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Living Terrors

deran9ed Weapons of Mass Destruction (96 comments)

Weren't soldiers of Desert Storm exposed to certain kinds of biological weapons and warfare. I'm sure whether or not the government will admit to it, their soldiers were, and I'm also sure they've been doing the benchmarking on vaccines for certain types of situations.

The author can get into some conspiracy about the cold war being over and smallpox being available, hell you could probably get this on ebay if you tried hard enough, but I think this book may be trying to be a scare tactic into purchasing that same book being you could get the same information, if not better, more detailed information online. (just bribe India's new h4x0r kiddies for info.)

I'd like to see more on technological warfare posted, such as HERF, EMP, and get views on those states, vaccines can illnessess can be cured and with the mapping of DNA I'm sure things will level out on the playing field, but tell me about the vaccine to cure NASDAQ from a HERF attack which would cripple the economy over than you'll catch my attention.

Removing the dot in dot.com

about 15 years ago


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