my U820 (1280x800, Atom Z530) handles the 720/24p Serenity trailer with the latest Intel GMA 500 reference driver, using WMP (but not MPC for some reason) under Windows 7 with no dropped frames. The GMA 500 drivers have been a real debacle, esp. under Linux, but even under Windows. I'm hoping as the platform shows up in more machines the driver situation improves even more.

Some caveats: It will *not* scale 1080 sources at any watachable rate. With my Pinnacle 801e ATSC source Windows Media Center dies, often making the graphics driver restart (survivable in Win 7) but sometimes it will blank the display until the power is cycled. I have also not tried 720p AVCHD files from my HMC150.

more than 4 years ago

FBI Nabs Chicago Transit Authority Radio Hacker

denttford Re:Oh, and this was funny: (177 comments)

So do I, as there is a difference between broadcasting ("Transmissions intended for reception by the general public, either direct or relayed.") and transmitting (vague, could be simply the act of radiating, or often communications that are one to one, or a in small group, usually in two way communications). Yes, clearly influenced from amateur use, but the quote is an FCC definition. In common speech, there is little distinction, but in technical matters and regulation, even outside amateur practice, broadcast has a specific term which I doubt the judge meant, or possibly ordered.

more than 4 years ago

Lawyer Offers $1M For Proof His Client Could Have Done It; Oops

denttford Re:Technically.. (362 comments)

As a Manhattan resident (and native), I assure you, Westchester is upstate. Actually, maybe Riverdale, too. Meh, I'll play it safe, and just say upstate is north of 96th St.

about 5 years ago

0 A.D. Goes Open Source

denttford Re:What the devil? (88 comments)

Actually, if we are in nitpicking mode, it *goes* from 1BC/BCE to 1 AD/CE: no one at the time was having epoch rollover parties.
The calendar is a scale that remains in use, present tense is called for.*

*To avoid the next nitpick, it would be fine to say that the date went from 4 Oct 1582 to 15 Oct 1582 in Catholic Europe, because that was an event that happened.

about 5 years ago

Murdoch Paper Reporters Eavesdropped On Celebrities' Voicemail

denttford Re:Surprised? (186 comments)

No one messes with all that crap; they use mirror lenses which produce equal or greater results in a much smaller package.

about 5 years ago


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